Foam sclerotherapy - safe removal of varicose veins

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foam sclerotherapy According to the conducted studies in the Russian Federation, varicose veins are found in one form or another in 70% of the population. At the same time, many people do not pay attention to this ailment, considering such a health problem as insignificant.

Varicose veins - up to 3-12 millimeters of veins, often, while their color becomes blue or dark blue. Most clearly the problem manifests itself on the legs. Over time, there is a complete change in the veins.

The disease occurs due to the natural or acquired weakness of the venous walls. At the initial stage of development the disease does not manifest itself, leaving only cosmetic discomfort. However, with age, its progression leads to an increased risk of thrombotic complications.

The main symptoms of the development of this disease can be called:

  • feeling of heaviness in the legs, especially towards evening;
  • convulsions and swelling;
  • sensations of pulsation;
  • in the field of varicose veins in advanced cases itching is possible;
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  • in the lower third of the shin is possible trophic skin changes, the formation of ulcers in the ankle.

Solving the problem is usually easier at first, when the disease is at an early stage.

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How the

method works The first attempts to treat veins of the lower limbs were undertaken as early as the 17th century. The essence of the treatment at that time was to introduce a certain acid into the veins, which led to thrombosis.

Afterwards iodine and tannin were used, but patients often had complications, and therefore this treatment was not applied until 1946.After the creation of the Fibro-Wayne drug, sclerotherapy of the veins began again.

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Sclerotherapy of veins - the introduction of a special substance that conducts the gluing of veins. The procedure does not require the introduction of an sclerotherapy of veins analgesic and is virtually imperceptible.

After its implementation, a dressing is applied, which is necessary to ensure favorable conditions for the tightening of the veins. After they happen to be glued together, the blood will look for another way, through healthy veins. The procedure for administering the drug takes about 15 minutes, several visits are often required to solve the problem.

Foam-Form Foam Sclerotherapy is a kind of procedure that has become very popular in Europe. Its peculiarity is that the gluing agent is supplied in the form of a foam.

Foam is able to expand, and therefore fills the veins completely. Therefore, treatment becomes more effective.

This technique can be used even in severe cases. If the patient in old age, foam sclerotherapy is combined with laser coagulation.

Preparing for operation

The development of varicose veins is unpredictable. Therefore, doctors analyze each case in detail.

The preparation for the operation is as follows:

  1. First, the doctor carefully examines the patient, asks about the symptoms, if necessary, appoints additional studies.
  2. After receiving all the data, a decision is made as to the possibility of performing the procedure, the number of injections. If there are contraindications, the procedure will not be assigned.
  3. At the reception, you should indicate whether you take anti-inflammatory and hormonal medications, if so, which ones.
  4. After the procedure, a bandage and an elastic bandage are applied to the site of the medication. Therefore, they should be purchased and brought with them.
  5. Before the day on which the procedure was prescribed, one can not perform epilation, use different lotions and creams on the legs.
  6. Two days before surgery, you can not smoke, drink alcohol.
  7. Two hours before surgery, you need a snack and take a hygienic shower.

How does the procedure work?

As before, the drug is injected with a syringe with a thin needle. In one session, from 2 to 10 injections are made, depending on the features of the case. The process takes no more than 20 minutes.

During the procedure of drug administration the patient is conscious, anesthetics are not administered. When introducing a needle, only unpleasant sensations can arise.

As a rule, the required amount of substance is entered in one session. Only in severe cases, a repeated operation is prescribed. It is only possible to conduct 5 operations.

course of scleropathy

Foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins is usually performed as follows:

  1. First a puncture of the affected vein is performed. In order to exclude damage to the vessel or vein, the puncture is performed under the supervision of ultrasound, Venovisor. When using such equipment, the doctor will insert the needle with the greatest accuracy.
  2. For piercing take the thinnest needle, which is similar to the needles of an insulin syringe. This feature allows you to exclude the appearance of bleeding.
  3. Then, the substance is administered, the prescribed dose according to the degree of development of the disease.
  4. In some cases, in order that hematomas do not appear, a significant cooling of the affected area takes place.
  5. Immediately after the introduction of the medicinal product using the special equipment, the beginning of the foam hardening process is checked.

If the procedure was carried out at the initial stage of the disease, compression clothing is not necessary.

How the foam sclerotherapy is performed vein-video:

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Postoperative period

Compression stockings After sclerotherapy, an elastic bandage is immediately put on the place of administration of the substance. Depending on the case, the doctor before the operation can give an order on the need to purchase compression linen: stockings, bandage and so on.

The use of elastic bandage and compression linen is necessary in order to weaken the flow of blood to the problem site. If this is not done, the blood will come under pressure, which will not allow the injected drug to glue the walls of the veins.

Immediately after completion of the procedure, it is recommended that you slowly resemble, which will reduce the likelihood of complications.

In addition, the doctor can recommend the following:

  • perform daily easy walks for one hour;therapeutic walk
  • for three postoperative days it is not recommended to engage in exercise bikes, visit bathhouses, take hot baths;
  • elastic bandages are recommended to be worn for 3 months in order for the treatment to be most effective;
  • is not recommended for a long time in a sitting or lying position for two postoperative weeks.

As it can be noted, such recommendations are quite difficult to observe in the hot season. Therefore, sclerotherapy should not be planned for the summer.

Possible complications of

As with any treatment, it is important to first assess the likelihood of complications and their consequences.

The considered method of solving the problem can not be called ideal, as the following consequences are possible:

  1. In some cases, skin pigmentation is formed in the area that was filled with the substance. However, this side effect can last about 3 years.
  2. There is a possibility of an inflammatory process. The risk increases in cases of severe manifestation of the disease.
  3. When gluing large veins after a while, the appearance of a lumen and the re-development of the disease.
  4. In rare cases, an allergic reaction to the medication is possible.
  5. A tissue burn that is located around the vein when more of the injected substance is ingested. Such a case is a consequence of a doctor's mistake.
The experience of the doctor, the drugs used, adherence to recommendations affects the likelihood of complications.

As a conclusion

Summing up, we can say the following:

  • sclerotherapy is not a universal method of treating varicose veins;
  • the performed operation is not very traumatic and simple in execution;
  • in some cases, the technique does not solve the problem of varicose veins;treatment of varicose veins
  • surgery is often only part of the ongoing treatment;
  • if varicose is not in severe form, then the effect obtained after administration of the drug persists for many years;
  • after operation, light loads are useful;
  • is likely to cause inflammation;
  • is not recommended for vascular disease, joint arthrosis, blood diseases, pregnancy, with a strong allergic reaction to medications.

There is no universal method for treating varicose veins, as each therapy has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is important to take seriously the choice of a clinic in which a diagnosis will be made and treatment will be prescribed.

Only an experienced physician can assess the degree of development of the disease, the effectiveness of sclerotherapy in a particular case.

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