How to congratulate her husband on the anniversary

  1. Celebration Day. Not many people know, but the day of the wedding ceremony also has a name - a "green wedding".And let formally this is not an anniversary, the newlyweds present gifts related to this shade to each other. Different flowers and small bouquets symbolize a stormy and young life.
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  2. Wedding anniversary 1 year - calico. It determines the end of the honey period and the beginning of the household life of the spouses. To give this day the products from a chintz: clothes, scarfs, various toys, bed-clothes and other things are accepted. On this day, a bottle of champagne is opened and drunk, hidden on the day of the ceremony.
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  3. Paper wedding. This is two years of living together. At the celebration, you can congratulate your husband in an original way by writing a love letter to him. Describe your feelings on paper, attach a postcard. This is a simple, but at the same time very nice present. You can also give, for example, wallpaper - a very useful and practical purchase.
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  4. Three years together. Leather wedding. On this day, an excellent gift for the husband will be a leather accessory: a belt, shoes, purse or purse. You can buy something together, for example, a leather suitcase for travel.
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  5. ADHESIVE Rope wedding. The newlyweds, having lived together for four years, became as if tied to each other. Gifts should be various wicker baskets, souvenirs, tablecloths, blankets and bedspreads made of flax.
  6. Five years together - a wooden wedding. Trees are a symbol of life and fertility. Usually they give things from wood: furniture, household items or a more budget option - wooden photo frames and souvenirs.
  7. Cast-iron wedding - anniversary of 6 years. Despite the fortress, cast iron can crack. So the love of the spouses: if you treat it with care, you can accidentally break something. Long since the holiday, the woman cleaned the house, paying special attention to iron objects. You can give various kitchen utensils, dishes.
  8. Six and a half years - a zinc wedding. To give on a holiday it is necessary frying pans, pots, utensils. A man can give a beautiful statuette.
  9. Copper wedding. Our ancestors gave each other copper coins as a sign that everything is still ahead of them. You can continue an interesting tradition or give your husband something else. A good gift is a belt with copper inserts or forging from this metal as a sign of luck and family well-being.
  10. Tins wedding. They give kitchen utensils, molds for cakes and other products. A man can give a hand made article made of tin.
  11. Camomile or faience celebration.9 years is the most flourishing of family life. You can arrange a celebration in nature: in the country, in the forest or near the lake. Give, of course, flowers or faience souvenirs.
  • What to give to your beloved. The first years of marriage
  • What to give to your beloved. From the 10th anniversary to the golden wedding
  • Congratulations to her husband on the wedding anniversary
  • Funny congratulations to her husband on the anniversary of the wedding

Any woman wants to present her best wishes to her beloved on the family's significant birthday. Gentle and kind words can melt the ice in the heart of anyone, even the most brutal man. Congratulations to her husband on the anniversary of the wedding and gifts - this is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

What to give to your beloved. The first years of marriage

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Depending on which wedding is celebrated, different gifts are accepted.

What to give to your beloved. From the 10th anniversary to the golden wedding

  1. Pink or pewter wedding. The first serious anniversary is 10 years old, the symbol of which is beautiful roses. This day should be celebrated together with your relatives, friends and witnesses, and you should give things red and pink, as well as pewter items.
  2. Steel wedding - 11 years together. Family ties have grown stronger, it is already impossible to separate the spouses. By this time, the couple has already acquired an economy and children. You can give your beloved a man's jewelry.
  3. 12 and a half years. Nickel wedding. It's time to get a new sink or shower.
  4. 13 years. The wedding is lace. On the day of the anniversary, the wife feeds her husband tasty pancakes, and you can give lace bed linens.
  5. Agate wedding - 14 years together. Gradually, the family is approaching a more serious period. On the day of the celebration, the spouses tell each other all their secrets, if they are left. You need to give goods from agate.
  6. Crystal wedding. On this day, present your wife with a statuette made of crystal or glass. Crystal is a symbol of strong love and true conjugal happiness. From now on, the countdown is only for round dates.
  7. Porcelain anniversary - 20 years of married life. Happiness - like porcelain: looks strong, and inside - fragile. Present your favorite set or beautiful porcelain cups.
  8. 25 years - silver wedding. Give jewelry, appliances, beautiful vases, garlands - the choice is great.
  9. Pearl wedding - 30 years together. You can give different things for home, common life, as well as pearl jewelry, let them be artificial - it does not matter.
  10. 35 years together - coral wedding. They call her also linen. They give bedspreads, beautiful tablecloths, scarves, socks and other things.
  11. 40 years hand in hand. Celebration under the sign of the ruby. You have already proved your fate, having lived together for so many years, that your life together is strong, it remains very little until the golden date. The husband will be pleasantly surprised by a beautiful picture or an elegant vase. Give him what he has long dreamed of: a camera, a phone, video equipment.
  12. Sapphire wedding. The culprits of the celebration are given shiny decorations with this noble stone or items related to water: toiletry items, personal care items.
  13. 50 years - the main holiday in family life, a golden wedding. Today the couple is again the bride and groom. Traditionally, they buy each other new rings and exchange them, and the old give away to their grandchildren. You can give any gold jewelry that your spouse will like.

