How to prepare a vitamin drink for the winter

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Summer and early autumn are the time of active harvesting for the winter. Careful housewives cook jam and salt cucumbers, dry mushrooms and sauerkraut. And you can also prepare a vitamin drink for the winter.

Why drink?

Because it will fit and please everyone, especially children of any age. It is very useful, contains a minimum of ingredients, and its preparation will be surprisingly easy and simple.

In our time, a few housewives trouble themselves with the preparations of products for the winter. Why burden yourself, waste time, if hypermarkets offer a huge assortment of vegetables fresh, pickled, salted. Fruits and berries, too, for every taste and for any purpose: if you want, frozen or already in the form of confiture, jam or jelly. And all kinds of drinks - just the sea. But sometimes a few jars of something exclusive, prepared according to a secret recipe, will create an image of the original mistress for you.

In the conditions of modern apartments it is difficult to find a secluded corner, where you could put several self-packed jars. Or maybe they should not be hidden? Close the lid with gift wrapping paper, tie it with a beautiful ribbon - ready decor for your kitchen shelf. Yes, let the lid be just a piece of rough, crumpled paper, tied with string, the contents of the jar will still attract the eye and create a sense of home comfort, peace and love. After all, it is expressing love for your loved ones, we try to feed them more deliciously.

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And one more important point - while preserving the recipes of home canning, we preserve the history of our family, its traditions, the memory of those who taught us this.

Recipe for a vitamin drink for the winter

So, we will need:

  • two clean( not even sterilized) glass jars: 3-liter and 0.5-liter,
  • any fresh berries,
  • sugar and citric acid,
  • boiling water.

Let's proceed:

  1. In a 0.5 liter jar, collect or put some berries with a slide. So you determine the right amount.
  2. Pour the berries into a colander and rinse in cold water.
  3. After the water drains, pour the berries into a 3-liter jar.
  4. There also put 300 g of sugar and a teaspoon( without top) of citric acid.
  5. Fill with steep boiling water( you can directly from the kettle), roll it with a metal lid and turn it upside down.

Everything! No sterilization!

After a few days, the drink will mature. But it is better to open it in the winter, and you will be surprised at how tasty it is, fragrant and, undoubtedly, useful. After all, the berries were subjected to minimal heat treatment, hence, they gave the drink all the vitamins and aroma. Due to a small dose of citric acid, the drink is perfectly stored even in a warm room. By the way, all organizations that control the quality of food products, citric acid as a preservative is recognized as safe for health.

It's so easy and fast! Be sure to give your friends a try and tell them the prescription for a vitamin drink for the winter. Share generously, let people also eat deliciously and correctly!

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