Lamps for drying shellac: what is needed, what are the differences

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Shellac coating has long been one of the most demanded procedures in manicure salons. And this is not surprising: a manicure with shellac looks and looks very long( 3-4 weeks).Now many women of fashion want to learn how to do this themselves, but just buying a different color is not enough. A lamp for shellac is mandatory. This device, without which it will not freeze. There are three main types of such lamps. Let's look at each of them to find out which species is the best.

Ultraviolet lamps

It was the ultraviolet lamp that appeared first. This was the reason that at the moment it is found in most masters. In addition, a huge advantage is the extensive selection of these devices. A variety of designs and colors of the cases, a wide price range - all this allows you to pick up a lamp for every taste and purse.

However, the color and design of the lamp - the characteristics of secondary, much more important indicator - the power. UV lamps for shellac are available with a capacity of 9, 18, 36, 54 W.One light bulb is 9 watts. The total power of the device depends on the number of these bulbs.

Accordingly, the higher the power, the faster the shellac polymerizes and the less time it takes to create a manicure. Masters agree that the optimal power option is 36 W, that is 4 light bulbs per device. Drying in this case takes 2 minutes.

When choosing a lamp, pay attention to the presence of a timer. In the cheapest models it is automatically set for 1 or 2 minutes. In some models, there are 2 timer modes: 1 or 2 minutes and endless work, switching on and off occurs when the button is pressed.

The most expensive models are equipped with a second-hand timer. This mode will help you extend the life of the bulbs.

Another nuance is the size of the device. In the salons often put a large lamp, allowing you to dry two hands at once and save time. However, for home use, you will be fine with a miniature lamp for one hand, which does not take up much space.

It is impossible not to mention the shortcomings of the UV-device, as they, alas, are. However, there are only three of them:

  1. UV rays have a bad effect on the eyes. Do not look into the device.
  2. Also these rays dry the skin of hands a little.
  3. Bulbs have a burn out property, so sooner or later they will have to be changed to new ones.

LED lamps

Now let's move on to LED devices or, more simply, LED lamps for shellac. They are much younger than their ultraviolet "colleagues."

The main advantage of LED is that the coating dries much faster in them. It is worth such a device is somewhat more expensive than the previous version, but it will last you longer. However, even if one of the diodes fails, you can still continue to use the device without losing quality. Recently, more and more often you can not find such expensive models of ice lamps.

For home use the best option is 6 watts. In it, the coating will dry up in just 10-30 seconds. In addition, this option is excellent for masters who travel to customers, because such a device is as light, miniature and compact.

When choosing a model for the house, be sure to make sure that the diodes are located not only on the top, but also on the sides. Only this option will allow you to evenly dry your nails. As for the timer, some dryers are equipped with sensor sensors, they turn on when you lower your hand, and turn off when you take your hand.

LED rays do not dry the skin and are not harmful to vision. Their only drawback is that they can not dry all the gel-lacquers. Therefore, if you have purchased an ice dryer, carefully approach the selection of coatings.

gas-discharge lamps The gas-filled lamps( CCFL) are equipped with a cold cathode. At the moment, this species is found most rarely among masters. It has many advantages:

  • Low power consumption( main difference from the previous two options).
  • Durability, wear resistance.
  • Safety for hands and nails.
  • Possibility to dry absolutely all kinds of gels-varnishes.

As for the time for which shellase polymerization takes place, it can vary depending on the model. The average range is from half a minute to three. Gaslight devices are quite expensive, so for home use they do not make sense to buy.

Which lamp is better?

Now that you know all the features of the dryers, we can finally answer the question of how to choose a lamp for shellac and not lose it.

The best option for a home is the UV lamp. The main reason is that ultraviolet can dry all kinds of gels, varnishes, and the manufacturer of shellac recommends drying with it. Under the LED lamp you will have to look for gels with the corresponding "LED" mark, which is quite inconvenient.

