How to donate money for a wedding

Money is the most popular gift for newlyweds. But many guests give money monotonously and boringly. Today, there are many options to donate money for a wedding in an original way. To do this, manifest imagination, connect your own imagination and creative thinking.

  • Ways of presenting money for a wedding
  • Creative ideas for a cash gift

Ways of presenting money for a wedding

If you give a newly-married couple money in a traditional envelope, it will be uninteresting and simple. And the bride and groom will soon forget who invited them to the wedding. To the gift of a newly-married couple remember for many years, it must be extraordinary, and also evoke pleasant emotions and admiration among the people around. Consider interesting ideas for presenting money for a wedding:

  1. A bag of money. Take a small tissue bag and fill it with money. The bag can be decorated with original embroidery, beautiful rhinestones, applique or put on its surface the names of the newlyweds. This gift for the newlyweds will be associated with financial well-being.

  2. Picture of money. Purchase a standard photo frame and place money bills behind the glass. You can put them in the form of an original drawing or simply place it chaotically. It is not necessary that all bills be real. For the quantity, use the drawn bills.
  3. The money book. In advance, find out which literary genre the newlyweds prefer. Then purchase the corresponding book and place money bills on its pages. After that, pack the book in bright wrapping paper and give it to the newlyweds.
  4. Jar of money. Change large banknotes into small bills. Then fold them neatly into the tube. After take a beautiful glass jar and put the money inside. The gift can be supplemented with chocolate coins or sweets. Jar with money decorate with ribbons and cheerful inscriptions.
  5. The money parasol. Buy a small umbrella and tie colorful ribbons to its spokes. Then attach the usual paper clips to the ribbons and fix the money bills. Present the umbrella to the newlyweds in closed form and ask them to open the gift. The money parasol will cause the newlyweds bright emotions and delight.
  6. Cabbage with money. Buy a small cabbage from Beijing and place paper money rolled between the leaves between its leaves. To make bills not wet, wrap them with food film. This gift will be very pleasant to the groom and the bride.
  7. Balloons with money. Buy a lot of bright balloons, fold money bills and gently place them inside the balls. You can put sparkles and pieces of tinsel inside the balls. Then inflate the balloons. Hand over the newlyweds at the wedding balloons with money.
  8. Original photoalbum. Change the amount of money that you plan to give to the newlyweds for small bills. In the pockets of the new photo album, invest money. They can be combined with bright cards, photographs and sincere wishes.
  9. Panties with money. To make a gift you will need large men's panties. Sew them on pockets of bright fabric, inside which put money bills. Newlyweds should open all pockets and find hidden money in them.
  10. The long dollar. Change money for small bills. Then arrange them in a row and gently join together with adhesive tape. The received long tape from money can be rolled in a ball or in a roll. To gift aroused the laughter of the newlyweds, wrap the wrapper around the money roll from the toilet paper. Treasure Chest. To decorate a gift, buy an ordinary casket or chest. Fill them to the brim with sweets, chocolate coins, bills printed on a copier and, of course, real money. As a chest decor you can use shells, turquoise beads and other spectacular decorations.
  11. Money suitcase. To get a gift, buy a small suitcase. Inside the suitcase, put a stack of money printed with a copier. Place real bills at the top of each bundle. A money suitcase will cause the newlyweds a lot of positive emotions.
  12. First payment. If you learned that young people plan to buy household appliances, cars or apartments after the wedding, you can give them money for the first payment. To buy a TV, the disc with an interesting film will be relevant. To its packaging, attach an envelope with money. For the future purchase of an apartment, give the keys to which, as a keychain, attach notes for the first installment.
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Creative ideas for drawing up a cash gift

If you want to surprise the guests and newlyweds with your own gift, use the following creative ideas:

  1. Money flowers. For the production of this gift, prepare banknotes of different denominations, adhesive tape, long skewers, sawdust and capacity. Fold the note with the accordion. Then fold the accordion in half and fix its ends with adhesive tape. The result is a beautiful flower. To the flower, carefully glue a long skewer with adhesive tape. Repeat the above manipulations with each cash bill. Put the sawdust in the bowl. If you do not have sawdust, then you can use sand or polystyrene. Then, insert a scoop with flowers into the container with filler. Capacity can be beautifully decorated with ribbons, sequins or decorate with pieces of bright fabric. As a result, you will get an original pot of flowers from money. A garland of money. To make this gift, prepare two-sided cardboard, a long ribbon, money bills, large beads, punch, scissors and a pencil. Draw a flower pattern on the cardboard with a pencil and, using it, make several colors from multi-colored cardboard. Then with a hole punch, make one hole in the center of each flower. Connect the ends of the tape together and make a loop at the top. There should be a double tape. All the money bills folded into an accordion and wrap it neatly with a ribbon. Between the bills go through paper flowers and bright beads. Try to keep the symmetry in the garland, and the color palette of the beads combined with the color of the ribbon. Make two money garlands. This gift will be appreciated by newlyweds.
  2. Money cushion for the newlyweds. Buy a pillow case with a zipper and fill it with rose petals, chocolate coins, money and any soft stuff. On the fabric of pillowcases you can put in the shop a picture of the bride and groom. The money pillow is a wonderful gift for the newlyweds, who will remind them of a happy day of marriage.
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Choosing the right variant of registration of a cash gift for a wedding celebration, put in it not only monetary banknotes, but also your love. The gift, made by own hands, will necessarily bring joy and excellent mood to the newlyweds, and also will cause smiles on the faces of the guests of the celebration.

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