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    With the problem of tight shoes, which presses and not only causes terrible discomfort, but also terribly rubs, everyone in his life came across. Most people are painfully, but patiently wear tight shoes, waiting for when it will stretch itself. But there are many ways and useful tips how to carry shoes that press, and with their help you can make your new shoes or shoes comfortable quickly and completely without suffering.

    Simple Effective Methods of

    You should probably start with the simplest methods, which will require you minimum of effort and time, but also some material costs.

    Pass the shoes for stretching

    Quickly carry shoes to help the master. Simply hand over brand new shoes or shoes to the most ordinary workshop, which is full in every city, and there they will quickly stretch to the desired size. At the same time, there is no damage to the shoes, but the master can refuse to work. It all depends on the material: shoes made of genuine leather will be taken without any problems, but a couple of kozhzam may not be taken, especially if it is not very high quality.

    The work is carried out using a special stretcher, it will be possible to pick up shoes in 1-2 days, and you will have to spend 300 to 500 rubles.

    Stretch with a special spray

    Spray or foam can be bought immediately along with the shoes, as similar products are offered in almost any shoe store. The cost of the spray is not so great - up to 300 rubles, but the efficiency may pleasantly surprise. Apply it to the place where it most presses or rubs. Can be used both inside and outside, only in the second case it is first necessary to apply the product on a small area of ​​the material to check if it does not damage the paint.

    After handling, new shoes should be worn and walked in it until completely dry. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure a little later.

    The product effectively stretches the shoes without causing any harm to it.

    Extensions for shoes

    To distribute tight shoes at home, you can purchase special expanders - devices that repeat the outline of the foot. They are made of natural wood or metal, complemented by a multitude of holes in which you can insert screws and other devices to change the shape of shoes under the features of your feet.

    You can find them in the wardrobe goods department or order on the Internet. There are special expanders for men's shoes and shoes and for women. One device is suitable for both the left and right legs, and although expensive( from 500 to 2500 rubles), but it serves a very long time and will stretch you more than one pair of shoes.

    The stretching will take from one to several days. The most effective and fastest working device in the company with a special spray.

    For those who still want to avoid unnecessary costs and are willing to sacrifice time and make their own efforts, invented a lot of folk ways that will help to quickly distribute tight shoes.

    It should be remembered that the better the material, the easier it is to stretch completely without damage. Spreading leather shoes is much easier than making shoes or shoes from artificial leather more comfortable.

    Poor-quality material is not only poorly stretched, but also easily damaged, and you risk irrevocably ruining a new thing.

    Stretching with water and freezer

    You will need: a pair of dense cellophane bags, ordinary tap water and a refrigerator with a freezer. You need to do the following:

    1. Fill the bag with water and place it inside the shoe.
    2. Firmly tie up the bag, put the shoes with water bags in the freezer.
    3. Wait 8-10 hours and get your shoes back.
    Frozen water, turning into ice, expands and easily stretches new shoes.

    Stretching with socks

    To carry shoes from genuine leather, you will need the thickest woolen socks and hair dryer.

    You need to do the following:

    1. Put your toes on your feet and try to squeeze them into shoes that tighten.
    2. Those areas where the legs are most tightly heated by hot air from the dryer for 20-30 seconds.
    3. As soon as the shoes or shoes get warm, leave them on their feet until they are completely cool.
    4. Repeat the procedure if necessary until you achieve the desired result.
    5. As soon as the size suits you, put on the skin a special conditioner that will moisturize it after a long drying with a hair dryer.
    Important! When heating the model shoes, be as careful as possible and do not overdo it, because the high temperature can loosen the adhesive joints.

    Stretching with alcohol or vinegar

    For this method, any alcohol-containing liquid( the best option is cheap vodka) or a vinegar solution is suitable. With these you need to do the following:

    1. Wipe thoroughly or soak the inside of the shoes with alcohol or vinegar.
    2. Wear tight socks, pull the shoe to your feet.
    3. Walk in the shoes of the house for at least 1 hour, and then remove.
    4. Wash shoes from the inside with a solution of soap to remove an unpleasant odor.

    How to stretch tight shoes - video

    Stretching with boiling water

    You can also grow tight shoes with hot water, from which it easily stretches, becomes softer and takes on the necessary shape. But with a test of hot water can only cope with genuine leather. Leatherette, most likely, immediately lose its attractive appearance.

    To spread narrow shoes with boiling water it is possible as follows:

    1. Sew shoes or shoes with hot boiling water from the inside.
    2. Drain and allow them to cool slightly.
    3. Put on your shoes and wear until it is completely dry.
    4. If the result does not satisfy you, repeat the procedure again.

    Stretching with potatoes

    Safely carry artificial shoes, shoes or sneakers will help the most ordinary potatoes. You just need to do the following:

    1. Take a couple of large potatoes and peel them.
    2. Place the potatoes in the shoes so that they are cramped there, and they even stick out a little.
    3. Leave overnight, and in the morning remove the potatoes and wipe the shoes from inside with a damp cloth.

    Stretching with newspapers

    Another tip, how to distribute shoes from artificial materials without risking it to spoil, concerns the use of wet newspapers.

    1. Take a lot of newspapers and small-fine them.
    2. Fill the newspaper with water so that it becomes wet and swollen.
    3. With the received porridge, fill the shoes as tightly as possible.
    4. Leave to dry for a couple of days. But the shoes must dry naturally, away from the heaters!

    You can just wet the shoes inside the water, fill them tightly with newspaper clots and leave it overnight. If necessary, repeat the procedure a couple of times.

    Stretching with grain

    To do this you will need oat flakes or any other grain( croup) that swells when getting wet.

    1. Fill them with shoes.
    2. Pour water to reach the grain level, and leave it overnight.
    3. The increased size of the grain will stretch the shoes, so in the morning get the weight, wipe the shoes with a cloth and put on.
    4. Wear until the shoes are dry.

    All these methods are extremely simple and effective, but do not rely on the miracle and try to make 43 out of size 40. The expansion occurs predominantly in width and a little in length, so stretching at home will help only if the shoes are tight or slightly tight infingers.

    It's important to remember!

    In order not to torture your feet in uncomfortable shoes, do not worry about how to carry shoes, you need to be more careful in choosing a new shoe. To do this, just follow these tips:

    • , buy shoes only after you have tried it on, because, although your size, the new thing may be too narrow for you or uncomfortable, and some manufacturers "do not measure too much";
    • pay attention to the quality of the material and workmanship;
    • buy shoes after dinner or in the evening when the legs are already slightly swollen, otherwise if you feel any swelling of the legs you will feel uncomfortable;
    • when trying on new shoes or shoes, do not just put them on their feet, but also go around them in the shop to make sure that you feel comfortable in them;
    • study the standards of shoes sizes for different countries to avoid mistakes, buying shoes, for example, on the Internet;
    • is extremely cautious about buying shoes through the Internet and choose only those stores where you can easily return the goods if it does not suit you;
    • if the shoes need a big stretch and you feel it already during the fitting, do not expect that you will manage to somehow carry it, but do not take it at all or take a bigger one;
    • if strongly stuffs a foot back, then grate it from the inside with a piece of soap or a candle, this procedure should be repeated several times a day until the shoe stops causing inconvenience;
    • if you are already sure beforehand that the shoes will have to be worn, buy in the store special soft strips that are glued from the inside and protect the legs from excess friction, preventing the appearance of ill-fated callouses.

    Beautiful, but tight shoes or stamping boots - this is not a problem when there are so many effective tips how to carry shoes. Now you can quickly rid yourself of suffering by using one of the methods suggested above.

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