Cardiope for weight loss - how much and how to run

To combat obesity in the modern world, a lot of methods, trainings, diets have been developed. But cardiobeg for weight loss remains invariably the most effective and affordable way to get rid of excess kilograms. In order to run training not fatigue, and positive emotions and the desired result, it is necessary to know all the necessary rules and contra-indications, and most importantly to develop a run schedule and count calories burned.

  • Influence on the body
  • Rules for the beginner
  • How to run
  • Plan for the week
  • For burning calories
  • Contraindications

Effect on the body

Daily running training can have a positive effect on the entire human body thus:

  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system. During the running, palpitation considerably increases, accordingly at this time all muscles are in a load and for this account all small vessels are cleared. Thanks to this chain, blood access to all organs occurs many times faster. And the accelerated process of circulation, in turn, cleans the body by increasing all its metabolic processes.

  • Enrichment of the body with oxygen. Proper breathing during running increases lung ventilation and increases their volume. All cells of the body are actively enriched with oxygen.
  • The correct work of the digestive system. Regular running training stimulates the work of the intestines, improves the work of the stomach and pancreas. All congestion in the bile canals is cleared, and regular running interferes with the development of cholelithiasis. Normal operation of the liver.
  • Strengthening of the musculoskeletal system. When running all the muscles are actively functioning. Running prevents the development of blockage of capillaries, the development of muscle tissue atrophy.
  • Positive effect on a person's mental state. Daily running classes will bring to life a more active process of endorphin - a pleasure hormone that can muffle the emergence, despondency, stress and aggression.
  • Running helps to lose weight. Daily systematic loads of the muscular system cause the body to look for a new source of energy, and because of its absence, these loads will gradually destroy the accumulation of excess fat.
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Rules for the beginner

If a beginner wants to start running for weight loss, he needs to learn a number of mandatory and uncontested rules:

  • Initial jogging should be at least 2 times a week. Ideal version of jogging for weight loss - 5 days a week.
  • Power. If running is aimed at losing weight, then the amount burned by running calories should exceed the value of daily food. To count calories, there are special mobile applications and various tables.
  • One training run should not last less than 60 minutes. If during this period sharply becomes uncomfortable or the heart rate becomes much more frequent, it is necessary to pass to calm walking, but never to stop completely.
  • Breathing. During the run it is necessary to breathe only with your nose and exhale with your mouth. This technique reduces the respiratory rate and improves lung ventilation.
  • Speed. We must run to the best of our ability, and rest in a calm step. The trained person is recommended to run at a speed of 6-8 kilometers per hour.
  • Warm up. Before the start of the race, it is necessary to perform a warm-up for all muscle groups, in order to avoid injuries and strains.
  • Hitching. After running it is recommended to do stretching.

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How much to run

To get rid of excess weight with the help of cross-country training, you need to use the weekly schedule and a table on the rules of burning calories.

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Week plan for the week

For the five-day slimming sessions, the following table is suitable for running.

Days of the week Warm up Main part Final part
Monday 5 minutes warm-up for all muscle groups and 10 minutes of fast walking. 20 minutes of running at an average pace. 10 minutes of running at a calm pace or 10 minutes of walking at a speed of 5.5-6 kilometers per hour plus a 5-minute hitch.
Tuesday 10 minutes warm-up for all muscle groups. 30 minutes of fast walking at a speed of 5.5-6 kilometers per hour. Hitching in the form of stretching on all muscle groups.
Wednesday 5 minutes warm-up for all muscle groups and 10 minutes of fast walking. Interval run for 20 minutes: alternate the pace, where 2 minutes of fast running and 3 moderate. 10 minutes walk at a speed of 5.5-6 kilometers per hour plus a 5-minute hitch.
Thursday 10 minutes warm-up for all muscle groups. 30 minutes of fast walking at a speed of 5.5-6 kilometers per hour. Hitch in the form of stretching on all muscle groups.
Friday 5 minutes warm-up for all muscle groups and 10 minutes of fast walking. 30 minutes of cross-country running at a moderate pace. 10 minutes of late walking, which can be alternated with stretching exercises.

It's worth spending the weekend in the mode of rest. But to maintain the tone, you can perform a morning warm-up and walk a day for 30-40 minutes at a speed of 5-6 kilometers per hour.

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For calorie burning

loading. ..

To determine your achievements in running and wasting calories this table is suitable:

Motor activity( consumption of calories per hour) per 1 kg of weight per 80 kg of weight per 70 kgweight for 60 kg of weight for 50 kg of weight
Running( 9 km / h) 9.6 768 672 574 480
Cross-country running( 8-9 km / h) 10.2 816 714 612 510
Running( 8 km / h) 8.3 664 581 498 415
Sportswalking( 6,5-7,5 km / h) 6,5 520 455 390 325
Walking( 6 km / h) 4,8 384 336 288 240
Hiking( 4 km / h) 3,2 256 224 192 160
Walking tourspeed 4.2 km / h) 3,1 248 217 186 155
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Do not resort to running training if:

  • Stroke or heart attack has been rescheduled.
  • Arrhythmia is developed.
  • Circulatory disturbance.
  • There is congenital or acquired heart disease.
  • There are serious diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Chronic hypertension is developed.
  • The period of exacerbation of any chronic diseases is active in the body.
  • There are problems with the spine and joints.
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