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Ideally, picking up a hat is not so easy, and most importantly, it's right that he comes up to the face and outer clothing. This is the question we are going to address today.


This kind of headdress looks in the style of the 20s and will suit ladies with both short hair and long hair. Also, hair will look good in the style of quads, but for a better look you need to make a more bright make-up, since such a dress will practically hide your eyes. Fabric or knitted cloth, as you like, can soften a square face. The combination of a "cap" with outer clothing can be completely different and absolutely everything will do.


Not voluminous, usual beret and any outerwear are combined in any kind. This kind of headdress looks most spectacular with the bangs. Volumetric beret of soft fabric will look beautiful and graceful under any oval face.

Knitted cap

"Knitted cap" allows you to wear absolutely any outerwear. This type of headgear can round the whole face oval. Ladies with a round face can also wear this dress, but only with an additional decor, such as rhinestones, bows and pompons. They easily change the shape of the head and the type of headgear.


Under this name is covered with a hat with small fields. This kind of headgear is perfect for chubby ladies. The hat will look nice both with a short haircut, and with long hair."Fedor" can be worn with any kind of top wardrobe, with a fur coat, with a down jacket, and with a jacket.

Wide-brimmed hat

This hat looks great like with loose long hair, and collected in the tail. It is designed for girls of high stature, who have large facial features. Ideally, the hat will sit on the girl, coupled with a draping coat, which is too high.


This kind of headgear can not be attributed, and even more so associated with a specific type of upper wardrobe, you just need to hat combined in a color scheme. The shape of the girl's face for this type of dress should be elongated and oval, as the cap visually shortens the upper part of the face with its visor.

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