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Many people tend to think that a photo session at home is doomed to failure. If you are so tuned, then it will be so. But do not rush to believe such a judgment, because in the art of photography it is important not so much where the shooting is conducted, as the coherence of the whole production as a whole. An important role is played by the photographer. If it's a professional, he'll take pictures of it against the background of the sedimentation tanks. Yes, and do not generally disparaging attitude to the possibility of a photo session at home, because there, as they say, and the walls are warmed. In general, this kind of shooting is called a little different - "shooting in the interior."And the fact that this is your home interior, no one to know and do not need.

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Another plus to referring to a good photographer is that, that in his arsenal there is always a professional technique necessary for shooting in such conditions. As a rule, there are no additional light sources in the average house or apartment, and the existing lighting is not exactly enough for high-quality shooting. As a result, the result of the photo session will be on the C grade with a minus sign.

Before inviting a photographer, you need to decide on the theme, genre, maybe even the storyline and honestly evaluate your interior. But do not worry if in the situation you do not like something, because the frame will get a minimum. Sometimes enough and one corner in the room to shoot a whole series of photos of a different nature. However, even if you are completely disappointed in the interior, it does not hurt to make in his beautiful portrait photos in tandem with subject photography.

It is always worth remembering the following: not the interior in the main role, namely you. Your task is to work out your image for a photo shoot to perfection. Take into account all the details, choose the style. By the way, romantic, classical style, "pin-up", "retro", "drama", "vamp" and so on are appropriate in this framework. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from.

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Images, ideas, posing

Here is a list of the most common ideas for a photo shoot.

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Nostalgia or drama

The photosession is held by candlelight. Accents should be made on such attributes, which in the literary plan are associated with everything tragic, cause nostalgia. This includes rose petals or a lone rose lying on the bed / floor, a glass of wine, open books, albums with photos, just a photo, a smoking cigarette and so on. In order to convey a note of sadness in a photo session, it's best to spend it near a window or in a cozy corner, on a chair with a rug. You can go further into the genre. For more emotionality in the photo session, postures on the floor are suitable, for example, you can lie curled around the bed, or sit with your knees bent to your chin, in some dreary corner, and next to you is a half empty bottle of wine, scattered photos, burning candles.

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Gentle romance

For this option you can dress up in a classic or romantic style, or you can even save your home cosiness, choosing between comfortable everyday clothes or sexy negligee, night sets. The purpose of such a photo shoot is to show in a beautiful light a few moments from your life, for example, how you cook and drink coffee, how you paint, when you're going on a date, how to take a bath, or indulge in beauty before bed, how to make a cake. By and large, it does not matter which scenario you choose, the main thing is to have a slight half-smile on your lips, and your eyes glow with a kind spark.

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Unrestrained fun

This option is suitable for all fidgets. Who said that at home you can not have fun at all? That's it, no one! It is desirable to hold such a photo session with friends. It can be organized in the framework of such ideas as a pajama or themed party, a hen party and so on. But one you will also not be bored. For example, you can shoot your day only with a humorous point of view: how do you clean the house and sing along in the hairbrush, how you cook the pie and completely messed with the flour, how are you going on a date, and everything is falling from your hands.

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Children's shooting

A separate approach is being built for children's shooting at home. Photoshoot of a child at home can be both genre, and ordinary, non-topic. It is best to spend it in the usual situation for the baby. His room or place, where he feels comfortable, will do.

It is necessary to give time to the child in such a survey, so that he is accustomed to the photographer and the process itself.

The first 50-100 frames, as a rule, are trial.

Never force a child to pose and look into the camera if he does not want to. Ask him to turn, spin, scream something, but do not perform some kind of pose. This will only stall the baby.

Ideas for a photo session of a house of this nature are a lot. Here is the list of the most popular:

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Almost all children will cheerfully and cheerfully behave in the environment of their favorite toys. So, boys can be asked to play a war, build something. Girls - play with dolls, hold a tea party with toys, etc.

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Dressing up in adults

Toddlers look very appealing in the image of adults. It is not necessary to put the whole ensemble on the child. Enough accents. For example, a boy's big daddy's cap, and for a girl-mother's shoes.

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To implement this idea, you will need themed suits. These can be costumes of Disney heroes and other cartoons, fairy tales, fairy-tale characters, Christmas and Easter characters. But you can also put the child in a more unusual costume, for example, choose a dress of a dragon, a hobbit, a small gladiator, etc.

Alesya Vereitinova

Ambiguous is the case - photosession at home. The main thing is that it did not turn out cheap! Simply, when you hear this phrase willy-nilly, the so-called "pictures" - so-called ladies, against the background of a carpet, shabby wall or a Soviet refrigerator) are represented. Just do not think that I'm against such warm cozy home photo sessions. I'm just behind! Especially for young parents. When a child is just a baby, it is often impossible to go somewhere with him. Or most of the paid time he will cry. And at home, as they say, and the walls are supported. Just need to understand exactly what you want to photograph, listen to the advice from this article( they are really efficient!) And do not pile up in one picture all the furniture, all the plants and all the members of the family. And you can still take as a basis abovepublished photos. I, for example, have already been inspired and will definitely try!=)
Successful all photo shoots, Friends!)


We have a wooden house, many rooms, and of course with a fireplace. My friends and I always make photos at home, it's fun and cheap. So this weekend we dressed in long colorful dresses, the head of the Pavlopasadsky kerchief was tied up, and the real Russian beauties at the fireplace turned out.

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