How to cure hemorrhoids in women - useful practical recommendations

how to treat hemorrhoids in women Hemorrhoids are a very delicate disease that patients prefer not to talk about. Because of this, the lion's share of women's disease goes into a chronic or neglected stage.

Any person can get sick with this ailment - there is no insurance from this.

Most often, older people complain of developing hemorrhoids, patients who have a hormonal imbalance, during pregnancy or after the birth in the period of feeding.

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  • Hemorrhoids content of women
  • Hemorrhoids do not spare anyone
  • Features of the approach to treatment of women
  • Traditional therapies
    • With exacerbation of the disease
    • Chronic course of the disease
    • Surgery is sometimes the only chance
  • Features of nutrition
  • Folk medicine comes to the rescue
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  • As to nursing mothers
  • How not to think about treatment at all?

Features of violations in women

How the situation with the incidence of hemorrhoids really is formed is not known.

But with this specific diagnosis, the girls tend to postpone the visit to the proctologist for a long time, guided by a sense of false shame.

A woman's psyche is much more difficult to bear all sorts of stresses, more emotional than the male part of the population. The consequence of this is often the vulnerability of the body.

According to statistics, women develop a disease much more often and this has its own explanation: professional activity, sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet or use of various diets, a weakened immune system, frequent stressful situations, unconventional sexual contacts.

All these factors are the leading basis for the development of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids do not spare anyone

In fact, the symptoms, forms and stages of hemorrhoids in both sexes does not differ. hemorrhoids

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The only distinctive fact: special underwear for the female half.

Specially designed underwear for patients suffering from hemorrhoids and other proctologic diseases, which will help to cope with the disease more quickly, especially during the period of gestation and to overcome embarrassment before the proctologist during a visit to it with such a delicate problem.

Features of the approach to the treatment of women

Treatment of hemorrhoids in both women and men is almost the same, there are very few exceptions and differences:

  • during pregnancy or breastfeeding, a weak half of the drugs is strictly excluded;
  • during this period, various surgical interventions are contraindicated in principle, and are made exclusively in emergency cases;
  • taking into account the nature of the female body, the doctor prescribes more sparing medications.

Traditional methods of therapy

First of all, it is necessary to undergo a specialist examination when the first symptoms of the disease appear.

The doctor diagnoses the stage of the disease, the severity level, only after that appoints an effective treatment.

With exacerbation of the disease

Acute hemorrhoids are susceptible to conservative treatment.

The physician should prescribe:

  1. Topical preparations with the anesthetic effect : narcotic analgesics: Movalis, Diclofenac, Ketonal, Candles with hemorrhoids Voltaren and others;combined: Gepatrombin G, Ultraprote and Proctoglivenol.
  2. Cleansing enema .
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs .
  4. Application Ointments : Levomikol, Levasin and Vishnevsky Ointment.
  5. Hemorrhoids with hemostatic effect : Beriplast, Adroxon or Spongostan.
  6. Phlebotonic drug Detralex( for normalization of the structure and functions of the venous vessel).

Chronic course of the disease

In the first two stages of hemorrhoids, both internal and external, minimally invasive treatment is prescribed to patients:

  1. Sclerotherapy .The introduction of a sclerosing agent into the node, which causes compaction of the enlarged intestinal veins with further gluing( no more than two knots), after 14 days, if necessary, repeat the procedure.
  2. Ligation of nodes with latex rings .The ring "jumps" on the knot and is clamped. As a result - inside the clamped node the food is disrupted, the body rejects it on its own. If necessary, the session is repeated several times. Photocoagulation
  3. Photocoagulation .For this procedure, a light guide is used, which is sent exclusively to the formed node. The heat energy emitted from it glues the venous vessels.
  4. Cryotherapy - process of freezing of hemorrhoids. The procedure lasts only 3 minutes. After that, the frozen tissues thaw and "fall off", forming in the places of the former knots open wounds. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
Minimally invasive therapy removes only the nodes themselves, but does not cure the underlying cause. Therefore, patients after these procedures need to follow their own way of life, fundamentally changing the habits and addictions that have developed for years.

