How to keep apples for the winter

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Apples are one of the most useful fruits. And they are almost all year round available, they can be easily bought. But, of course, the best and most useful will be apples collected in your own garden.

Alas, it's not always possible to eat apples in the middle of winter. The time of preservation of fruits depends on the kind of apples, on their condition, the way of storage.

Which apples can be stored for a long time

When selecting apples for storage, one should select:

  • is the strongest and dense;
  • is not wormy;
  • is not rotten;
  • without cracks and defects;
  • preferably not quite ripe;
  • fruits of winter varieties;
  • with a peduncle.

The best apples are harvested at the end of September. Collecting the crop, it is worthwhile to double-check it, to exclude the entry of "defective" fruits, which can lead to damage to the whole harvest during storage.

Rules for storing apples

Next, each apple should be wrapped in a dry, clean newspaper. In this case, the temperature and humidity regimes must be observed. Store apples at a temperature of +4 to -1 degrees. The humidity should be about 85%.

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There are several ways to lay apples for storage. Let's consider more in detail.

  1. This method requires a wooden box or cardboard box, sawdust and apples themselves. We lay the apples upright with the stems, and the empty space between them is covered with dry sawdust. Sometimes dry sawdust is used instead of sawdust. The main thing is that these materials are well dried and prevent the formation of moisture, otherwise it can lead to rotting of all fruits.
  2. For the next method, you will need Vaseline and regular dry wipes. Napkins are impregnated with vaseline and they wrap apples. Then put in wooden boxes or paper boxes.
  3. This method requires a polyethylene film and wax paper. At the bottom of the container, this film is laid, apples are wrapped in waxed paper and stacked.
  4. You can also store apples in very dense plastic bags. To do this, put the fruits in plastic bags, tie up the bags and make small punctures in them.

Freezing and drying apples

Many people still practice this way of preparing apples, like freezing. This of course does not give such an effect and benefit, like fresh apples. But you can make from such apples, for example, compote.

Very useful are considered dried apples. If possible, you should dry apples and enjoy in winter a useful compote of dried fruits.

Having prepared for the winter at least a small amount of apple harvests, you can please yourself and loved ones with tasty and useful vitamins.

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