5 years: what kind of wedding is it that you can give

  • Traditions of a wooden wedding
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  • Gift ideas for her husband
  • What to give a jubilee from close friends and friends?

When five years of living together passed, the couple often decide to mark this event. This is an important date, as the feelings of husband and wife are already tightly intertwined, resembling the rhizome of trees. The union of a man and a woman has become strong.

When the couple live together for 5 years, what kind of wedding is this? It is customary to call it wooden. For this reason, many guests present symbolic souvenirs or products made of this material to the jubilee.

Traditions of wooden wedding

In ancient times, a wooden wedding was considered an important event, therefore, various traditions for this day were invented. Many of them have already been forgotten, but there are some that have survived today.

There are following old traditions that were accepted to be observed for 5 years of the wedding:

  1. The husband was required to make his wife a symbolic gift for 5 years of the wedding. He had to construct something with his own hands. This required the use of mahogany. If the husband could not afford such material, then he used birch, alder. In this way, the husband demonstrated his abilities, and also showed that this anniversary of joint life is important for him.
  2. After that, his wife was required to cover the thing her husband made with a brilliant lacquer. It was a symbol of the fact that there is a relationship between the spouses.
  3. After these symbolic gifts it was customary to celebrate 5 years of marriage. To do this, invited all close people. Each of the guests invited was to come not empty-handed, but to give the heroes something of wood that could be useful to them on the farm. Particularly appreciated were mahogany presents.
  4. Before starting the celebration, the couple had to plant a family tree. And then all the guests decorated him with ribbons, on which before that they wrote congratulations.
  5. If the family already had a child, then the couple must necessarily have not forgotten about him, giving him a toy of wood.

Today there are no obligatory traditions that should be fulfilled. But many spouses remake some old rituals in a modern way.

For example, it is not necessary to plant a tree, it is replaced with a plant in a pot. This room flower guests decorate with ribbons. In a word, it is not forbidden to include imagination and to spend an original anniversary of 5 years of wedding.

Options for gifts to his wife from her husband

Her husband needs to think in advance what to give his wife on such a memorable day. It's been 5 years since the wedding, during this time, many things got a wife. But my beloved wife will always be pleased with some kind of presentation.

A husband can pick up any gifts for 5 years of the wedding, but do not give a wooden pin, as it is considered that this is a bad omen.

Much of the value of things are made of mahogany, because such material is considered expensive. But the husband can present a gift made from another wood. It may be new furniture, it will be nice for the wife if the spouse inserts new doors in the rooms, especially when she has already asked for it. Such a gift for the anniversary will be useful, as well as symbolic.

In addition, her husband can think of other variants of presents for his beloved wife. For example, you can choose these gifts:

  • kitchen boards, wooden tray, stand for hot dishes;
  • necessary furniture;
  • photo frames made of wood;
  • beautiful and original vase;
  • panel on the wall;
  • beautiful caskets, boxes for various small things, ornaments;
  • shelf made of wood on the wall, stools;
  • various figures made of wood;
  • original coffee table;
  • bench, if the couple live in the house;
  • cabinet where you can put dishes;
  • breadbasket;
  • stand, in which you can put knives;Suspension on the neck, bracelets.

But it is not necessary to present a present made of wood. If the spouses have a summer residence or they live in the house, and the wife grows various shrubs or plants, then she will be pleased with the seedlings.

Also a wonderful gift will be a houseplant. It is recommended that it bloom in red. It is a symbol of strong love.
And in old times the husband should still give a flower to his daughter, if she, of course, in the family is.

Prezent options for the husband

Prepared and think what to give to her husband, should and wife. It is recommended to approach this case with originality, but the gift should be of use.

  • You can present tools that have wooden handles, a frame from a tree, into which you can insert a new photo.
  • Many men will be pleased to receive a joiner's kit.
  • A good gift will be a new bed.

For 5 years of married life, the wife already knows his man's interests well, so it is easier for her to pick up a gift that he likes. Children should also be presented with a symbolic present. It will be pleasant to the husband such attention.

  • You can present your favorite mug for beer, which is made of wood, and in addition to the present, a well-decorated bottle of your favorite drink is a good choice.
  • A gift for the husband for 5 years of the wedding can be in the form of a photo album, where you should collect family photos.

You can give such a gift to your husband for 5 years of living together:

  • chess, backgammon, if your husband loves such games;
  • skis;
  • things that are useful in the bath;
  • notepad with cover made of wood;
  • shelves, chairs, coasters;
  • a spoon made from wood, on which there should be red patterns;
  • a casket in which you can store cigarettes;
  • original wooden medal.

If the husband is fond of gardening, then he will like seedlings in the form of a gift. It is recommended to present any presents in the morning, but do not forget about warm words, wishes of strong and eternal love.

What to give jubilees from close people and friends?

All guests can get together and decide what to give for 5 years of the wedding. In order not to forget about traditions, it is recommended to bow to gifts from a tree.

You can present a coffee table, shelf, stools, beautiful and original coasters, where you can put indoor plants.

  • Guests can present a watch that will have a wooden case, breadbox.
  • On such an anniversary it will be appropriate to present caskets, vases, jugs.
  • If the family has already got children, then you can give a rocking chair. There are many of them now. The parents will be absolutely happy with this presentation, in spite of the fact that it is only partially related to them.
  • Going to the store, you can pay attention to photo frames or paintings in a frame of wood.
The spouses are delighted with wooden utensils, trays, table games. Such gifts will serve for a long time to the jubilee, so they will always remember those who will give them such wonderful things.
  • Many families hang a wooden horseshoe over the door. If the jubilee does not have such a symbol of happiness, you can give it to him.

Gifts for a wooden wedding can have a touch of humor. For example, you can come to visit with hangers for outer clothing or two wooden spoons.

  • If anniversaries are inveterate gardeners, then they will definitely like the birdhouse, the original small mill for the decor of the site, the capacity for flowers. They are also suitable as a gift shop, rocking chair, as well as other items that can decorate the villa site.
  • If the spouse likes to go fishing, then you should give him a wooden box with accessories for his hobby. But also do not forget about the gift for the wife.
  • If the jubilee likes to go to the bath, then they will like the present in the form of wooden tubs and a broom. Here it is necessary to include imagination, as there are many different accessories.
It is recommended that any thing be beautifully packaged, and also not forget about kind words. Even an inexpensive and small present can be presented in an original way.
You can also find congratulations in verse, but it is better if every guest will say kind words from the heart in their own words.

If the guests decided to present something expensive, then you can bend to such gifts:

  1. Blasted picture of wood. Such a gift will decorate the jubilee home. Such a picture can be purchased in ready-made form, but it can also be made to order. As a sketch, you should bring a photograph of the spouses.
  2. A beautiful and memorable gift is a chest of wood, which is artfully crafted. It can store a variety of things.
  3. Original furniture made of wood. It is not necessary that it be large. It can be a chair, an armchair, a table. The main thing is to know in advance about the needs of the family in order to present the necessary thing.

But often the guests have options for other gifts that are not made of wood. They are not forbidden. To emphasize the importance of the anniversary, you can present in addition to the main gift a small present of wood. It can be a small statue or chest.

To remember their holiday, they should give good words, pleasant emotions.

This is an important date, as the spouses have already experienced a variety of problems together, but they still face many obstacles. A wooden wedding is the initial stage before a long life journey, so it's worth congratulating the jubilees on such an important date.

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