Types of Martini

Martini is an exquisite drink that is rich in spices and herbs. Manufacturers produce many kinds of this drink, from elegant female vermouth to strong hot tincture. A unique recipe for vermouth is still kept secret. It is thanks to this secret production technology that Martini has for many decades been holding the position of a leader in the vermouth market.

Martini Bianco

The most popular vermouth in our country. Due to the exquisite taste and delicate aroma of vermouth, Bianco is considered a feminine drink. The taste of this vermouth is sweet with a bit of bitterness. A light-straw color drink is made on the basis of dry white wine using vanilla flowers. As additional components in its manufacture add sandalwood, rhubarb, cloves, gentian roots and other spices. It is used in its pure form or with the addition of soda.

Martini Extra Dry

Dry Martini, which has a sufficient strength, has more than 30 components in its composition. Produce a drink based on high quality wines. The fragrance of Vermouth Extra Dry is dominated by floral notes, as well as lemon and raspberry. It is impossible not to note the presence of bitter wormwood, which exquisitely emphasizes this drink. Most often this type of martini is used in the preparation of cocktails, rarely used undiluted.

Martini Rosato

Vermouth is a pink color, which, in addition to white wine, uses red or pink. The drink brightly conveys the aroma of cloves and cinnamon, tinted with floral notes. Quite complex and thanks to this exquisite combination of aromas makes Martini Rosato a refreshing drink with an amazing aftertaste.

Martini Rosso

This red drink is the first of all varieties of Martini vermouth. Its taste is distinguished by the presence of significant bitterness. In its production, good varieties of wines and selected herbs are used. Caramel, which is part of the vermouth, gives the drink a dark red, amber tint. The living aroma of herbs is felt most strongly in this drink, and the noticeable bitterness is softened by a simultaneous sweetish flavor.

Martini Bitter

Variety of vermouth, the basis of which is not wine, but alcohol. The alcohol content in this drink is 25%.That is why the drink belongs to the category of bitter tinctures. At its manufacture use more than 30 kinds of grasses. Due to such a rich content in terms of quality, it can be equated to medical products.

Martini D'Oro

This drink is also called "gold martini" due to the shade of the noble metal. This variety of vermouth was developed by the manufacturer especially for northern countries, where there is not enough sunlight - Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, etc. The aroma and taste of Vermouth D'Oro is dominated by citrus notes. And the shade has received the shade thanks to presence in its structure of caramel.

Martini Fiero

Produced according to the classic vermouth Martini production technology. However, the taste and aroma of this drink differs from the standard by the presence of honey hue. The basis of it is vanilla and a rich aroma of red oranges.

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Sparkling wines from Martini

One can not help noticing some types of sparkling wine produced by Martini, which also deserve great popularity among drink lovers from this manufacturer.

Martini Rose

This sparkling pink wine is considered to be the only semi-dry drink from all "representatives".It has a soft taste. This light drink is most preferably chosen by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. When it is produced, red and white grapes of the Bruchetto, Glera and Moscato varieties are used. Fruit aroma and bright citrus aftertaste wine is due to the addition of extracts from herbs. In addition, the drink clearly traces the aroma of carnations. You can use Martini Rose in a warm form.

Martini Asti

Made from grape variety "Moscato Bianco", the harvest of which is collected manually. Sparkling wine Asti from the well-known manufacturer has a pronounced aroma of apple, citrus, peach, sage, bergamot, mint, violets and jasmine. A light fruity aroma and sweet taste of this wine is obtained by using the above sort of grapes. By the way, sugar is not added to the production of this drink.

The way of using martini also varies - it can be used as a basis for cocktails, drink in pure form or dilute with juice, soda or lemonade. Some lovers of strong drinks dilute vermouth with vodka. For decoration to such a drink use olives or lemon. Without fail, ice is added to the drink, since the use of vermouth in a warm form does not allow to reveal all the elegance of its aroma and taste.

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Of all alcoholic drinks I like martini. I never knew that there are many of its varieties. That's just not very pleasant.

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