Wedding in shades of blue - chic and symbolic

  • Which shade to choose?
  • Dresses for a white and blue wedding
  • Wedding bouquet for a bride
  • Wedding accessories for a blue ceremony
  • Extra decoration for a celebration

Color wedding is an ideal option for an unusual and original holiday. If you want a stylish and noble wedding, you can choose as the main theme of the ceremony a blue tint that is suitable for almost everyone. In the article for you are collected ideas of wedding design in blue. These shades are suitable for a holiday anywhere, regardless of the weather.

Which shade to choose?

If you decide to choose the main color of the ceremony blue - be ready for a happy marriage. Even in the times of our ancestors, this color was associated with luck and well-being. Blue symbolizes things that are important in any union: eternal love, constancy and loyalty. In addition, its shades affect people in different ways. So which shade is best for a wedding in blue?

  1. Marine. It is deeper and darker. At the celebration it is best to use it as a color accent. Harmonizes with pure white, ideal for creating a wedding in white and blue. To soften the palette, you need to add a pale pink to the design( you can use it in colors).
  2. Ultramarine and cobalt. Saturated and invigorating shades. It goes well with gentle tones, but if you plan to surprise the guests, use orange or purple palettes.
  3. Royal blue. Symbol of style and wealth. It goes well with white, brownish-gray or beige.
  4. Violet-blue. A hint of indigo color especially for conservative girls. Suitable for accessories of gray tones.
Blue in its interpretation perfectly matches with pleasant shades of blue and chocolate colors.
A light green tones will give a shade of sophistication and lightness to a saturated blue. Young and energetic couple should pay attention to the contrast of blue, yellow and orange. Peach and gold are perfect for celebrations in an aristocratic style.

Dresses for white and blue wedding

All the guests' attention at the celebration is directed primarily to the newlyweds. The bride's dress and groom's costume are the main attributes of the holiday. We bring to your attention tips that will help you choose the right outfit and give a unique image to your celebration:

  • to strengthen a beautiful marine shade can be with the help of a bright belt and scarf around the neck, the color of accessories should be in harmony with the dress and bouquet of the bride;
  • to the cocky and self-confident men will approach a suit of heavenly or light blue color, which is combined with a pink or beige shirt;
  • on the groom will look nice cornflower blue jacket and the same color shoes, trousers and accessories must be performed in a different tone( black or white);
  • stylists recommend to refrain from full immersion in color - the shades must be combined;
  • the bride can pick up a luxurious Victorian dress, a snow-white outfit with a blue embroidery along the hem, a light chocolate dress with nice blue accessories - the choice is big enough;
  • brave girls dresses are saturated blue, very popular recently are sapphire and blue-royal palettes;
  • if you are not ready for experiments, it will be enough to choose a blue accessory: belt, ribbon, bow;
  • style does not matter - choose the model you need to your taste;
  • for giving alongside a fabulousness it is possible to use a diadem or silver ornaments;
  • do not forget about shoes - blue shoes can become an unusual highlight of your image, they have long been a classic of the genre;
  • to draw attention to the feet and shoes, choose a short dress or a model with a lush skirt;
  • incomplete will seem a wedding image without proper make-up: in blue it blends with any shade of hair;
  • use waterproof blue ink, eyeliner or eyeliner, lipstick is better to choose traditional colors.

Wedding bouquet for the bride

The main flowers at the wedding celebration are a bouquet of the bride. If you yourself are the wedding decorator, remember the main rule: the bouquet should not merge with the dress. Choose an average in size - not too large to be comfortable to hold in your hands, and not too small, so that it is not lost on the background of wedding decorations. All the rest - only at your discretion.

  • If the celebration falls on the spring or summer, florists advise to choose crocuses, violets, phlox, forget-me-nots or small cornflowers for a bouquet. For beauty, you can dilute them with summer greens.
  • For the ceremony in the cold season it is necessary to choose frost-resistant flowers, for example, lilies with blue stems winding or sapphire roses, to decorate the bouquet with cones or holly.
  • Cheerful girls suitable composition with the addition of orange. In the bouquet gerberas and asters are used.

The blue bouquet is the decoration center of the ceremony. This shade goes well with white wedding dresses. The flowers from which the composition is made must be on the tables. If you want to wear a dress of pure blue, for the bouquet suitable combination of compositions with white or pink hues. Remember that too bright elements will switch attention from the dress to yourself.

Wedding accessories for the blue ceremony

If you decide to make blue the main color of the wedding, it should be present throughout the design. The white dress is perfect for catching blue ornaments - ribbons, bows, fashionable pendants, elegant bracelets and beautiful earrings will give the image a completeness and emphasize the basic style of the holiday. You can choose engagement rings for the theme of the ceremony - silver and platinum, adorned with sapphires, will do.

For invitations use blue or blue paper with light text and marine drawings - so they will look very beautiful and original. Think of the design of the invitations in the form of old scrolls, which are tied with bright blue ribbons. For a more modest celebration, you can limit yourself to ordinary postcards with the image of flowers, for example, forget-me-nots.

Banquet cards can be placed in small vases with sand. Inflate and attach to the chairs a beautiful balloons of soft blue. The table is decorated with nice cornflower-blue napkins that will shade a snow-white tablecloth. The table is served with a chic blue service. Think about decorating the walls with blue satin ribbons.

A pleasant surprise for guests will be bonbonniere, which in French means "elegant candy boxes".This is a good gift for guests to attend the celebration. You can decorate them in a light blue tonality, fill with cookies, sweets or seasonal berries.

Do not forget about the wedding cake - it is usually poured with a bright blue glaze, decorates with patterns and figures or puts on a delicacy two small soft blue figures of a happy couple.

Additional decoration of the celebration

In addition to the outfits of the groom and the bride, creating a bouquet and choosing accessories, you need to come up with an unusual idea for decorating the whole celebration. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with several variants of interesting options.

  1. Wedding in a marine style. Blue and blue are the colors of the sea. The classical version is the harmony of dark blue and white. Decorate the restaurant or cafe with marine attributes - sails, ships and anchors. A dark blue dress is suitable for the witness. For a beach wedding use cobalt or ultramarine palettes, as well as golden shades.
  2. Winter fairy-tale celebration. Combine royal blue with silver shades. As a decor, use Swarovski crystals or shiny rhinestones. Invitational and banquet cards can be decorated with winter patterns. In the style of harmoniously fit decorations in the form of snowflakes or small snowmen.
  3. Red and blue wedding. A win-win option for decorating the room is draping with a cloth that can be made in a red and blue style. Combine red flowers on tables and in a bouquet of the bride, accessories of a red tone in a dress of witnesses.
  4. Provence. A calm and light background will provide a dusty gray and a muted blue color. Decorators complement the style with delicate pink flowers, transparent vases and pearl textiles. The witness and friends of the groom can be dressed in similar shirts and pick up identical ties or kerchiefs for their pockets to give the triumph harmonious.

There are many options for decorating your wedding room in a blue style. This color is quite restrained, it fits almost everyone, and combinations of blue with others create unusual and fashionable wedding palettes.

All shades of blue are beautiful and elegantly look at any wedding celebration.
We hope that the advice we provide will help you create a unique and original style of your marriage. We wish you a pleasant preparation for the ceremony and a memorable wedding!
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