What you can not eat while losing weight?5 most harmful products, harmful food

Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Extra pounds lead to problems of the cardiovascular system.


  • Lose weight loss: Beverages with artificial sweeteners( Juices, lemonades)
  • You can not lose weight with flour flour from white flour
  • You can not lose weight: corn syrup read labels - GMO in sauce
  • Harmful substances in food: glutomate sodium in fast food chains,in crab sticks, in spices
  • It is impossible when losing weight: fry in oil. Grill without oil - useful
  • Video: rules for proper nutrition

The whole point is that fat, accumulating in blood vessels, reduces the flow of blood. This can lead to such a disease as atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease. That, in turn, increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. That is why it is necessary to struggle with excess weight. And the prevention of this problem can be the exclusion from the diet of the five most harmful products. About them, you will learn in this article.

Hinder weight loss: Drinks with artificial sweeteners( Juices, lemonades)

Hinder weight loss: Drinks with artificial sweeteners( Juices, lemonades)

Water is the foundation of our life. We use it in different forms and quantities. Someone can not imagine his day without a cup of coffee, another without flavored tea. But, more dangerous than others for our body, are sweet drinks: lemonades, juices, etc. And it does not matter what makes them sweet: natural sugar or its substitute.

As for sugar, then everything is simple. Probably, everyone who has been overweight knows that this product is a fast carbohydrate. That is, getting into the body, the sugar quickly transforms into fat cells and "cozy" is arranged on the sides, abdomen and other problem areas of our body.

Stop. But, what about sugar substitutes? Many nutritionists believe that these foods can be eaten for problems with obesity. But is it? It is important to understand that sweeteners can be natural and synthetic. Natural sweeteners based on stevia, fructose, sorbitol and xylitol are fully absorbed by the body, and therefore can not be classified as harmful substances. But, you can not say about artificial ones. Sweeteners based on saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium and sukrazit can disrupt the operation of the cardiovascular system and cause excitation of the nervous system.

But, the main harm of artificial sweeteners in the aggravation of hunger.

After we drink a sweet drink, where its artificial counterpart is used as a sugar, we want a "continuation of the banquet".At the same time, to satisfy the hunger that has developed after consuming a sweet drink, we can eat more food than if we had taken food without consuming sweet soda or juice.

IMPORTANT: Daily consumption of a sweet drink( 0.5 ml) leads to the appearance of extra 6-7 kilograms per year!

It is impossible when losing weight flour from white flour

It is impossible when losing weight flour from white flour

The second line in our rating of harmful products interfere with weight loss products are made of white flour. Everything is simple. In the production of white flour, it is cleaned of all impurities. But, the most surprising is that along with this purification, vitamins, enzymes and minerals are removed from this product, as well as magnesium, cobalt, copper, iron and molybdenum. Before the processing of wheat grain into flour, it contains vanadium and barium necessary for proper work of the heart. In the flour of all these vitamins and macronutrients there.

Okay, but how does this affect those who want to lose weight? What harm does a meal bring to such people? The thing is that flour products adversely affect the carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Such "empty calories" in themselves have a bad effect on the body, but also delay the processing of carbohydrates from other foods in it.

IMPORTANT: Flour products can harm the stomach. Abuse of such products over time can lead to more serious problems.

And finally, the third reason to refuse flour products from white flour, is the presence of yeast in them. This substance is now considered to be a carcinogen, which means it provokes the development of cancer.

Do not lose weight: corn syrup read labels - GMO in sauce

Do not lose weight: corn syrup read labels - GMO in sauce

Corn syrup in our country is not very popular, as in North America. But, and we can meet it in various products bought in the supermarket. What is harmful for corn syrup and why you need to read the label before buying something in the store, I'll explain below.

Corn syrup is made from cornstarch. This product is widely distributed in cooking and is used as a sweetener and thickener. Such syrup can be found in some soft drinks, frozen foods and sweets. Corn syrup contains various toxins that can lead to problems of obesity and diabetes. In addition, this product can cause a risk of heart attacks and strokes.

IMPORTANT: Recent experiments with corn syrup have proven its harm to the body. When heat treated in this product, carcinogenic substances that cause cancer develop.

When buying products in the store, be sure to look at the label. In addition, that you need to exclude the purchase of products containing corn syrup, make sure that the product you bought does not have GMOs.

Harmful substances in food: sodium glutamate in fast food chains, crab sticks, spices

Harmful substances in food: sodium glutamate in fast food chains, crab sticks, in spices

Another harmful product for slimming is sodium glutamate. This substance is used as an enhancer of taste. It is added to its fast food products. In addition, sodium glutamate today can be found in various spices and even crab sticks.

The biggest negative, from eating foods containing glutomate sodium, is to get used to this substance. Several regular receptions to food products containing this substance "rebuild" the work of the body, and it can no longer do without glutamate sodium. Without this substance, taste buds can no longer function properly and the taste of food becomes "fresh."

IMPORTANT: German scientists have discovered that even a small amount of sodium glutomate leads to the destruction of brain cells responsible for appetite.

As for glutamate sodium and reducing excess weight, then everything is bad. The fact is that this substance, getting into the body with food, reduces the activity of brown fatty tissue. This tissue, burning calories, protects the body from the cold and ensures the proper operation of its other systems. That is, sodium glutamate reduces the burning rate of "extra" calories. Therefore, in order to cope with hated kilograms, it is necessary to exclude sodium glutamate and the foods in which it is contained, from its diet.

It is impossible at losing weight: fry in oil. Grill without oil - useful

It is impossible when losing weight: fry in oil. Grill without oil - useful

In conclusion of our TOP-5 products interfere with losing weight, you need to say a few words about the oil. Products in which a lot of oil or other fats, with weight loss must be excluded from their diet. Also, it is necessary to exclude fried food from it. The thing is that when frying in oil, the fat content of foods increases. With this treatment, fatty compounds from the oil are added to the food, increasing their calories. In addition, the abuse of fried foods can cause problems with the pancreas.

IMPORTANT: When frying in oil, carcinogens causing cancer develop. Moreover, they can be contained both in the oil itself and in its vapors, which are inhaled during cooking.

For fry lovers, it is best to use a grill for cooking. He not only does not add fat to food, but on the contrary, melts the fat already contained in the products and takes them out of them. That is why food, cooked on the grill, is considered dietary. In addition, it is delicious and healthy.

Excess weight is a problem not only of appearance, but also a great burden on the body. Help him and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Moreover, it is very easy to do this. You just need to exclude the above products from the diet.

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