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  • What is the use of hulahop?
  • What hulauchup is best for losing weight
  • How to choose a hulauchup for weight loss
  • Hulauhup - contraindications( to whom it may be harmful?)
  • Recommendation for rotation of the hoop
  • Organization of classes with hulaupa
  • Exercises with hulauchup for weight loss
  • Efficiency of using hulauchup
  • Reviews about hulahop for losing weight

Hulahup for weight loss is an extremely useful thing. With the help of this simple simulator, you can get rid of the fatty folds on the sides, tighten the muscles of the abdominal press and thighs, thereby restoring the former harmony to his figure.

Those who do not know what lies behind the mysterious term "hulauchup", we will explain: we mean the usual hoop, which can now be bought at any sports goods store.

The word hullahup is formed by the merger of two words: English "hoop"( hoop) and "hula"( the name of the Hawaiian dance).

The benefits and harms of this sports simulator will be discussed in detail in each section of our article.

What is the use of hulahopup?

Using the hoop promotes:

  1. Reduces the waist, hips, and abdomen.
  2. Strengthen various muscle groups( abdominal, legs and buttocks).
  3. Effective burning calories.
  4. Significant improvement in blood circulation.
  5. Training of the heart muscle, respiratory system and vestibular apparatus.
  6. Prevention of varicose veins.

Which hulauchup is best for losing weight

In order to choose the most suitable model of the hoop, you need to know what types of hulaups are offered by modern manufacturers of sports simulators.

So, in the sports shop you can buy a hoop:

  • Metal

Made of hollow tube, it differs light weight. A lightweight metal hoop is ideal for beginners. Among other things, it is also very cheap.

  • Massage( relief)

There are several types of massage hulaups:

  1. with suckers,
  2. balls,
  3. with spikes.
The massage effect of the suckers, adhering and decoupling from the body at the time of rotation of the hoop, improves the circulation and metabolism in the tissues of problem areas.

The same effect is created by spikes and rotating massage balls, simultaneously acting as weighting agents. The massage hoop is quite heavy( its weight is 1.5-1.8 kg).

  • Weighted

The weight of such a simulator can reach two kilograms. Classes with it create quite a serious load on the abdominal muscles and improve the outline of the figure, helping to remove fat accumulation on the hips and waist.

Weighted hoop models should be preferred to those who want to lose weight.

The only drawback of a weighted hulahop is the ability to leave bruises on the body of people with sensitive skin. After a number of regular training and adaptation of the body to new loads, the process of bruising stops.

  • Foldable

Extremely comfortable sporting projectile, which at any time can be taken with you thanks to a collapsible design. This collapsible hulauch, equipped with removable segments, provides the opportunity to change its diameter( just change the number of segments).

The presence of cavities inside the segments allows you to weight the hoop, filling them with sand or croup. Modified in this way, the hoop option can be used for weight loss.

  • Magnetic
Hulahup with magnets that create a magnetic field, promotes the acceleration of metabolism, the blood supply of tissues and their enrichment with oxygen due to weak currents arising in the blood and in lymph.
  • Soft

What is made of this comfortable rubber projectile? To produce it, use reinforced rubber, and before training, pumped with air.

Due to the extraordinary elasticity of the material, the flexible hoop is used not only for rotation, but also during the stretching exercises of the upper and lower extremities( like an expander).

In principle, all kinds of hoolahups are suitable for weight loss, but the greatest efficiency is observed as a result of training with a weighted and massage projectile.
Hulahop. How to use and who is useful - video:

How to choose a slimming shoe for losing weight

Modern sports stores can offer customers a wide range of hoops. How to make the right choice and buy exactly what in a short time will help to correct the stale figure?

  • The main criterion for choosing a hoop should be a feeling of comfort arising during rotation. Choosing hulahop, you need to turn it right in the store to see if it suits you at all.
  • Another important parameter of hoop selection is weight selection.
    Beginners should not buy too heavy a hoop to avoid excessive stress on the spine. They are suitable for a light aluminum hoop.
  • Girls who are involved in the regime of moderate loads and wishing to increase the intensity of their training, it is worth buying hulauchup weighing up to one and a half kilograms.
  • For experienced athletes with a high level of athletic training, which regularly include the use of a hoop in the training process, a massive massage hoop weighing more than two kilograms is suitable.
  • A very popular hulauchup for weight loss, made of plastic and equipped with massage balls, is very popular.

Hulahup - contraindications( to whom it may be harmful?)

Harm from using a hoop can be observed in case of non-observance of a number of few contraindications. When is it not worth using hulahop?

  • During menstruation.
  • If there is uterine fibroids.
  • Patients with ovarian disease, liver and kidney problems.
  • To people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • In old age.
  • At any time of pregnancy.

Classes using the hoop will help strengthen the abdominal muscles after childbirth. You can start training after 1.5 months after the birth of the child. Preliminary consultation of a doctor who has a woman is mandatory.

Recommendation on rotation of the hoop

Any beginner has a question: how to rotate the hulaohup? The instruction on the technique of its rotation recommends the following:

  1. Having risen directly and equally distributing the weight of the body on both feet, place the legs on the width of the shoulders. Socks should be deployed outwards.
  2. The position of the hoop is at the waist level.
  3. Making vigorous movements with the muscles of the hips and waist, begin to unwind the hoop.
  4. Gradually, the whole body and various muscle groups should be involved in the rotation of the hulaohup.

Organization of classes with hoolahup

How much to rotate the hulaohup to get satisfactory results and how to organize the training process?

