How to take Stanozolol in tablets and injections

Stanozolol is a strong anabolic drug that is used in the bodybuilding field. This steroid is used not only to increase stamina and strength, improve the relief of muscles, but also to treat certain diseases. Therefore, before taking Stanozolol, you need a specialist consultation, which will prescribe the correct course taking into account contraindications and health status.

Ingredients and action
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  • Side effects
  • With alcohol
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    Stanozolol is a steroid and a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, a progesterone antagonist.

    The results of its application:

    • increase the stiffness and dryness of the muscles, which leads to an increase in the relief of muscles;
    • increase in endurance and power indicators;
    • increase in fat burning required for "drying";
    • increased appetite;
    • prolonged increase in muscle mass at injection sites.
    Stanozolol makes it possible to gain dry muscle mass and significantly increases the endurance of the body. Unlike other steroids, the drug does not retain water, and therefore the loss of muscle mass after the end of the course is less.

    The substance remains active for 8 hours, and the period of excretion and detection of drug residues in the blood is about 3 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to accept it only in periods when doping is not conducted before the bodybuilding competition.

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    Stanozolol is available in the form of tablets and solution for injection. There is no difference in effectiveness, but most of the athletes prefer the injection form.

    The organisms of men and women vary considerably in the level of hormones produced, and therefore the courses for taking Stanozolol should also be different.

    For men, the dosage is often 50 to 100 mg intramuscularly every other day as an injection or 10-50 mg / day in the form of tablets.

    Women are usually not injected with the drug to avoid such a side effect as virilization( appearance of male characteristics), and they take tablets with a dosage of 5-10 mg / day.

    According to the instructions for use, stanozolol should be taken with food, washed down with plenty of water. If the athletes use the maximum dosage, then it should be divided into 2 receptions( in the morning and evening).

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    • Hypersensitivity to the active substance of the drug.
    • Prostate cancer in men and breast carcinoma in women.
    • Hepatic and renal failure.
    • Chronic and acute prostatitis.
    • Ischemic heart disease.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    • Age under 18 years.
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    Side effects of

    Stanozolol has a fairly high toxicity, especially in tablet form, so the drug is dangerous to the liver. Another negative factor is soreness at the site of injections.

    Prolonged steroid administration can cause such consequences:

    • premature baldness in men;
    • Prostatitis;
    • virilization in women;
    • acne;
    • increase in blood pressure;
    • increase in cholesterol in the blood;
    • myocardial hypertrophy.
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    With alcohol

    During the reception of steroids it is necessary to completely abandon liquor because of side effects:
    • Alcohol inhibits muscle growth, promotes the release of the hormone cortisol, while reducing the production of protein.
    • Simultaneous use of Stanozolol and alcohol can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the development of toxic damage to the liver, temporary jaundice, increased body temperature.
    • Increases the likelihood of various cardiovascular disorders, sclerotic events. There are cases of a pathological increase in the heart muscle.
    • The risk of developing infectious diseases increases due to a decrease in the level of immune globulins under the influence of high doses of the steroid.
    • Spirits reduce potency and increase appetite.
    • loading. ..

    In addition, alcohol gradually dehydrates the body, which leads to poor health, reduced efficiency. Anabolic in turn hinders the outflow of fluid. These two differently directed factors with simultaneous action, significantly weaken the body.

    Steroids exacerbate the effect of alcohol on human behavior, as a result, self-control is lost, fear decreases, aggressiveness intensifies, which can lead to undesirable consequences.

    Alcoholic beverages are not allowed for another 21 days after the course of Stanozolol in tablets or injections.

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    The active substance analogues of Stanozolol are Strombofort and Winstrol.

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