Latex ligation of hemorrhoids:

Surgery - sometimes this is the only chance

Intervention of surgeons becomes a necessity in the transition of the disease in the III or IV stage. In this case, minimally invasive treatment is powerless.

The operation to remove the nodes is performed under anesthesia. The surgeon simultaneously excised at least three knots, after which the legs that fed them are stitched.

After the operation, the patient must be at least 14 days under strict medical supervision in the medical institution.

Features of nutrition

Therapy of hemorrhoids The complex therapy and prevention of hemorrhoids includes not only the intake of medications, but also strict adherence to a specially developed diet.

It promotes normal defecation, reducing the risk of constipation.

The menu should completely exclude:

  • confectionery and flour products;
  • sweet and chocolate;
  • coffee and strong tea;
  • canned food;
  • meat and fish fatty varieties.

Include in the diet: fresh vegetables and fruits containing fiber, trace elements and vitamins.

Daily eat freshly made salad in vegetable oil. Eat dairy products. Meat is allowed only in boiled form.

Drinking more often:

  • green tea;
  • freshly squeezed or purchased natural juices;
  • vitamin compotes;
  • natural mineral water.

Traditional medicine comes to the rescue

It is possible to supplement the complex treatment of the disease and folk medicine. But you need to understand - this folk remedy for hemorrhoids acts only at the initial stages, in neglected forms - it is powerless.

Of folk methods of therapy are often used:

  • microclysters and sedentary baths based on herbs;folk treatment of hemorrhoids
  • cooking homemade candles from raw potatoes or carrots;
  • ointments from propolis, birch tar with the addition of honey;
  • external nodes are treated with cotton swabs soaked in celandine juice, sea buckthorn or burdock oil, tincture of St. John's wort;
  • internal forms are treated with microclysters from chamomile, sage, celandine and St. John's wort. It is these herbs that remove inflammation, heal wounds;
  • to calm down painful sensations it is possible by ice lotions.

The approach to pregnancy is. ..

It is possible to diagnose hemorrhoids during pregnancy even with rectal examination, after which the doctor prescribes safe and sparing drugs for treatment.

Complex therapy for a woman who carries a baby, includes the following drugs:

  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • to increase the overall tone of the venous bed, reducing swelling of the hemorrhoids;
  • analgesics and analgesics;
  • preparations that eliminate itching in the anus;
  • tablets of systemic action;
  • rectal ointment or gel;
  • antihemorrhoid candles.

These products are based on natural ingredients. Not bad poprinimat at pregnancy( to lower puffiness) warm trays from broths of medicinal grasses or with марганцовкой.

As with lactating mothers

Nursing mothers are a special category of patients. The drugs that they need to take should be absolutely safe for both the mother and the baby.

Breastfeeding mother Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids in lactating women are not used because, absorbed by the rectal mucosa, the components of the drug enter the blood of the mother and through the milk can be passed on to the baby.

Ointment Relief is a very good treatment for a disease in a nursing mother. Ingredients that are part of a directed-action drug.

If acute abscesses are not observed, the disease proceeds moderately, then in the treatment of hemorrhoids you can use folk remedies:

  • with sedentary baths on herbs;
  • lotion on the same grass or with mummies, propolis or clay;
  • outer cones can be lubricated with honey, propolis, onion juice, birch tar or sea-buckthorn oil.

Surgery in this period is resorted only in emergency cases or when all the methods used did not work.

How not to think about treatment at all?

The first thing a woman needs to do to prevent hemorrhoids is to re-examine her lifestyle and diet. Products provokatory completely excluded from the menu.

Regular defecation is already half the victory. Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle, physical activity( less to sit, and more to move).Avoid stressful situations.

The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to cure it. If the first symptoms of hemorrhoids are found, you need to contact the proctologist or the therapist as early as possible.

Because the signs of hemorrhoids in many ways resemble other diseases, then to put the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment can only specialists.

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