The first anniversary of the wedding: gifts and traditions

  • Why is the wedding called calico?
  • Traditional gifts for the cotton wedding
  • Useful gifts for the first anniversary of the wedding
  • Gifts for the soul
  • Original gifts for the cotton wedding
  • Gifts of the spouses to each other

One year after the wedding, the newlyweds celebrate the cotton wedding. During this time, the couple got used to each other, got used to it, but the love that connected their hearts continues to burn with a bright flame of passion. With the approach of a significant date, relatives and friends of a young couple are increasingly asking themselves what to give to their spouses for the wedding anniversary.

Why is the wedding calico?

"Calico Simplicity" - in Russia often use this epithet, which characterizes the first anniversary of the wedding. It is believed that the relationship of the spouses during this period is crystal clear, since they have not overshadowed any alarms.

However, family life of one year is not particularly strong, like cotton fabric, which is very easy to break. Therefore, if the newlyweds love each other, they must make every effort to preserve and strengthen the marriage, and slowly, but surely move toward the anniversary of the golden wedding, the symbol of which is the precious metal.

Why are they given a calico?

Still fresh memories of the magnificent celebration, when the guests were shouting to the young couple: "It's bitter!".In the closet hangs a carefully dressed wedding dress, and a bottle of champagne, tied with a beautiful ribbon, waits until the couple opens it on the first anniversary of their wedding.

Celebrating or not celebrating the year of living together is a private matter for husband and wife. However, most newlyweds prefer to organize a celebration dedicated to the day of the birth of the family. By the way, few people know that in the Sanskrit translation the word "sitras"( it was India that invented the print and started producing it in the beginning of the eleventh century) means "motley", so the wedding day must be fun and light-hearted.

The task of relatives and friends invited to the event is to prepare a worthy gift for 1 year of the wedding.

For a long time on this significant day, it was customary to present a cotton calico for the husband and wife to the husband and wife, because by this time the young family had already expected the appearance of the first-born.

Nowadays this custom is a thing of the past, and the cotton is no longer considered a valuable gift, as it quickly fades and loses its market appearance. Today on the first anniversary of the wedding give any textiles: fabric curtains, tablecloths, blankets, towels, bedspreads, that is, items that will not only be of use to the young, but will also largely decorate the interior of the apartment.

Traditional gifts for the cotton wedding

For the first anniversary of the wedding, you can give clothes. So, a practical and pleasant gift will be two bathrobes.

If the guests decide to give bedding to the young couple, it is quite reasonable to find out in advance the size of the bed. Agree, it is not very pleasant to find out that their gift is unclaimed for one simple reason - you presented a one and a half package, while the couple, because of the double bed, use a larger size.

As for the fabric, preference should be given to coarse calico - a comfortable and practical material that does not lose an aesthetic appearance, like a print, and inexpensive, in contrast to satin and satin.

Low cost of coarse calico allows you to purchase a set of sets for a newly-married couple, which they can change depending on their mood. But the silk underwear should not be given, it is better to do it during the celebration of the pearl wedding, the second name is "silk".

Useful gifts for the first anniversary of the wedding

Guests who hold the opinion that practical gifts will be more suitable for young spouses may depart from the established traditions and present them with a gift of household appliances that they have not had time to acquire for a year of living together. If the newlyweds do not have a multivarquet, a microwave oven, a food processor, a blender, a kitchen scale or a high-quality iron, they will be especially pleased to receive them as gifts.

In the first year of family life, a young wife learns the basics of culinary skills, and maybe the new husband likes to cook. You can solemnly hand them a book for recipe records, which will eliminate the need to look for the ones you need on the Internet. A useful gift will take a worthy place in the kitchen of the newlyweds.

If young people have a small living space, it is appropriate to give them for the first anniversary of vacuum bags in order to compactly place in them things that do not fit in the closet. It is possible that the interior of the apartment perfectly fit a plastic universal chest of drawers, where later the young mother and father will add up their baby's things.

The practical gifts include: an exquisite tablecloth with napkins embroidered with your own hands, dining utensils, cushions in calico cushion covers, something for serving, a tea set, crystal glasses, interior items that will decorate the room and serve as a sweet and touching reminder ofsignificant date.

Friends who were not present at the wedding are not forbidden to give for the first anniversary an envelope with the money that the newlyweds will order at their discretion.

The mother-in-law and mother-in-law, as the housewives with great experience, can agree among themselves and arrange the home of a young couple in the chintz style: hang new curtains, lay out table cloths, napkins, hang towels.

And of course, a great and most needed gift for a young couple will be a separate home or own car, which parents can give their beloved children.

The category of "practical gifts" is quite extensive. If the guests know exactly what the newlyweds need, they can safely present them with the desired gift, regardless of whether it corresponds to the traditions of a cotton wedding or not. It will be quite enough to pack a gift and prepare a congratulatory speech, which will accompany the moment of presenting the gift. By the way, cotton fabric, decorated with embroidery, can serve as an original packing material.

But to give things on the anniversary, directly or indirectly hinting at the appearance of children, is considered a mauveton, because not all couples plan to acquire offspring in the near future.
Therefore, do not solemnly hand over to the spouse diapers, paschonki and bonnets. However, if young people are ready for the birth of children, an electric heater, a small blanket, an air ionizer will be a much more desirable and practical gift for them.

It is also not customary to give friends intimate gifts, for example, underwear.

