Boot days during a diet

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More and more people trying to lose weight, turn their attention not to folk methods, the effectiveness of which is in question, but on the approach of professional athletes. It is they who have modern diets and have adopted a method such as loading during a diet.

The use of boot days means that a person who is on a diet, from time to time, allows himself to consume a large number of calories for one or several consecutive days, and then returns to the previous diet. Why do this?

What are the boot days for

? The fact is that the human body has phenomenal adaptive abilities. This means that any diet will eventually stop working, as the body will simply get used to it. The standard solution in this situation is an attempt to accelerate the metabolism through fractional nutrition. But what if it was already present from the beginning of the diet? And the body still was able to adapt and limit the burning of subcutaneous fat? In this case, the so-called download is used.

Within 24-48 hours a person starts consuming a large number of calories. The organism perceives such a change as the end of the diet. And since the stress is behind, then there is no point in slowing the metabolism.

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After the download is completed, the standard diet continues. Because of the newly accelerated metabolism, fat burning for some time is more active. Thus it is possible to deceive your body for some time. Because of this, the method of downloading was called cheating, which in English means cheating.

Rules for boot days during the

diet Before taking on the technique of cheating, you need to clarify a number of important points.

  1. Products to download. A boot day does not mean you have to start eating everything. A large number of carbohydrates should be obtained from products with a low fat content. Excellent porridge and some fruits. In no case can not eat fast carbohydrates.
  2. Download duration. Depending on the level of preparation and duration of the diet, loading can last up to several days. For ordinary people, a diet of one day will be more than enough.
  3. Periodicity. Cheating should not be a one-time phenomenon during a diet. To achieve maximum efficiency, you need to use this technique periodically. The best option is once or twice a week.

Using boot days, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of the diet. The physical and moral state of a person will be much better, since from time to time he will receive a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. As a result, cheating will achieve better results with less effort.

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