Using blackberry garden in folk medicine and home cosmetology

Blackberry garden contains many vitamins and minerals. Since ancient times, not only fruits, but also the leaves and roots of the plant have been used. Despite the development of medicine and the emergence of effective cosmetics, the blackberry continues to be used in folk recipes for beauty and health.

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chemical composition

Gardening Blackberry is similar in chemical composition to thesuch berries as blueberries, raspberries, currants, it is rightly considered a storehouse of vitamins. Blackberry contains the following macronutrients:

  • phosphorus,
  • sodium,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • zinc,
  • copper,
  • potassium.

Apple, lemon, tartaric and salicylic acids are present in the berries. The blackberry and vitamins are rich, among them: C, A. E, B1, B2.Berries include fructose, glucose, sucrose, the optimal ratio of which allows you to use the blackberry in eating people suffering from diabetes.

The leaves of the plant contain organic acids, vitamin C, tannins, amino acids, minerals.

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Useful properties

The plant has the following useful properties:

  • has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • strengthens the vessels;
  • improves memory;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • stimulates the outflow of bile, removes stones;
  • fights against cancer cells;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • cleanses the blood;
  • is fighting worms;
  • reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Fruits, juice, decoctions, infusions from roots and leaves, various compresses, lotions, rinses are used for treatment.

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Folk recipes

Consider the folk recipes for using blackberry for medicinal purposes.

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With beriberi

To prevent avitaminosis, use berries in fresh form, sometimes add sugar or honey. For the winter they are frozen or harvested jam. Long-term heat treatment destroys vitamins, therefore the best options for cooking jam are as follows:

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Jam recipe 1

Wash the washed berries with sugar( in a ratio of 1 to 1) and rub tolty until smooth. Leave on for 8-12 hours until the sugar is completely dissolved, disintegrate the sterilized containers. Keep the jam in the fridge.

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Prescription of jam 2

1 kg of blackberry pour a kilogram of sugar, leave for an hour to isolate the juice. Then slowly heat and cook for about 10-15 minutes, stirring. Pack on sterile cans and roll.

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Vitamin tea

When beriberi is also recommended to brew tea from dried leaves. To enhance the effect, they can be mixed with raspberry leaves in a proportion of 2 to 1.

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With poor digestion

Take 1 part of the mixture of blackberry leaves in half with raspberries and 1 part of mint leaves. Brew 2 teaspoons of the mixture with boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes. Take infusion for frustration, pain in the stomach, diarrhea, bloating.

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From gastritis

With gastritis and ulcer, the crushed blackberry leaves are baked non-curtly for 3 hours and taken three times daily before meals.

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From cold

In ARI and cold, juice from the fruit should be drunk. The following recipes will help:

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Tincture of

Grind the berries in a meat grinder or with a blender, transfer to a jar, fill the sugar at a rate of 100 grams per 1 kg of berries. Insist 5 days in a warm place, filter out. The juice must be fermented, so leave the container for 3 weeks in a dark place, after which it must again be filtered. Take 30 milliliters three times a day.

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For colds, tea from young blackberry leaves( take 4 parts), leaves of wild strawberry( 1 part), raspberry leaves( 2 parts) favorably acts.

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Vodka tincture

Dried berries are filled with vodka at the rate of 100 grams of vodka per 10 g of berries. Then put in a dark, cool place for a week. Tincture should be taken once for 50 milliliters per day during the period of the disease. The remedy is especially effective at the onset of the disease - with the first symptoms of a cold.

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To strengthen teeth

Blackberry leaves help with toothache. To do this, prepare the infusion: 2 tablespoons of shredded phytocoagrid are poured into 250 milliliters of boiling water, 2 hours insist. Then rinse the mouth for 30 minutes so that the liquid washes the diseased tooth.

On the gums beneficially affects the chewing of blackberry leaves.

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For heart diseases

To strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent infarctions tea from the leaves. For its preparation, 1 teaspoon of dried phytosolic is poured with 250 milliliters of boiling water. Eat twice a day.

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From stomatitis

For the treatment of stomatitis it is recommended to rinse the mouth with infusion from the leaves. Prepare it this way: 4 tablespoons of leaves pour 2 cups of boiling water, leave to stand for half an hour, filter. Rinse as often as possible until the wound is fully healed.

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To reduce the heat

Blackberry is an excellent substitute for aspirin, which has a positive effect on every organ of the human body. At elevated temperature, a drink is prepared: 1 cup of blackberry juice is taken with 2 tablespoons of honey, diluted with water to taste and brought to a boil, drink warm.

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From thrush

With thrush, do syringing with decoction of leaves. To do this, take 3 tablespoons of leaves per 1 liter of water. Cook for 10 minutes and press for one and a half hours. Douching is carried out within a week from the first day after the end of menstruation. The course of treatment is 3 months.

