• PAUL MITCHELL A set for laminating hair( cold technology).

Laminating products from Paul Mitchell are gaining popularity, they give the hair an amazing shine and provide long care and protection. After treatment with colorless INK Works hair all over the surface are covered with a thin shell, which provides protection from the environment and gives a brilliant shine. It is important to note that a thin microfilm that covers the hair does not clog them. Hair as a result look incredibly shiny, acquire volume and elasticity.

Particularly suitable procedure for laminating funds from Paul Mitchell in summer vacation, when the hair is exposed to salt water and sun. So, the film blocking the exit of moisture and proteins will protect them from damage, so after the holiday your hair will not become brittle and dull, but will remain the same strong, healthy and shiny.

Laminating tools from Paul Mitchell allow you to make your hair more bulky and thick. In this case, the staining procedure can be performed as often as required. Hair does not suffer at all, on the contrary, lamination has a very beneficial effect on the structure. It lasts for about 3-6 weeks, is washed off gradually, therefore, there can not be any grown roots during lamination.

If desired, you can dye your hair colorless to simply give them shine, or you can paint them using any shade you like. In addition, it is very good to make lamination after the usual persistent staining, in this case the color will become more saturated and last longer. To carry out lamination with means from Paul Mitchell it is possible on hair with any degree of damage, this procedure for thin and fragile hair is especially useful.

The question that usually worries the most is whether it damages the health of the hair?

  • This is not only an absolutely harmless, but also a useful procedure. Typically, as a means for laminating hair in many brands, a colorless hair dye based on natural ingredients is used, which does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
  • The composition of the INK Works laminating product of the American brand Paul Mitchell is based on hydrolyzed wheat protein, which has an antioxidant effect, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, while penetrating deeply into the barrel of the hair, sealing it.
  • Contained phytoextracts of Roman chamomile, yarrow, hops have anti-inflammatory and hormone-like substances that have a curative effect on the hair, promote their growth.
  • INK Works is a viscous liquid without color and odor, it is hypoallergenic and does not contain preservatives. The product envelops each hair without gluing them, fills all irregularities in the structure of the hair, thereby preventing further trauma to the hair. As a result of lamination with INK Works, the hair becomes elastic and smooth, and their thickness and total volume increase by 10%.In addition, INK Works provides an anti-static effect, protects hair during heat treatment, facilitates stacking.

And suddenly the composition will get on the scalp, will not it block the access of oxygen, as it happens because of products containing low-quality silicone?

INK Works has an air-permeable coating for hair. A silicone, especially poor-quality, in its composition there.

How often can I do this procedure and are there any contraindications?

  • The optimal interval between repeating the procedure for hair lamination is 3 weeks. You can, of course, more often, but this simply does not make sense. The product is not intended for accumulation. How often you would not cover your hair, their diameter will increase only by 10%.As for contraindications, they are not in principle. The only thing that lamination is not recommended to do on the hair is very dense, usually Asian structure due to the fact that they themselves are thick. The excessive volume in this version is the case when "the best is the enemy of the good."

PAUL MITCHELL Set for laminating hair( cold technology).

To obtain a qualitative result from the lamination of hair, it is necessary to observe the accuracy of the procedure technology.


  • Shampoo Two PAUL MITCHELL 300 ml - Shampoo for deep cleansing. Perfectly cleans. Gives volume and deep shine.
  • Hair Repair Treatment PAUL MITCHELL 200 ml - Mask for hair restoration. Gives strength, elasticity and shine. Reconstructs the scaly layer of the hair.
  • Therapeutic remedy for hair unraveling The Detangler PAUL MITCHELL 300 ml - Conditioner for unraveling long and "complex" hair, for hair that has undergone permanent treatment. It gives the hair a special elasticity and softness, antistatic effect, protects against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Laminating gel Inkworks PAUL MITCHELL 125 ml - The product envelops every hair without gluing them, fills any irregularities in the structure of the hair, thereby preventing further trauma to the hair.

COLORS for Laminate Inkworks PAUL MITCHELL 125 ml:

  • Clear - Transparent
  • Black - Black
  • Orange - Orange
  • Neon Orange - Neon Orange
  • Red - Red
  • & Ne; Neon Red - Neon Red
  • Blue - Blue
  • Purple - purple
  • Yellow-yellow & lt;
  • Hot Pink - hot pink
  • Green - green

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