Cooked Easter - recipes with cottage cheese and without

  • Easter brewed "Festive"
  • Easter cooked "Home"
  • Boiled Easter( video)
  • Easter brewed "Creamy"
  • Brewed Easter cake( video)
  • Easter brewed with candied fruits
  • Easter brewed "Chocolate" with lemon glaze
  • Easter withoutcottage cheese «Tender»
  • Easter «Red» on melted milk
  • Easter on sour cream baked
  • Baked easter with raisins and cream

Easter is one of the indispensable attributes of the Easter table. The rules for preparing "raw" curd Easter are known to many. But, not everyone knows the recipe for boiled Easter. Of course, the creation of this delicacy will have to work, but its taste is more than compensated for the time spent. The main ingredient in the vast majority of cooked or custard recipes is cottage cheese.

Easter brewed "Festive"

This cooked Easter cake got its name not by chance. Here there are all possible "easter" additives: raisins, crushed nuts, colorful cubes of candied fruits.


  • eggs( 5 pcs.);
  • butter( 1 pack);
  • sour cream of high fat content( 360 g);
  • sugar( 300 g);
  • cottage cheese( 900 g);
  • raisins light, candied fruits, crushed walnuts( 50 g each).

Preparation process:

  1. Beat the eggs.
  2. Soft butter and sour cream put in cottage cheese. Mix the eggs to them.
  3. Blend the mixture to a boil in a saucepan, constantly stirring it with a spoon.
  4. After boiling, turn off the fire immediately. Cool the weight without stopping it.
    Raisins stand for a quarter of an hour in hot water.
  5. In the cooled mass to pour out the sand. Mix until it completely disappears. Then put raisins and chopped nuts. Mix again.
  6. Distribute mass in form. To sustain it under the yoke of 11-13 hours. Lay on Easter patterns from candied fruits.

Easter cooked "Home"

This recipe can be safely called "classic of the genre."The dish prepared on it has a soft taste of raisins and vanilla. Of course, it will suit those who are used to eating Easter at a visit to my grandmother and mother.


  • butter( 1 packet);
  • cottage cheese( 900 g);
  • vanillin( pinch);
  • sugar( 120 g);
  • raisins( 30 g);
  • eggs( 3 pcs.);
  • cream( 5 tbsp.).

Preparation process:

  1. Eggs should be slightly stirred. Stir with vanilla, cream and sand.
  2. Place the mixture on a water bath. Heat, stirring.
  3. As soon as the water in the "bath" boils, add the butter to the mass, previously cut into small cubes.
  4. Continue cooking for about a quarter of an hour, remembering to stir. By the end of cooking, the mass should become thick.
  5. Cottage cheese twice through the grate mincers.
  6. Pour hot mass into it, knead it. Add raisins to cooked Easter cake.
  7. Place the curd mixture in a mold and leave it under the yoke for 14-15 hours.

Boiled Easter( video)

Easter brewed "Creamy"

The name "Creamy" speaks for itself. This dish puts a lot of cream and butter. For this reason, it is obtained not only unusually tasty, but also very high in calories. On this recipe, only those who are not afraid to recover slightly during the holidays can stop their choice.


  • almonds refined( 50 g);
  • cottage cheese of high fat content( 900 g);
  • butter( 250 g);
  • vanillin( pinch);
  • sugar( 1.5 cups);
  • raisins( 30 g);
  • cream( 300 ml);
  • eggs( 5 pcs.).


  1. Beat with sugar and vanillin with eggs. Mix mass with cream.
  2. Put the mixture on a stove and, stirring, wait until it starts to boil.
  3. Melt the butter, diced.
  4. Curd the cheese through the sieve. Pour the oil and hot egg mixture into it.
  5. Raisins soak in boiling water. Cut almonds with a sharp knife. Mix them with cottage cheese.
  6. Put the mixture in a pasochnitsu, covered with a damp gauze cloth, and leave for 24 hours under the yoke.

Brewed Easter curd( video)

Easter brewed with candied fruit

This delicacy will be especially liked by children. Thanks to candied fruits, cottage cheese, cooked according to this recipe, will not only please with bright taste, but also create a festive Easter mood.


  • sugar( 200 g);
  • butter( 1 packet);
  • curd( 1 kg);
  • eggs( 3 pieces);
  • candied fruits( 200 g);
  • ground almonds( 50 g);
  • cream of high fat content( 200 ml);
  • crust of lemon and orange;
  • whole almond kernels( for decoration).

Preparation process:

  1. Cut citrus cut into small squares.
  2. Mix the crusts, vanilla and half the candied fruits with the almonds.
  3. Curd wipe through a sieve.
  4. Beat the softened oil. Mix with it cottage cheese.
  5. Divide yolks and proteins. Squirrels are removed to the cold, and beat the yolks with a mixer together with sugar.
  6. Heat the cream. Slowly introduce whipped eggs into them.
  7. Stirring, heat creamy-egg mass. It should be thawed hot, but it should not boil.
  8. Place saucepan with a mixture on a water bath. Cool it down. After that, put in it a mixture of candied fruits, almond crumbs and crusts. Add the cottage cheese.
  9. Put the resulting mass in a hand-rolled gauze pasochnitsa. Leave it under the yoke for 14 hours.

Easter brewed "Chocolate" with lemon glaze

This dish, reminiscent of a festive cake, will decorate the table. It is suitable for lunch in a narrow family circle, and for a large feast.


