8 years of family life: what kind of wedding, what to give, how to congratulate

  • What is the 8th wedding anniversary of
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After the solemn ceremony of marriage, the life of each family develops in different ways. Some married couples disintegrate before they reach the first, calico wedding. Others remain together forever, annually celebrating another memorable date of their life together. On the anniversary of 8 years - what kind of wedding, what to give - we will tell in this article. Each family birthday has its name and is celebrated in a special way.

What is the 8th wedding anniversary of

? The eighth anniversary of family life has 2 names:

  • tin wedding;
  • a poppy wedding.

Where these names come from, for certain it is not known. But, having thought about this question, one can come to the following conclusions:

  1. The number "8" in numerology corresponds to such concepts as practicality, strength, constancy and balance. Is it not possible to call the spouses who lived side by side for almost ten years constant in their feelings? During this time they have acquired practicality, establishing their own way of life, and the strength to withstand difficulties.
  2. Tin is an alloy that is made of steel, processed in a special way. On the one hand, the tin is strong, and on the other hand it has plasticity and flexibility. Husband and wife by this time not only created a strong alliance, but also learned to yield to each other, finding compromise solutions. In addition, the surface of the tin shines like a mirror. So loving spouses are often almost a mirror image of each other.
  3. According to esoteric practice, the eight is associated with red color. In folklore tradition, the mention of it is most often associated with poppy, a beautiful flower with fiery scarlet petals. In addition, the poppy symbolizes love, luck, fertility and monetary well-being. What else can you wish people who have lived together for more than one year?

How to celebrate 8 years of marriage?

Eight years of living together are usually celebrated among family and friends. This holiday should pass brightly and joyfully. For this, first of all, it is necessary to create a proper atmosphere in the home. It is not difficult to do this, especially if the whole family participates in the preparation for the celebration.

  • First of all you need to polish all the metal objects to shine.
  • In the summer you can decorate the room with wildflowers. In winter, napkins and pillows with floral ornaments are suitable for decorating rooms.
  • Relevant case should be the clothing of the household. A woman can wear a scarlet dress or pants suit with poppies. A man can decorate his outfit with a red belt or tie.
  • The festive table is the most important element of any celebration. For 8 years of wedding it is necessary to decorate it in a special way. It is necessary to lay a beautiful tablecloth with the image of bright colors( ideally, of course, poppies).If there is no such tablecloth, you can cover the table top with any red cloth and put white or pink tulle on top.

When serving, you should try to use polished metal cutlery, as well as salad bowls and candy bars with jewelry made of metal.

Poppy pie( recipe)

Among the festive dishes, a special place on this day is baked with poppy seeds. On the eighth anniversary of the wedding mistress usually prepare a makovnik, which is put in the center of the table. At the end of the meal, it is cut into equal parts and distributed to all present.

You can prepare this delicious pie in different ways. For example, here is one simple recipe for a thematic dish.

The following products will be needed for the preparation of the makovnik:

  • 100 g of creamy margarine;
  • 90 ml of milk;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 1 tsp lemon peel and baking powder;
  • on a pinch of salt and vanillin;
  • 100 g of poppy seed;
  • 2/3 cups of granulated sugar;
  • incomplete glass of flour;
  • powdered sugar.

Pie is prepared as follows:

  1. Put the milk on the fire. When it becomes hot, dissolve in it half the sugar. Then pour the poppy seeds and stir the contents of the pot well. Cook the mixture on low heat until thick( about 10 minutes).Remove the pan from the heat and allow the poppy to swell.
  2. Divide the proteins and yolks. Place them in separate bowls. To the yolks, mix the soft margarine, vanillin and the remaining sugar. Protein put in the refrigerator.
  3. Combine flour with baking powder and dough. Pour the resulting mixture into a bowl with yolks. When the mass gets homogeneous, add a steamed poppy. Mix.
  4. Whisk the whipped with salt until the foam forms. With a thin trickle pour them into the dough, gently stirring from the top down.
  5. Pour the dough into a mold covered with baking paper or parchment. Cook the makovnik at 200 degrees for about 35 minutes.
  6. When the poppy pie is ready, turn off the oven and leave it ajar for 5-10 minutes. If you do not do this, the baking will fall off. When the makovnik cool down a bit, sprinkle it with sugar powder. You can also decorate the cake with chocolate chips and marmalade flowers.