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With erosion of the cervix

Blackberry is used in the complex treatment of gynecological diseases. With erosions of the cervix, it is recommended to eat fresh berries, eat jam, drink fruit juice. In winter, prepare tea from frozen berries or from leaves. A pleasant bonus will be the normalization of the hormonal background of the female body.

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With diabetes

Blackberries are able to reduce blood sugar levels, contributes to weight loss. Usually the roots and leaves of blackberry, broths from berries are used. Roots are dried and the infusions are prepared - 20 grams of finely chopped dried root are taken with 2 cups of water. Cook for 2 minutes, let it brew. Drink small portions of no more than a glass a day.

In addition, it is recommended instead of tea to drink infusion of blackberry leaves, where you can add frozen or dried berries and a little honey for taste.

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From edema( diuretic)

Diuretic effect has an infusion of dry berries, as well as a decoction of the roots. Cook broth in the manner described above and drink 4 times a day for half a glass before eating. Effective decoction of leaves - 1.5 tablespoons for 1 glass of water, boil for a couple of minutes. Take 1/3 cup three times a day.

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With neuroses

A fresh decoction of leaves has a calming effect.1 spoonful of dried leaves pour a glass of water, insist half an hour, take it should be hot 3-4 times a day for half a glass, adding honey and milk. It will improve sleep and relieves irritability.

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With climax

It is recommended for women experiencing climax to drink tea from fresh berries boiled with boiling water, and also to consume 100 grams of fresh berries every day. Frozen berries will do the same.

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Cosmetic application

Blackberry is capable of refreshing a complexion, improving the shade of the skin, removing dead cells, removing inflammation and irritation. Masks on its basis are suitable for any skin type, except white, thin and sensitive. Masks should not be applied for longer than 20 minutes, so as not to oversaturate the skin with acids and do not stain it. A positive result appears with regular use of masks - no more than 2-3 times a week.

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wrinkles The following recipes differ in effectiveness:

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Mask from fatigue

To remove fatigue and signs of lack of sleep, to smooth wrinkles the mask will help: take a few berries of blackberries, raspberries, black currants, knead it, add1 teaspoon of honey and the same amount of cream. Apply on face for 15 -20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

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From deep wrinkles

When preventing deep wrinkles, use a mask from an equal number of crushed blackberries and banana puree. The resulting mixture is diluted with milk. You can also mix berries with homemade cream. This product gives a good anti-aging effect.

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To lighten the pigmentation of

In the fight against increased pigmentation helps such a recipe: puree of berries mixed with mashed potatoes, chopped parsley leaves and lemon juice.
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Skin hydrating

The mask of blackberry juice and home-made sour cream has a moisturizing and whitening effect. Ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions.

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From acne

From inflammations and acne rids the compress: chopped blackberry leaves to burn with boiling water, put on gauze and put on face.

For oily skin, use the following: 0.5 teaspoons of honey warmed in a water bath, mix with 2 tablespoons puree from blackberries and a half teaspoon of lemon juice, stir.

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For hair growth

Juice from blackberries stimulates growth, strengthens roots, improves appearance and increases the volume of hair. To prepare the rinse you need to dilute the juice in half with water and rinse your hair. And to get rid of dandruff hair should be rinsed with a decoction of leaves.

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For slimming

The blackberry contains substances that prevent the entry of fats into the body, while stimulating metabolic processes in the body. As a result, calories are expended at an increased rate, which leads to weight loss.

In addition, ripe berries have cleansing properties and will rid the body of toxins, which will play an important role in losing weight. The diuretic effect of decoctions and infusions from the leaves will help to remove excess water and add to the body of harmony.

Sufficient nutritional properties and at the same time low calorie content( 100 grams of fresh berries contains 31 kcal, frozen - 64 kcal allows you to add berries to cottage cheese and porridge in the mornings without harming the figure)

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As with any other means,to abuse the use of blackberries is not worth it. Especially careful with berries and juice should be people with high acidity of the stomach. The leaves are not recommended for any kidney disease.plant and plant allergies

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Procurement and storage of

To prepare phytochemicals, young leaflets must be collected and harvested from June to August, they are torn off, laid out in a thin layer and dried in the temperature.

Young shoots with leaves harvested in the spring. The roots are excavated in spring or autumn and dried. The shelf life of dry leaves and roots is 3 years.

Fruits are harvested from the end of July to the middle of September. For long-term storage, berries are easiest to freeze. Blackberry sort, sort, remove stems, put in a container or bag and freeze. It is impossible to wash fruits.

To dry the berries they are kept in the shade in the open air, periodically turning over. On average, the process takes up to 5 days. You can dry them in the oven. In this case, the berries are placed on a baking sheet and kept at a temperature of 70 degrees. After 2 hours, the temperature is reduced to 40 degrees and dried until ready. The shelf life of such berries is 1 year.

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