Products that help protect against colds

The end of winter is the time of colds and increased incidence of respiratory diseases. In this season, you need to take better care of your health. In winter, experts advise you to consume a lot of fiber, regularly visit the gym and pool, so that the body, accustomed to the loads, resist infection, and optimize their diet.

Products that can fight the

viruses Just a few simple supplements used in the diet in the midst of an epidemic can reduce a person's chances of spending two weeks on a sick leave. The champion in the content of vitamin C is lemon. Known for its antibacterial properties and its natural ability to purify liver cells, the lemon will rise to protect the body before the disease.

  • Cinnamon is generally known as a food supplement. It can alleviate pain, and also resist colds. Thanks to its warming effect, cinnamon stimulates blood circulation and relieves the body of toxins.
  • Ginger, which is famous for lovers of sushi, is traditionally used for the treatment of sore throat, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, has rightfully proved itself as a powerful preventive against viruses. Ginger, added to warm food, will have an even more positive effect on the body.
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  • Ordinary honey can create a barrier to infection in the human body. It is honey that contains enzymes and antibacterial substances that lose their value in the process of honey processing, for this reason physicians are advised to use it often and in small amounts in winter to protect against viruses. Do not put honey in hot tea: many of its nutrients will be destroyed, and a significant part of the medicinal properties will be lost. It is better to use it in a snack.
  • One of the most effective plants for the prevention of influenza, which has come to Europe from the North American continent is Echinacea. That's why her extract is consumed with tea or drunk in tablets, tinctures, both during colds and for prevention. The stems and leaves of Echinacea contain various substances that can activate the body's defenses at the right time.
  • Garlic will help prevent an impending disease, just a few denticles a day will increase immunity and help protect against colds.
  • As an additional tool, you can use a decoction of chamomile to rinse your throat if the cold has already begun.
  • The population is vaccinated against the flu every year. Doctors believe that this is the best protection against influenza strains for children and adults. Therefore, if you do not have contraindications, it is worthwhile to vaccinate before the beginning of the autumn-winter period.

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