So, to choose the right dryer, pay attention to its power and the availability of a timer.

The perfect solution is to buy a model with a timer for 10, 90, 120 and 180 seconds. If you plan to take the dryer with you on a trip, give preference to miniature versions equipped with a carrying handle.

In addition, pay attention to two more subtleties. First, it is best to take a mirror inside the UV lamp. This will provide you with a higher polymerization depth. Secondly, choose a model with a pull-out bottom. This will simplify the care of the device, its cleaning and replacement of parts if necessary.

As for the design of the device, then everything remains completely at your discretion. Someone prefers to buy a pink lamp in the form of a heart, and someone likes the classic white rectangular version. Fortunately, modern manufacturers create a design for every taste.

To avoid getting into trouble, it's best to buy dryers in official stores or on official websites of manufacturers. This ensures you receive a quality product. In the opposite case, you run the risk of stumbling upon unscrupulous sellers. If you see an ad for the sale of a suspiciously cheap lamp, carefully read all its shortcomings so that you do not have to buy a new dryer in a couple of months. Remember that a quality dryer can last very, very long.

How to make a manicure with shellac using a lamp

What kind of lamp is needed for manicure, you already know, now let's take a step-by-step look at the procedure for doing manicure using a special dryer.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to nail the desired shape with the nail file and work with cuticles. To do this, you can use the classic techniques of edged manicure, perform an unedged European manicure using acids or simply push the cuticle with a stick.
  2. Next, moisten the wadded disk or napkin with a degreasing agent and thoroughly rub the nails. If you skip this step, shellac will not stay and get down in a couple of days.
  3. Now you need to start applying the base. Begin to work with four fingers( with all but the big one).The base should be applied to the nail as thin as possible. This layer should be dried in a lamp for one minute.
  4. After the base, you can apply directly shellac. They should always seal the nail: after it is completely painted, the brush should be drawn along the outer edge of the nail plate. Dry shellac should be as long as indicated on the package.
  5. After the first layer has polymerized, it is possible to apply and dry the second layer. Apply as many layers as needed to get the desired shade.
  6. The finishing coat is the finish coat. It makes the marigold shine. This coating also needs to be dried in the dryer.
  7. Now all the procedures described above should be repeated with a thumb.
  8. At the end of the procedure, the nail plates should be thoroughly wiped with a degreasing agent. This is necessary to remove the upper adhesive layer.
  9. If you want your manicure to look as good as possible, at the very end, apply a few drops of special oil to the cuticle.
At first glance it may seem that such a manicure takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, when you get a little skilled, you can perform the procedure quickly and without the slightest problem.
Of course, it will take a little longer to apply shellac than regular nail polish. However, it will be incomparably longer. You can completely forget about the procedure of manicure for three or four weeks, and you will not be completely limited in your actions: with shellac you can easily bathe in the sea or pool, wash dishes and cook: it does not suffer from it at all.

Nail polishing with gel-varnish - video

Is it possible to dry shellac without a lamp?

At first glance, shellac differs little from conventional nail polish. However, in fact, it has a completely different drying technology. Many girls want to save on buying a lamp and are therefore wondering how to dry shellac without this simple adaptation.

Alas, a lamp can not be dispensed with. No time, no exposure to heat or ordinary light - none of this will make your shellac polymerize. It is not necessary to conduct experiments, unfortunately, they will fail. Just trust the experience of girls who have already tried unsuccessfully to dry shellac without using a lamp.

It just does not dry out, you just waste your time and energy. If you are determined to do this at home, get a special dryer. It is not so expensive, the money spent on it will pay off very quickly, because you will save on the trips to the manicure salons.

Manicure, made by themselves, is a guarantee of protection against germs and performance. Independently doing this procedure, you will save a lot of time and money, you do not have to search for your "own" trowel, visiting nonprofessional specialists. As they say, you want to do something good, do it yourself. If you get your own drying machine for shellac, you can do a variety of types of manicure without leaving home.


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