Secrets of cooking and decorating sandwiches

The most favorite dish of all age groups, which can be prepared both from leftovers in the refrigerator in a hurry, and with exquisite ingredients at a banquet - this, of course, is sandwiches. Prepare them quite easily, they are always on the place on any table.

Such an appetizer can be classic, the recipe of which is known since childhood, and perhaps experimental - there are no borders here. A lot also means the design of a sandwich, which depends more on the nature of the event or a particular person.

Open sandwich forms

To make sandwiches of the most basic, open form, slices of bread are smeared with a thin layer of butter or cream based on it, sometimes as a pate. On top put the prepared pieces of filler. The main condition is that the product at the top does not hang from a slice of bread. As an ornament is suitable for greenery or small pieces of bright plant components( vegetables, fruits).

For more complex types of open sandwiches, more than two fillers are used, which are well matched to taste, as well as a color palette. Appetizers, including meat or fish filler, can be decorated with lemon, olives, eggs and already familiar vegetables and herbs.

Snack sandwiches

The name of these sandwiches speaks for itself - on the festive table they serve as an independent snack, which looks pretty elegant and decorates the festive table. Such sandwiches, as a rule, make very small sizes - no more than a matchbox. By appearance they are more like a cake of different forms. Often they are called canapes.

When preparing these snacks, there is where to fancy fantasies. The space for creativity simply has no limits! As a basis for sandwiches use fresh bread without crusts, crispy toasts, toasted on butter, ready-made tartlets, self-baked puff pastry containers, dry cookies and even profiteroles from a brewed classic dough. All this variety is lubricated with butter cream or pâté and the prepared filler is placed, perfectly balanced according to taste parameters.

There is a rule concerning the compatibility of products and bread, which should be adhered to. For canapé with fat( brisket, fat), spicy( sprat, herring) or pronounced ingredients( eggs, melted cheese), black( rye) bread is used as a basis. Baking from wheat flour is ideal for all other fillers.

Top snack bars sandwiches decorate as neatly and ingeniously as possible. In the case are artfully carved decor of vegetables or fruits, patterns of whipped cream or butter, passed through the openwork nozzles of a confectionery syringe, greens. To serve on the table, the canapes fit on the dish lined with a napkin, while the rules of color combination must be followed and the shape of the sandwiches themselves must be taken into account.

The art of preparing and serving a sandwich is a simple matter. The main thing is to have an unlimited imagination and a desire to bring something new into everyday life.

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