Nutrition for irritable bowel syndrome

With a digestive disorder that is accompanied by bloating, intense pain, flatulence, you must adhere to a special diet. She is appointed by the doctor individually, depending on the attendant symptoms - constipation or diarrhea. Before you make a diagnosis, you must go through the examination. Do self-medication in any case impossible.


  1. Basic diet rules
  2. Prohibited products
  3. Recommended products

Especially disturbing symptoms are severe weight loss and bleeding. There may be other signs of the disease, not related to the GI system - chills, nervous disorders.

A particular property of this pathology is that it can occur without any apparent cause. Many doctors even believe that the disease is provoked by stressful conditions. Therefore, in its treatment, complex therapy is applied, in which, together with the administration of medications, not only a special diet is included, but also methods of psychotherapy.

Basic rules of the diet

The diet prescribed meets the principles of healthy eating and involves the exclusion of certain foods from the diet for a fairly long time. Their list will be selected by a specialist depending on three possible variants of the course of the disease - with constipation, with diarrhea or with pain. In order to restore the digestive function gradually, each option requires a separate feeding system. During the treatment, the patient needs peace and strict adherence to dietary recommendations of the doctor.

The main principle should be regular, fractional and moderate nutrition. Portions should be small, food should be taken slowly, without hurrying, thoroughly chewing.

Each reception should take place at a specific time. Supper should be easy, heavy food before bedtime is harmful for the digestive system, and for the heart.

All food should be comfortable for the stomach and have room temperature or be slightly warm. You can not eat hot and cold.

Prohibited products

Alcohol, smoked products and spicy seasonings are completely excluded from the diet. It is necessary to keep a diary of nutrition, detailed records will help to clarify the picture of the disease and its causes.

There is a long list of products that can not be consumed in all versions of irritable bowel syndrome. These include fatty, fried or smoked meat, in general, all products in fried or smoked form, as well as sweets - cakes with fat cream, buns and other pastries. Legumes and mushrooms will become heavy food for the inflamed stomach.

You can not eat salted or pickled products. They are subject to exclusion from the diet of fruit or berries, if their taste contains at least a little sourness. Otherwise, they can cause fermentation.

Fast food is banned completely.

We must also take into account the individual reaction of the body to certain products.

Recommended products

The menu should contain lean, dietary soups. Porridge, cooked on the water, you can fill with a spoonful of oil. Low-fat meat, poultry, fish are welcome, but only in a boiled form. A good side dish for meat dishes can be boiled or baked vegetables.

Bread can only be used yesterday or in the form of biscuits. A variety of low-fat dairy products, as well as jelly, broth of wild rose or currant.

The diet requires a certain adjustment taking into account the patient's condition and further clinical picture. With constipation, you need to increase the content of fiber in the diet, which will enhance intestinal peristalsis. Recommended products are bread with bran, salads from raw vegetables, vegetable soups and cereals, fresh fruit and berries.

If there are symptoms of diarrhea, then you should include in the menu dishes that reduce bowel motility - white stale bread, rice broth, dry but unhealthy cookies and other products.

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