Congratulations to her husband on the wedding anniversary of

Many wives do not know what wish to choose what words to say to their precious husband. There are many words, but you need to choose the warmest and most important ones. We offer you a list of pleasant congratulations on the basis of which you can come up with your original.

  1. My dear, beloved husband! This holiday is one of the most important and favorite for me. In the distant past on this day we got married, our hearts and souls joined, and I'm still very glad that this happened. I wish you and me to live until the golden wedding.
  2. The days drag on, pass the years, and you are all dear to me and loved every day! There is no one in this world who would be dearer to me than you. You are my support and support, my friend, brother, faithful spouse. Happy wedding day, my love!
  3. To the whole world I want to talk about how much I love you. I do not want to conceal and keep feelings within me, I'm ready to shout to the whole world, how dear you are to me - let everyone know! With you, I was very lucky, fate itself gave you to me. I congratulate you on our holiday, on the anniversary!
  4. Dear husband! I wish us on this beautiful day, that we never quarrel, the fire of our hearts is never extinguished, and the feelings were only brighter and more beautiful. All the warmth I'm ready to give you, I want to live with you for many more years! I love you and will only be with you. Congratulations!
  5. I look at you and I understand that I love you more every day. You are the best, the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. You help me keep the family hearth, warm our house with light and warmth. I wish we never parted!
  6. Several years ago I told you "yes", and I have never regretted it! My precious husband, my dream is always to be near you! I wish to always be together, solve all problems together, and overcome all difficulties in no time! Madly love you and congratulations!
  7. Dear husband, do you remember how our wedding ceremony was held? We were young and merry, there were no borders before us. Many days have passed since then, and we love each other as much. Look, what have we achieved - is not that what we always dreamed of? Happy wedding!

Funny congratulations to her husband on the wedding anniversary

The anniversary of the wedding is a solid holiday, but when all the serious words are already said, you can joke a little. Funny congratulations to her husband from his wife:

  • Today we have a special holiday with you. Dear husband! I wish us that we did not infuriate each other, we always wished for each other, in general, and always there was a pepper in our relations. So that you have six heirs, and I'll take care of this. Happy holiday, my love!
  • Wonderful is my husband! With your wife, of course, you are lucky: he will meet you from work, he will always feed you, he will give you water, he will sleep, he will read a fairy tale for the night. But that is not all! The house will be cleaned, the children will be picked up at the school, they go to work, they wash their shirts, pat them, prepare a festive dinner - in general, not your wife, but a real heroine! I wish you always to be with you. Take care of your treasure, beloved. Congratulations!
  • I wish you, dear, that you always have. .. a glass of beer just poured! So that I, your wife, always give. .. watch football and drink beer! And what did you think? Happy holiday, my love!
  • Dear, did you notice? On us with you hangs a heavy gold chain, which many years ago tied us up with sacred bonds of marriage. Every day and every night a cat wanders around our house, goes to the left - winds up a song so that the husband does not go there, moves to the right - tells a story to our children for the night. I wish that everything would be easy for us, as in a fairy tale!
  • Beloved husband, I wish we never know quarrels with you, do not swear, do not scream, because lips are not created for swearing, but for kissing!
    To prevent the dishes from breaking, and the glasses do not fly into the wall, they only need to drink champagne! And that the purse was not empty, because the family budget requires that it is always replenished! Happy anniversary, my love!

For a long time together, the spouses give each other a variety of gifts and say a lot of warm and beautiful words. We hope that after reading the article you have no doubt about the choice of the desired congratulations.

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