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Fashionable men's shirts in 2017 made in a modern classic style and in a strict elegant design. But not all. Designers have developed and original men's summer shirts, which many like. In order to look attractive and elegant, you can choose any model.

Stylish and practical products are made of natural materials that do not cause allergies. To be dressed with taste means to please yourself first of all. In the collections of new models, men will be able to choose a shirt for their taste and preference.

Fashion designers have developed shirts for all occasions: for work in the office, celebrations, recreation, and also romantic dates. To date, the models that are fitted and emphasize the figure of the man, the width of the shoulders, the beauty of the posture are very popular. Stylish shirts are made in a modern fashionable style, they have a variety of color shades.

Classic models

Men's shirts are the perfect clothing option for every day, for office work. Men's summer shirts will perfectly match with jeans, with classic style trousers. The shirt can replace a T-shirt, it will perfectly suit as an everyday clothing.

Fashionable products are sewn from fabrics, allowing the skin to breathe. Today's shirts are made of various materials: satin, flax, wool, flannel, silk and corduroy. The products are of high quality and exquisite design. In them you can go to work or a party, in a cafe.

Shirt - this is the only item in the wardrobe of men of any style, which will always be classic, elegant.

Classic shirts of white, blue, red, orange, burgundy, brown, blue can be found in any new collection. If you prefer neutral colors, then it's best to stop choosing on shirts in a strip, cage.

White men's fashion shirts are offered for special occasions. A shirt with a short sleeve will help in a hot weather to feel comfortable and comfortable. Free models with long sleeves can be worn with elegant trousers, jeans, classic style trousers. White shirts, shades of ayvori and bright models fit well with suits, warm jackets, raincoats.

White shirt in combination with a strict business suit looks great. This option looks great at business meetings, as well as at festive events. This season offers a wide range of men's shirts.

Any man or a young man can pick up what suits him according to his figure. Various images on products, models and color shades amaze with the variety. The designers did a lot to give this subject a men's wardrobe unique and original style.

Men's white shirt will look great with a cardigan. This model of the product can perfectly suit for work in the office. If you put on a white shirt with an elegant jacket, you can go to a cafe and nightclub in the evening.

Fashionable beautiful shirts are presented in new collections of couturiers. Men's shirts are now an indispensable element of elegant style, they can be supplemented with a butterfly, a tie. Shirts with a vertical and horizontal strip are suitable for business suits. They are also subject to certain requirements. All of them are made without any additional elements or have only one pocket. The collar can be small, such a model can be worn with a tie.

Original models

Fashionable shirt, depending on the color or style, you can wear in any case of life: for a business meeting or a celebration, to meet friends.

Classic style polo shirt will help in creating an original refined image. This model will give your style lightness and will perfectly match with the business suit. The fitted shirts are well combined with stylish trousers. To create a fashionable image the most successful will be a free style and cut.

In 2017, especially popular are models of products with a V-neck, pockets and original clasps. Stylish and beautiful will look like products made of knitted fabric and models made in the form of a jacket.

Shirts for every day are made with a free design. All sorts of decorative elements, cuffs, collar linings help create an elegant image and bring a twist to the style of the selected set. Men's shirts are in a small cage, striped, with beautiful patterns. They can be harmoniously combined with any kind of clothing, they will help create an original look.

Fashion designers offer a choice of products from denim and soft soft silk. The whole assortment is divided into everyday variants, business models and evening party products. For the city for every day, the products are perfectly suitable for a cage, for the winter you can choose a flannel shirt, and for the summer - cotton. Denim this season offers a variety of options.

This year, mixing of different styles in one thing is applied. For example, a loose shirt with a pattern can perfectly match with a tight collar, cuffs and pockets. Such models of products look stylish. The model of the release looks most relevant this year, and it is also worn in multi-layered kits.

Game of color

One of the popular variants is a white shirt. Shirts of darker colors are also found in collections quite often. Red, blue, burgundy shirts will not be ignored by mods.

  • Modern designers created a collection of men's shirts in the style of the 80's. Here the main role is played by the color decision of the shirt. Turquoise and emerald, violet, bright and solid shirts will be relevant in this season.

  • Neutral shades of beige, gray, mint, blue and light pink shades are suitable for creating a romantic and elegant image of a young man. The shirt is an important part of the stylish men's wardrobe.
  • Also great will look all kinds of prints on the material, which are complemented by a bright male tie in the autumn-winter season of 2017.

Every young man wants to have a shirt in his wardrobe, which is distinguished by an exquisite style, design, quality of the material. Popular models are products with various prints, decoration.

The shirt in the cage has also become fashionable this year, with the cell can be any size

Products with an animal print, with "zebra", simple patterns or peas look original. Geometric figures are often used for decoration. Exquisite prints, which are made in the form of plants, flowers, were also seen in collections of men's shirts.

How to choose a fashionable shirt

Distinguish the following popular types of shirts:

  • The soft fabric and the original weaving of yarns is known to all the classic men's shirt. It is made of natural materials( eg cotton) without the addition of other fabrics. The shirt has a tight collar, since the classic is designed for business environments. To her fits elegant style tie. In order to maintain the shape of the collar, insert the plates inside. The bottom of the shirt in the classical style has a curved shape. Such models of products do not contain a lot of pockets. Popular shades this year are white, blue. Some models have a low-key image.
  • The sports shirt is made of durable material. In this case, all sorts of shades are selected, there is a picture. This shirt has several pockets and various elements.

By the look of the cut, men's products are divided into 2 types:

  • a loose-cut shirt that is perfect for men prone to fattening;
  • shirt fit type will look great on those men who follow their shape and are actively involved in sports.

In order for to choose the right shirt, first of all it is recommended to pay attention to the length and shape of the product. For example, if the product has a long bottom, then it must be worn by refilling in jeans. If the bottom of the shirt is round, then it should be worn out.

A well-fitting shirt is best for free wearing. Almost all shirts are suitable for jeans, except for products of a strict cut with long sleeves. But this model can also be worn under jeans, while it is necessary to unbutton the upper buttons, and the sleeves at the same roll.

Stylish jeans and a shirt with long sleeves will perfectly fit with a jacket or jacket. If the product is decorated with a print, then it is best to wear it. Stylish jeans of black or blue look great with a shirt with any image and color. Jeans of a blue shade will be perfectly combined with a clean-white shirt.

If you prefer men's polo shirts, you should pay attention to the length, it can be lower than the pelvis.

Fashionable men's polo shirts allow you to look elegant and original for a walk, while relaxing or playing sports.

Every man can choose the right shirt both in design and in color. All models allow you to be attractive, comfortable and comfortable in your choice of clothes.

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