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Brogues are equally popular among the beautiful half of humanity and among men. However, this type of footwear does not fit all styles of clothing, so you need to know what can be worn with the brogs, so that the image will turn out harmonious and natural.

What kind of shoes are these?

Brogues are demi-season shoes with perforations. They can be both male and female, both with an open lacing, and with a closed one. It is worth noting that in 2017, as in the past year, the brags are present in the fashion collections of many designers with a world-wide reputation.

The presented type of footwear is characterized by such qualities:

  • Cut-off toe of various configurations( most often semicircular).
  • Perforation in the form of an openwork pattern that can decorate the toe or side seams of the product.
  • Lacing.
  • Low, wide heels, which provides shoe comfort when wearing.

It is customary to distinguish the following varieties of this shoe:

  1. Complete brogues, the entire surface of which is covered with an elegant and neat pattern in the hole. The mouse is detachable and has a shape that looks like the Latin letter "W".
  2. The half-bregs have a straight seam that separates the perforations located on the cut-off toe. In addition, this model is characterized by the presence of perforated seams, which are located around the perimeter, as well as a characteristic pattern on the toe, which is commonly called a medallion.
  3. Fourth brogues have a neat perforation, located along the seams of the product. At the same time, there is no characteristic perforated medallion pattern.

The first two of the above mentioned types can be worn exclusively with items of the wardrobe, which are attributed to the casual style. The latter look can also be combined with business and classic clothing, as the fourth brags are decorated with a minimal amount of perforation and look almost like conventional classic shoes.

Brogi can be safely worn in the summer, as well as warm in spring and early autumn. Due to the presence of perforation, the legs breathe and do not sweat in them.

Brogi also come in thick and thin soles. The first option is more characteristic for female models than for male models. The second is more common and convenient.

How to wear

To properly choose what to wear with the brags, you need to pay attention to the recommendations of stylists:

  • Thanks to the presence of perforation, the brogues look quite informally. Therefore, you should not wear them with strict suits. Combine with similar items of clothing can only quarter brags.
  • This kind of footwear can be safely combined with wardrobe items made in the style of kazhual.
  • Brogues are great for various informal occasions, such as going to friends, shopping, traveling, visiting a nightclub, a cafe or a restaurant.
  • Brogues are summer shoes, so it is not recommended to wear them with socks. This kind of footwear is worn often on bare feet.

What to wear for women's brogues

Men's wardrobe items are quite popular among women. For example, the brags were originally male shoes, but thanks to the attention of women, many designers have adapted this type of shoes to the female audience.

As a rule, women's brogues sew from such materials as genuine leather, high-quality suede or eco-leather. They can be of different colors and shades: red, black, blue, green, yellow, white, brown, etc.

Well combined with the following items of the wardrobe:

  • . Shortened trousers with a tight silhouette. Since perforation is the main virtue of brogues, it is not necessary to hide it in any case. Shortened trousers or capers will help to emphasize the beauty and elegance of the presented kind of footwear. The image can be supplemented with a stylish blouse or shirt with a light shade.
  • Jeans-skinny, T-shirt and sweatshirt. Note that the brags are originally intended for use in everyday life, as they are characterized by convenience and practicality. Therefore, the ideal option will be a combination of this type of shoes with comfortable jeans.
  • Straight trousers, chiffon blouse and fitted jacket. Although the brogues do not belong to the category of official and business shoes, they can be combined with some items of the business style wardrobe.
  • With shorts of any style. Such a garment perfectly combines with the bugs. At the same time he does not hide their main advantage - elegant perforation. The image can be supplemented with a light blouse and scarf made of a thin and airy material.
  • Short skirts of simple cut. Add a similar image can be an elegant blouse without sleeves, tucked into a skirt.
  • Monophonic dresses designed for everyday use. With the brags harmoniously look products that are longer than the knees.
  • Jeans-boyfriends, decorated with neat cuts and bent at the bottom. Using this combination, you can create a stylish and fashionable image. To complement the presented ensemble will allow an elegant white blouse and jacket, which has the same tone as shoes.
  • Dress-shirt with belt on belt. It is advisable to select brown crossbred products made of blue denim. The belt is best chosen made of brown leather.
  • Black short skirt, dark knitted cardigan of medium length, white blouse. This ensemble looks harmoniously with the brags executed in black and white.

With what to wear to men

Men's brogues are ideally combined with jeans, casual jackets of simple cut and shirts. In addition, this kind of footwear is very nice and harmonious with warm parks, stylish pullovers, knitted cardigans, sweaters of different cuts and tweed jackets.

When choosing clothes that can be worn with brags, men should pay attention to the following tips of stylists:

  • This kind of shoe should not be combined with too narrow trousers or jeans. Such a combination will visually increase the length of the foot, as a result of which the image will look very ridiculous.
  • Brogi should be combined with everyday clothes, which must have a simple cut and a minimum of decorative elements. Not bad, they look with ultramodern leather jackets, flannel shirts and classic jeans.
  • Socks for brogues should be worn only if they are completely hidden by trousers or jeans. Otherwise, it is best to wear this type of shoes on bare feet.
  • Shoes must be of high quality, otherwise it will cause discomfort when using, and also look cheap and ugly enough.

Let's look at a few successful variations of the everyday image with the use of brags:

  1. Black brogues, narrowed down trousers, sweater-free cut.
  2. Chinos, flannel shirt, leather jacket-leather jacket.
  3. Classic blue jeans and a fitted jacket of a simple cut.

With what to wear models on a thick sole

Strong breasts of contrasting colors on a thick sole can be worn with:

  • Pants of classic cut sewn from of cotton fabric.
  • Warmed jacket-aviator of sheepskin.
  • Jeans free cut.
  • Suede jackets.
  • Svitshotami( one of the varieties of comfortable and practical sweatshirts).
  • Sports jackets.

The combination of brags with outer clothing

The girl can safely combine the presented kind of footwear with the following types of outerwear:

  • Leather jacket-aviators or scythe. This is a very stylish combination, which is relevant in this season. Add this image can be zauzhennymi jeans or neat trousers, skinny.
  • Knitted or knitted cardigans. The presented image can be supplemented with light T-shirts or blouses of simple cut, as well as straight trousers, tight jeans or trousers made of leather.
  • Vest of a simple cut without unnecessary details. This is one of the most popular combinations among fans of everyday style. On the one hand, it looks quite strict, but on the other hand it is practical and stylish.
  • Short trench coat or light coat of medium length. The image can be supplemented with a simple cut dress, straight trousers or a short skirt.

Men can also combine brogues with different outerwear garments:

  • Solid parks of different shades.
  • Sheepskin jacket of medium length.
  • Knitted or crocheted cardigans of dark monochrome coloring.
  • Insulated leather jacket-pilots.
  • Tweed jackets without extra decorative elements.

Brogues refer to casual and comfortable shoes. They are quite versatile. Men can be combined with different outer clothing, jeans, simple cut shirts and short trousers. Women - with monophonic dresses, short skirts, blouses, T-shirts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and straight trousers. The main thing is that the selected piece of clothing does not hide the eyebrows from the eyes.

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