Rites and traditions on the eighth anniversary of the joint life of

As the eighth anniversary should be celebrated cheerfully, it will be fitting to congratulate you on a tin wedding from friends. Usually two guests dress up as husband and wife, put on tin rings and sit down opposite the perpetrators of the celebration. This couple takes on the role of leading events, entertaining invited jokes and fun contests.

To enlist the support of higher forces and to bring luck and well-being into the house, it is recommended to conduct several traditional ritual activities for 8 years of the wedding. Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

  • "Horseshoe happiness."A few days before the celebration, her husband had to prepare a thin plate of tin. On the night before the holiday, the couple went to the stables and left a sheet of tin on the floor. In the morning he was taken and examined. If a horse's horseshoe has been stamped on the tin, then the marriage will be long and happy. The plate was lowered into a cold( preferably well) water, and then wiped dry. After that, the tin was wrapped in cloth and hid in a secluded place of the house, since it was not supposed to see outsiders. It was necessary to store the imprint of the horseshoe all my life.
  • On the morning of the anniversary, a tin can was filled with alcohol and a ladle and a mug of the same material was attached to it. All this was put on the threshold of the house. Anyone could drink to the health of their spouses and in gratitude put a coin in the mug. The more coins were in the circle by the end of the day, the better the material position of the family should be in the current year.
  • To protect the house from evil forces, it is possible to scatter poppy seeds in secluded places. The grains, illuminated in the temple on the Maccabee's day( August 1), have a special power.
  • Spouses could make an amulet that attracts material well-being to the house. To do this, it was necessary to empty 7 boxes of white poppy. Collected seeds were placed in any casket, box or even a paper envelope. The main thing is that the "storehouse" of family prosperity should be colored violet. The amulet was kept in the south-eastern part of the house or in the left corner, away from the front door.
  • Adapting to the arrival of guests, the wife had to attach to her clothes a small piece of tin. This simple adornment was to bring to the couple a fortune.
  • An anniversary of 8 years is sometimes called a "bed wedding".By this date, it is recommended to buy another matrimonial bed in order to bring the relationship to a new stage, to give them freshness and romance.

Gifts for a tin( wedding) wedding

Gifts for an eight-year anniversary depend on the personal preferences and fantasy of the donor.

They can be practical, romantic and even comic:

  • If the hostess knows how to bake, then as a presentation, baking molds are suitable.
  • You can also present beautiful tin cans for spices and loose products.
  • Coffee, tea, biscuits or sweets in painted tin boxes can also be brought to the spouses for the anniversary.
  • Excellent decorate the house and donated picture with a picture of the poppy field. No less approval will be given to the chasing ordered from the master or made by one's own hands.
  • Brings a cozy and bright note to the family life of spouses and bed linen or a tablecloth with a print in the form of poppy flowers.

What to present for a wedding( wife's) wedding( tin) wedding? The answer is a loving husband can find in a jewelry store. Ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings, decorated with pebbles in the form of poppies, like any woman. With a more modest budget, you can limit yourself to quality jewelry or shiny silver jewelry.

  • As a comic gift, friends can give the head of the family 8 cans of beer, and the owner of the house - 8 cans of condensed milk. All these spouses should be divided equally and consumed within 8 days.
  • A festive "fun" includes a tin can filled with kvass. Content can be different. For example, a bucket can be filled with apples, grapes, oranges.
  • The country style vase, made of a large tin can, twine and burlap, or a photo frame with tin monograms will also look unusual.
  • If themed gift could not be bought, any souvenir, wrapped in shiny foil packaging, will do.

Choosing a gift for a tin wedding, of course, you need to focus on the tastes of a married couple. Before choosing a "cool" souvenir, you should consider whether the husband's humor can be appreciated.

Congratulations on tin( wedding) wedding

Toasts and congratulations always sound at the festive table. It is most appropriate to make them thematic. As a conclusion, we give variants of congratulatory poems. They can be written on a postcard, and after reading, present them to the couple along with the gift.

Today, many warm words were voiced here,

We also want to congratulate you, friends!

We offer you a tin to begin with,

So that you have a strong family!

We wish you always

Fortune smiled!

That there was trouble,

And the joy was delayed!


This day turned out to be difficult for everyone,

We came to the door to a cheerful crowd,

And we brought cans with us,

What can you do, you have a tin holiday!

We wish health and well-being in the house,

It will now always be with you!

After all, the products for you brought us in order,

Only our refrigerator was empty - that's the trouble! Wedding anniversaries.

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