Wide trousers: what and with what to wear

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  • Unusual combinations
  • Shoes and short model of loose pants
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Wide trousers have one interesting feature: they are suitable for everyone, helping to correct the figure and hide the existing shortcomingslower part of the body. There was such a model of trousers back in the 30s thanks to the film stars of those years. And it should be said that loose trousers did not immediately find their admirers among ordinary women who considered them the prerogative of the men's wardrobe.

Over time, when their style underwent small adjustments and passed some changes, these pants began to gain popularity. And now it was just such a moment when the wide model gradually began to crowd out narrow, narrowed down and tight silhouettes, opening for women a feeling of complete freedom and relaxedness. So the fashion season of 2017 can not do without these trousers, which, by the way, need to be able to properly wear.

Versions of the

models The versatility and practicality of the wide pants is that thanks to the material from which they are sewn, such a thing becomes suitable at any time of the year:

  • chiffon and flax will look great in the summer;
  • silk and light cotton can be used in late spring and early autumn;
  • jeans and costume fabrics are created for cooler weather;
  • fine wool and tweed - the best options in the winter.

This wardrobe item, in addition to its traditional and classic style, is also presented in several other models, thus creating a lot of interesting and unbeaten images:

  1. Pants with an overstated waist, reminiscent of their design style of the 80s.
  2. A product with very wide pants visually imitating a skirt.
  3. A model with an understated waistline, the belt of which lies directly on the hips.
  4. Shattered style in youth style.
  5. Loose trousers, the trousers of which at the bottom tightly wrap around the ankle, thus creating oriental motifs.
  6. Short pants in the style of gauchos with pronounced arrows and without them.
And that's not all. Such a wardrobe item can have rather deep internal pockets, which gives it the necessary functionality.
Also on top pants can be equipped with an elastic band, zipper or belt. Some models are decorated with special vertical folds just below the waist, creating a feeling of airiness and lightness. So any fashionista will be able to choose exactly the style of women's free pants, which will decorate her, and bring to the image a peculiar zest.

Now you can proceed to the next stage, which will help you to understand what to wear wide trousers can be, and what will be their frankly bad company.

Classic and business options

With these pants, you can easily and easily create a stylish office dress. To do this, the emphasis should be on the classic top: a strict white blouse, a shirt with a man's cut with large cuffs and a thin triangular neckline, a straight or fitted jacket, a shortened jacket, a monotonous turtleneck with no extra details. All these things( besides the jacket and jacket) are well combined with wide trousers, but only if they are all stuffed in them. This rule, which must be followed religiously, if the girl wants to be known as the owner of a good taste.

Illustrative examples of the created full images can be the following options:

  • Blouse with flowing sleeves of a melted hue, gray wide trousers with a high waist of dense material, dark shoes with a sharp nose and an average heel. Strengthen the business image will help the waistcoat with a V-neck in tone to the pants.
Summer office version will be flaxen loose trousers of a light green hue sitting on the hips, a monochrome top sleeveless and a flannel double-breasted jacket of sand color.
You can put on your light legged light shoes without a heel.
  • An extravagant business option for late autumn can be an outfit consisting of black very wide trousers, a red cotton shirt and a black fitted jacket made of satin on the lining. The attire can be complemented by a thin dark tie and lacquered shoes of maroon color.
  • Light gray short trousers of wide model, chiffon blouse of a lemon tint with a square collar, and on top a thin sweater of yellow color with a round neck. As shoes, you can choose black open sandals with a steady heel or light cloth shoes on the platform.

Choosing one of the proposed options, you can not only create an image of a business and successful woman, but at the same time do it with taste.

Unusual combinations of

Free trousers made of light and flying fabrics - this is the best option for a direct and original outfit.

  • So, make the image of a sexy-laconic can be with the help of wide silk pants scarlet, wearing a white transparent blouse and a black corset, decorated with scarlet flowers. Shoes only on a hairpin and better metal.
  • But to bring a little eastern coloring will help thin pants, narrowed down some variegated colors, which are tied at the waist with a belt. From above you can wear a top strapless blue or turquoise color and complement it with a fully transparent chiffon cape in blue tones. On your feet in this case, you should wear sandals on a flat sole.
  • Unusually looks an outfit, imitating a marine theme. This is a wide white trousers in a vertical blue strip, tight shirt of light tones without a pattern or tunic, tied on the sides in turquoise hues. Strengthen the created image will help loafers on lacing in a horizontal strip and a cloth bag in the form of a trapezoid, which can be decorated with a brooch in the form of an anchor. This set is good for girls who want to hide the fullness of the thighs and legs a little, since the strip on the pants stretches the silhouette and makes it slimmer.
  • Summer version can be a monophonic blouse with flying sleeves, which is tied on the abdomen in a knot, and wide pants without side seams with a geometric bright pattern, lying on the hips and immediately expanding from the bottom. As shoes, you can choose light ballet shoes decorated with large beads. But in this case we are talking only about a slender or athletic figure.

Shoes and short model of loose pants

Wearing wide, short pants, many girls are faced with the problem of selecting suitable shoes for them. Stylists in this case recommend to pay attention to sandals and shoes with a strap that are tied around the shin, reminiscent of the Roman version.

Also with these pants you can try to combine suede ballet flats with a pointed nose that maximally open the leg. Not bad in this duet look sandals on a triangular heel, consisting of two thin leather strips.

Completely not combined with shortened wide trousers following shoes:

  • wooden clogs;
  • high coarse boots;
  • sneakers and sneakers;
  • shoes-oxford;
  • half-boots.

This kind of shoes will not look harmonious with these pants, completely breaking the silhouette and disrupting its proportions.

As for the other models of this wardrobe, they get along well with almost any footwear. The exception is too narrow and elongated models of shoes or boots, which under such pants will simply get lost. Stylists recommend this option to choose those women who have a large large foot by nature.

When as a part of the wardrobe are loose trousers made of denim fabric, you can afford to wear sneakers and rough shoes, and under the flax model, even allowed to use slippers on a thick sole.

Outerwear and wide pants

If you are talking about loose pants made of warm, dense materials, then you can easily add top clothes to them, creating a complete laconic image. To such most appropriate things from the upper wardrobe are:

  • insulated short jacket of velvet or brocade, as well as with fur trim;
  • cloaks of different material up to the knee and flared shape;
  • coats in the form of a trapezoid;
  • soft and warm cardigans of delicate and delicate binding;
  • fitted and short leather jackets;
  • thin short sheepskin coats with embroidered ornaments and with torn bottom edges;
  • elegant sheepskin coats, tied at the waist.

As for down jackets, some of their models that clearly emphasize the waistline can also be used in tandem with wide woolen pants. But from blowing bulky jackets it is better to refuse. The image in this case will become too large and wide, depriving the figure of its true bends.

And in conclusion

Wide trousers allow a woman to feel free and relaxed, not bound by any stylistic conventions. But here again, one small rule should be observed: low women with lush forms should try to choose a narrowing and fitted top for such a free bottom, and girls are tall and slender allowed in the chest and waist area to add a little volume, thereby balancing the wide bottom.


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With what to wear wide pants?
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