  • high fat sour cream( 800 g);
  • bitter chocolate( 2 tiles);
  • cottage cheese( 1 packet);
  • butter( 2 packs);
  • egg yolks( 6 pcs.)
  • cream( 100 ml);
  • vanilla sugar( half a sachet);
  • sugar( 300 g);
  • crushed almonds( 70 g).

For glaze:

  • powdered sugar( 150 g);
  • lemon juice( 2-3 tablespoons);
  • egg white( 1 pc.).


  1. Smetana put on gauze, folded twice. Make a gauze pouch and hang it over the container to make the glass serum.
  2. Wipe the chocolate thoroughly. Spoon the tablespoon for sprinkling.
  3. Yolks grind with cream and sugar. Mix chocolate chips with them.
  4. Put the mixture in a water bath. Bring it to a boil, stirring continuously. Cool it down.
  5. Cut into small cubes of oil. When it becomes soft, whip it with a fork.
  6. Combine butter with sour cream and mixture with eggs.
  7. Curd curd in a meat grinder with a frequent grate twice. Mix with the rest of the products. Add the ground almonds.
  8. Put the curd mixture in the pasochnik. Put under the decay for 20 hours.
  9. For glaze with a wooden spoon grind into a homogeneous shiny mass of lemon juice and powder. Gently mix it with the whipped protein( you can not add it)
  10. Prepare the Easter to decorate with glaze and chocolate.
Ironically, cooked Easter can be cooked without the use of cottage cheese. Variants of recipes for such a meal are placed below.

Easter without cottage cheese "Delicate"

This dish turns out very soft and melting in the mouth. Ryazhenka gives him an easy sourness, and vanilla is an easily recognizable Easter scent.


  • milk( 2 liters);
  • sour cream( 300 g);
  • butter( 100 g);
  • ryazhenka( 2 liters);
  • sugar( 1.5 cups);Egg yolks
  • ( 6 pcs.);
  • vanilla sugar( 1 sachet).

Preparation process:

  1. Yolks grind white with sand.
  2. Pour the sour cream, milk and ryazhenka into the pan. Add the yolks. To mix.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring constantly for several minutes. During this time, the serum should leave.
  4. Cool the contents of the saucepan and put it in a gauze pouch. Suspend it for 2-3 hours over a wide container to get rid of the serum.
  5. Rinse the softened oil with vanilla and plain sugar.
  6. Put a lot of gauze in a bowl. Connect it to the oil mixture. Transfer to a vase and decorate.

Easter "Red" on the melted milk

This delicacy is the dream of any gourmet. Homemade cottage cheese from different dairy products makes its taste unusually rich.


  • egg yolk( 1 pc.);
  • sour cream( 3 cups);
  • milk is melted( 2 liters);
  • curdled milk( 2 liters);
  • sugar( 1 glass);
  • vanillin( pinch).

Preparation process:

  1. Pour the melted milk into a saucepan and put on a stove. Wait until it becomes warm.
  2. Yolk with a fork.
  3. Mix dairy products with yolk.
  4. While stirring constantly, boil the mixture over medium heat until serum is released.
  5. Drain the serum, and hang the remaining thick mass in a bag of gauze over a container. Wait until the remaining residue of whey.
  6. The resultant cottage cheese flavored with vanillin and sugar. Put it in the form. Keep under the yoke for 15 hours.

At the end of our review, recipes of baked Easter cottage cheese are placed. This dish is not only a special taste. It is more "durable".In addition, it can be prepared in advance.

Easter on sour cream baked

This dish to taste very much resembles a curd cake, but it does not contain a gram of flour. A special-festive look gives Easter cream.


For base:

  • egg yolks( 6 pcs.);
  • curd( 1.5 kg);
  • raisins( 100 g);
  • sugar( 2 cups);
  • sour cream 20%( 400 g);
  • vanilla sugar( 1 sachet);
  • butter( 300 g).

For cream:

  • butter( 100 g);
  • boiled condensed milk( 1 pot);
  • nuts are walnuts( 90 g).

Cooking process:

  1. Rice nut kernels. Mix with boiled condensed milk and softened butter. Remove the cream in the cold.
  2. Raisins soften in boiling water.
  3. Cottage cheese squeeze, twice pass through a frequent lattice. Connect with sour cream.
  4. Rinse the softened oil with sugar.
  5. Whisk yolks. Mix with cottage cheese, sour cream, butter and sugar. Add raisins and vanilla sugar.
  6. Put the mixture into a mold and bake at medium temperature until a crust is formed.
  7. To make the easter easter frozen, it should be put in a cold room for 2 hours.
  8. Put the cream in a confectionery syringe and decorate the cooled dish.

Baked easter with raisins and cream

This delicacy, unlike the previous one, is prepared with the use of flour. Therefore, to your liking, it reminds both Easter and Easter cakes.


  • sugar( 180 g);
  • creamy fat( 50 g);
  • candied fruits( 25 g);
  • curd( 1 kg);
  • eggs( 8 pcs.);
  • flour( 110 g);
  • raisins( 30 g).


  1. Separate the proteins and yolks. Place the yolks in a wide bowl. Proteins put in a cold place.
  2. Raisins pour hot water for 10 minutes.
    Then dry the berries with a napkin and roll in flour or starch.
  3. Yolks with a fork. Add cream and sugar to them. Grind to homogeneity.
  4. Mix the egg mixture with cottage cheese, raisins, flour and candied fruits.
  5. Protein whip until foamy. Carefully pour them into the curd mass. Mix.
  6. Put Easter in the pan and bake at medium temperature.

In the review, we tried to present various options for preparing a traditional Easter dish. Of course, this is not a complete list of possible recipes. But, we hope that one of them will suit you.

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