How to cook mushrooms for the winter

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The beginning of the mushroom season for a good hostess is an occasion not only to feed the households with various delicacies with mushroom filling, but also to prepare mushrooms for the winter to pamper dear people even in cold times. Mushrooms can not only be fried with potatoes or make a filling for pies, they can also be dried, pickled, salted. The main thing is to take mushrooms for the winter no less seriously than to the sowing of vegetables.

Fungal preparation methods:

  1. Freezing
  2. Drying
  3. Pickling
  4. Preserving


One of the ways to store mushrooms for a long period is to freeze them. Frozen mushrooms almost completely retain their useful properties and taste qualities.

There is a direct relationship between the shelf life and the freezing temperature. If the mushrooms were frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees, then they can only be stored for six months. If the frost occurred at -28 degrees, the storage period increases to a year.

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Processing of mushrooms before freezing is a must. For this procedure, white mushrooms are best suited. They need to be cleaned and rinsed. Some types of mushrooms must be boiled or soaked with a change of water. Only then the mushrooms can be packaged in plastic bags and put in a freezer, not only whole mushrooms, but also chopped, will fit here.

Drying mushrooms

The easiest way to store mushrooms before winter is to dry them. With this method, mushrooms not only retain useful nutritional properties. Some of the species even enhance the flavor, this happens, for example, with white mushrooms.

It is very easy to store dried mushrooms, and they do not need to be dried in the open air, oven, oven, microwave oven can be used, it is possible to hang it over the stove.


No doubt, salted mushrooms have tried everything. After all, salting is the most popular method of harvesting mushrooms for the winter. Salted mushrooms, like dried ones, can be added in the winter to soup, or put out with vegetables.

It is also easy to pickle mushrooms, but first you need to treat them properly: to sort, clean, soak - then they will be useful and will not get since the bitterness in taste. There are a lot of salty recipes. And experienced masters always have their own recipe, individual. The basis of salting can be hot or cold or dry.


Mushroom canned food is no less popular. But here are more suitable young and elastic mushrooms: oily, honey-mushrooms, boletus, chanterelles.

It is necessary to start canning, of course, from the selection of mushrooms: worm - to throw out, overripe - to postpone for another application, suitable - leave for further processing. And the treatment will be simple: mushrooms will be cleaned, cut off the roots, boil and soak. Some mushrooms can be preserved entirely, and some will have to separate the hat from the stem or cut it completely.

Bring fresh mushrooms home, it is better to soak them in citric acid with the addition of salt, so they do not lose color, do not darken. The canning recipes are also great, but they all end up with a stage of capping cans.

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