  • The very first training should not exceed 4-5 minutes. Their duration should be increased gradually( up to 35-40 minutes), so that the body can adapt to the load.
  • Rotating hulauchup is best, dressed in a neoprene thermo belt and a tight suit: this will speed up the burning of fat and prevent the formation of bruises.
  • The intensity of training should take into account the level of physical fitness. It is not necessary to force events and start with excessive loads: this will bring nothing but fatigue and disappointment.
About hoolahup and classes with him - expert advice in video:
  • Lessons should be regular: it is better to rotate the hoop for ten minutes a day than to spend one hour of training. The most effective can be considered the use of hulahup 5 times a week.
  • Strong fatigue at the end of workdays should not be the reason for abandoning the planned occupation: even a very short training, which mobilizes the body, will contribute to the loss of excess weight.
  • Rotating hulahop is best for energetic music: this training will be more productive and interesting. Some people like to watch TV programs at this moment, and some prefer to rotate hulahop in the fresh air: at the stadium, in the park or just in the courtyard.
  • There are no restrictions on the time of training: someone spends them in the early morning, before breakfast, and someone - in the evening, after work. It is necessary only not to forget that any physical exercises performed three hours before bedtime are categorically forbidden.

Exercises with slimming for weight loss

In this section you will find effective exercises with a hoop for weight loss. Video:

Let's give another example of a complex of simple exercises using hulahop.

  1. With his legs spread to the width of his shoulders, they put their hands on the back of the head, clasping them in the "lock".Perform the rotation of the hoop at the waist( at least six approaches for 40 seconds).After a while, the duration of each approach can be increased to two minutes. To fully exercise the muscles, you need to change the direction of rotation of the hulaohup from time to time.
  2. For slimming the sides of the and reducing the waist, the following exercise is suitable. Spreading his legs to the width of his shoulders, raise the hoop over his head, taking him by the opposite edges. Alternately perform four circular rotations of the body and the same number of slopes( forward-backward and left-right).
  3. Another exercise for correcting the waist line. The position of the legs remains the same. The dropped hoop is held in front of you in outstretched arms. Perform five turns of the body to the left and right. Each turn is followed by a short exhalation.
  4. For slimming on the hips of the and strengthening the gluteal muscles, the following exercise is useful. Straightening his back and putting his feet to the width of his shoulders, they rest their hands in the sides, and the hulaohup rotates at the level of the hips. Perform six sixteen-second approaches. The direction of rotation all the time alternate.
  5. This exercise is suitable for weight loss of the abdomen , correction of pectoral muscles, strengthening of the legs and gluteal muscles. The legs are again set shoulder width apart, one arm( at the chest level) is extended forward, the second is at the waist. The rotation of the hoop on the hand( just above the wrist level) is performed. There are four two-minute approaches. This exercise is no less effective for slimming your hands.

Performing these simple but effective exercises day after day, extremely useful for health, you can again make your figure slim and beautiful.

The effectiveness of using hoodooop

When talking about whether hulahup helps to lose excess weight, the most frequently asked questions are:

  • How many calories are burned during its rotation?
  • How many turns of a hoop to achieve a good result?

The answer can not be universal, since in each situation it is necessary to take into account both the training tempo, the hoop rotation time, and the type of simulator used.

There is evidence that the rotation of the hulaohup for 100 minutes can burn about a thousand calories and reduce the waist by six millimeters.

The result of daily training can be a slender waist, losing from three to six centimeters of its original volume.

  • A half hour training using a hoop can burn about two hundred calories. In the case of very intense training, you can spend up to six hundred calories in one hour.
    Increased intensity and more efficient burning of calories contributes to the implementation of additional loads: rotation of the hoop with a rack on one leg or when making dance moves.
  • British scientists have concluded that the daily 10-minute rotation of the hulaohup for two weeks can reduce the waist by one centimeter. The size of the figure in the hips will decrease by the same amount.

Reviews about hulahup for weight loss

Reviews of those who have already used hulauchup for weight loss, for the most part are positive.

  • Most girls ( because most often this trainer is used by women) note that hulahup really helps to restore the former slenderness to the figure, saving her from the accumulation of fat on the abdomen, sides and hips. As evidence, many of them post their photos taken before and after the start of training with hulauchup.
  • The benefits of training using the hoop for men is primarily to get rid of the "beer" tummy that is so characteristic of some of them, since it is this projectile that is able to pull up straight and oblique abdominal muscles. Reviews of men who used the hoop to restore the lost waist and pumping the muscles of the abdominal press, confirm the validity of claims about its extreme usefulness for human health.
The doctors' comments on the possibility of using hulahop to combat excess weight and figure correction also give a positive evaluation to this most useful sports projectile.

However, specialists-gastroenterologists do not advise patients who have problems with the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, resort to such training.

  • How effective are hoop exercises for fat people? The feedback of those who managed to cope with the hated overweight is an eloquent testimony to the fact that they undoubtedly give a good result, but at the same time it is necessary to connect several auxiliary factors, among which the crucial role is played by proper nutrition.
Feedback on hula hat. Before and after classes, a month later - video:
  • Negative feedback from on some types of hulaohups in most cases is due to painful sensations and bruises that inevitably appear on the bodies of girls just starting to train. As already mentioned above, this phenomenon is temporary and is the initial reaction of an unprepared organism to the introduction of an unusual sporting load.
  • Reviews posted on relevant sites and forums often contain information on the cost, parameters, strengths and weaknesses of various types of hulaohups.


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