Gifts for the soul

However, the presents of the newlyweds do not have to be practical. It is quite appropriate to give them on anniversary not material values, but presents that will lift their mood and be remembered for a long time:

  1. Tickets to the theater, to a concert or to a movie.
  2. Certificates for visiting the spa, where the services of the spouses will be numerous pleasant treatments.
  3. Tours on a romantic trip, especially this gift will be valuable if the newlyweds for some reason could not go on a trip right after the wedding.
  4. Booked for a weekend at the hotel( this is for spouses living with parents so that they can stay together).
  5. A table in a restaurant that newlyweds like to visit.
  6. Organization of a picnic in nature. It will be appropriate to hold a themed wedding using interlocked cotton scarves.
  7. Hot air ballooning, quad biking, horse riding or biking - for people who prefer extreme rest.
  8. Song of own composition, recorded in the recording studio.
  9. A film consisting of various videos and includes various moments from the life of the newlyweds.
  10. Certificate for a fascinating master class or seminar.
  11. Thematic photoshoot, because young people are very fond of taking pictures.

Well, if the plans of young people do not include a celebration of a cotton wedding, then an excellent gift for them can serve as a party organized by friends, in which the couple will participate as invited. And absolutely unimportant is the place and form of the celebration - a banquet in a restaurant or cozy homecoming, the main thing after all is a cheerful company and a great mood!

Original gifts for the cotton wedding

If invited to the wedding want their gift to be remembered for a long time, it was not only necessary, but also unusual, it is enough for them to show a little imagination and imagination, and their present will not leave the newlyweds indifferent.

  1. Fine fabric with a picture of the newlyweds, made by own hands, will be considered a gift. As a basis, you can take a successful photo of husband and wife, where they are imprinted in one of the happiest moments of their life. To implement such a masterpiece is only possible for experienced craftsmen, since it requires not only the availability of certain skills, but also time, but what can not be done to please your loved ones, for whom this gift will become an invaluable family heirloom.
  2. Pillows with a non-standard form or decorated with unusual embroidery, always look very nice and touching, and T-shirts or aprons with humorous greeting inscriptions will surely be remembered by spouses, like an original gift for a cotton wedding.
  3. If the husband and wife are inveterate bookworms, then a funny plaid with sleeves, which you can climb completely, not only fun, but also useful for a cozy pastime with your favorite book.

What else do they give for one year of the wedding? For the period lived together, the newlyweds probably have a lot of beautiful photos, some of which are stored in the electronic version, which is not very convenient, if they are required to show a large number of people. For this purpose, they will need a beautiful casket.

It can be purchased at the store or made by hand. To do this, you will need a tin or cardboard box, which is made in the technique of "decoupage."

Gifts of the spouses to each other

Following the long tradition, on the first anniversary of the wedding, the husband and wife give each other gifts from calico, for example, a shirt and sarafan. Now cotton products can be replaced with things made from other materials, for example, satin or satin.

It is not forbidden to give and intimate gifts, for example, a set of refined lingerie for his wife and pajamas for her husband. If the spouses plan to give each other gifts of a different plan, they should still exchange cotton scarves and fasten the gift with a passionate kiss.

In addition to textiles, young people can buy themselves paired jewelry, which will always remind them of a memorable day.

To her husband

So, what can you give to her husband for a cotton wedding? A win-win option - when choosing a gift to start from the hobbies of the spouse, who for a year of living together a young wife has already had time to study well enough:

  1. E-book if the spouse likes to read. As a supplement to it - a cozy plaid and a cup with a playful confession of love, after all, having covered yourself with a warm cozy rug and sipping tasty aromatic coffee, it is pleasantly pleasant to surrender to your favorite hobby.
  2. Novelties electronics( tablet, laptop, powerful graphics card), if the husband spends a lot of time at the computer.
  3. The gambler will love the spectacular poker kit in a beautiful case or case.
  4. Hunter will be pleased to receive a gift kit, a navigator to avoid getting lost, a "long-playing" flashlight, a sleeping bag, a name flask, a set for a shish kebab.
  5. Fishermen will be sincerely happy with the fishing rod in full set, a set of fishing equipment and tools.
  6. An athlete can be given various trainers, a bicycle. The punching bag will allow him not only to spend time with benefit, but also to splash out his ardor.


Young wife on the first anniversary of the wedding wants romance, so the husband must make every effort to fulfill her desire. By the way, representatives of the strong half of humanity in this regard is much easier. It is enough to go with your second half in a boutique with clothes or in a jewelry salon and choose a present for which she long dreamed. Choose a gift should be given that the husband is the closest person and he is allowed to give everything.

Of course, without a luxurious bouquet can not do. For a beloved woman, red roses, symbolizing passionate and passionate love, are best suited.

What not to give to the spouse:

  1. A set of pots and pans, because they will surely be given by relatives and friends.
  2. An annual subscription to a fitness club, unless, of course, she herself asked for it. Otherwise, a young woman can see in this hint that she needs to quickly take up her figure, and her husband has cooled to it.
  3. Perfumery or cosmetics, such universal gifts are better to postpone until the celebration of the New Year or 8 March.
Any gift to the newlyweds on their first anniversary of family life will be pleasant and appreciated, the main thing is that it accompanied by warm sincere congratulations and the kindest parting words.
And whether he will later be in demand - it does not matter, all the same the memory of this important and significant day will remain for many years.

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