Why in the apartment there are scabby scales, what are they dangerous and how to deal with them

What should I do if there are small nondescript insects in the apartment? Strongly to be frightened it is not necessary, but it is time to reflect on how to deduce harmful insects from an apartment. Despite the small size, the lice are able to deliver a lot of trouble, especially, it concerns flower lovers. Pests primarily pay attention to them, we must not forget about the possibility of transferring various infections. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what the lice appear in the apartment and how to correctly deduce them.

  • Types woodlice
  • Woodlouse Common
  • Woodlouse rough
  • Silverfish ordinary
  • more dangerous
  • Causes of
  • fight against dampness and moisture
  • Folk remedies
  • Dry kvass
  • Red pepper
  • Boric acid
  • Salt
  • birch branches
  • Chemicals
  • quicklime
  • Chlorine
  • Dichlorvos
  • Chalk MASHENDA
  • Schabengel
  • Varan
  • Tarax
  • Ghetto
  • Mole
  • Tetrix
  • Professional pest control
  • Prevention of the appearance of

Types of woodlice

The lice in the apartment may look different, some have a shell like an armadillo, other narrow body and antennae, the third are scales, they along with the moccasms annoy the inhabitants of the house.

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Mokrytsa vulgaris

A small insect belongs to a contract of crustaceans. The length of her body reaches only 3-4 millimeters, the oval thick body tapers slightly, it consists of many segments. The color of the bug is often dark gray, gray or greenish; during moult they are also white. In the apartment they prefer to settle in the bathroom, because they adore places with high humidity. If she is in danger, the mochric quickly collapses into a ball, prefer to be active at night.

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Ragged gritty

A more mobile representative with a soft and flat shell. Its color is reddish, yellow, light gray even almost black. Taurus of this species also consists of segments, but has some roughness. They crawl faster than ordinary locusts and when caught are not inclined to roll into a ball, on the contrary, they begin to buckle the body and quickly move their paws in an attempt to escape.

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Scale of common

Or sugarcane is a small insect that reaches only 1 millimeter in size. Her body is often silvery or simply has a gray tint, the distinguishing feature is the antennae that protrude - two in front and three in the back. The body of the scales consists of segments, has an oval dimension, but narrows closer to the posterior part. These insects are active at night.

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are dangerous Where did the lice come from in the apartment? The owners themselves could bring them into the house together with house plants, which are often taken out to the street for ventilation or washing. The fact is that crustaceans are very fond of flower pots, there is enough moisture and food for a comfortable stay.

In this case, plants can die in a very short time, because the lice injure their root system and help compact the soil, which leads to a significant decrease in the level of oxygen.

Human body lice do not harm, because they do not bite, although there are hypotheses that on their paws crustaceans can tolerate spores of various fungi and lichen. To date, this information has not yet been confirmed, but is it worth the risk, in any case, they need to be destroyed in order to prevent the invasion of the woodlice in the apartment.
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Reasons for the appearance of

To understand where the woodlice is taken in the apartment, you should pay attention to their habitat. Crustaceans are attracted by an elevated level of humidity, for example, a tube flows in the tub or condensation accumulates on the wall after taking a bath.

Insects need a nutrient medium that is perfectly served by stale remnants of scraps in the trash can.

The reason for the appearance of uninvited guests may be a flooded basement if the apartment is on the ground floor and a leaking roof if the abode is on the top floor of the house.

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Combating dampness and moisture

Fighting with colonies of woodlice in the house or apartment is necessary, as in a toilet, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. To get rid of harmful insects, you can use folk methods or various chemical preparations.

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Folk remedies

The most popular means of people's struggle against parasites in the face of the moss.

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Dry kvass

It is necessary to take 100 grams of dry kvass and place it in a container in 500 milliliters of boiling water. Massa mix and sprinkle in the habitat of the beetroot, it is recommended to use a nebulizer.

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Red pepper

Mix 3 grams of red pepper, 4 grams of soda and 2 grams of tobacco, then add 1 liter of hot water to the resulting mass. Dissolve the solution in problem areas, and after 90 minutes rinse with warm water with the addition of chlorine or the drug containing it.

All kinds of apartment insects with photos look here http://woman-l.ru/vidy-kvartirnyx-nasekomyx/
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Boric acid

10 grams of boric acid stir in 500 milliliters of water. Carefully handle the accumulation of crustaceans.

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You can sprinkle a handful of salt around the corners of the problem room. When applying this method, there is a risk that the lice will simply be located higher on the walls.

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Birch branches

In the corners of the room where bark looms live, they must lie there all night, in the morning they should be carefully collected and thrown away from the house or fired by them over the fire so that the woodlice is burnt.

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Before using these products in the apartment, you should study the instructions for use, and then you can poison the woodworm.

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A bucket of quicklime must be placed in the room where the pests are planted, then the door must be tightly closed. In the treated room after this, you can not enter another 3 days.

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Means for disinfection and disinfection of premises.40 grammes of substance to stir in one liter of water and to process a room where crustaceans live. Perform the procedure in protective gloves.

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A contact agent that kills insects for 3-4 minutes by exposing them to the respiratory tract. Spraying should be at a distance of 30 centimeters from the surface, it is possible to process slits or treat insects themselves.

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Mashenka Chalk

This product is insecticidal and affects the insect only with direct contact, the poison is able to penetrate the tissues of the shell, resulting in disruption of the nervous system, and then paralysis and death. The chalk can be simply applied in the form of a line on the floor, pre-chopping spray and dilute in water.

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Represents a syringe with a gel-like poison that can be applied to the surface in the form of lines or injected directly into the cracks. When eating baits, the lice are soon poisoned and killed.

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Thanks to its special composition, the agent acts on parasites and gives a nerve-paralytic effect. Aerosol should be sprayed in the habitat of crustaceans, the distance to the surface should be at least 20 centimeters.

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The agent has a contact principle of action, when touched with the treated surface, the lice spread on the mustache and paws of the poison, which kills the entire colony. The agent in the form of a powder must be dissolved in water and the solution to treat ventilation shafts, plinths and other places affected by insects, it is better to use a syringe or brush.

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The active substance of the drug penetrates into the digestive and respiratory systems of woodworms and kills them. It exists in the form of a concentrated liquid, which must be diluted with water( 1:10) and aerosol. The product exists in liquid form and powder, and both must be mixed with water before spraying the room.

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The bait that should be applied in places of accumulation of crustaceans, the substance must dry for two days, and after 5 days it is desirable to repeat the procedure.

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The product is very toxic, it should be resorted to if nothing else helps. Cypermethrin - its active substance destroys all parasites in just a couple of days.10 milliliters of the substance should be diluted in one liter of water, after which you can start spraying. All work should be carried out in protective clothing.

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Professional disinsection

When invading a scrub, it is better not to try to display them yourself, but to invite specialists from a private pest control organization or from a sanitary epidemiological station. They use completely safe means, carefully process everything and even give a guarantee of about 3 months.

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Preventing the emergence of

In order not to combat proliferating pests it is better to prevent their emergence by fulfilling several rules:

  • immediately eliminate leaking pipes;
  • carefully wipe the condensation on the floor in the bathroom or kitchen;
  • regularly clean the ventilation openings;
  • air all rooms in the house;
  • to fill the forming gaps in the flooring;
  • in case of excessive humidity, use the device dehumidifier;
  • more often to take out a garbage container;
  • not leave any leftovers on the table;
  • linen to dry on the street or balcony, not in the bathroom;
  • From the pallets of plants to clean the ground, which crumbled there.
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