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Planning a wedding is very often turns into a headache for the heroes of the occasion, especially if they do not have a common vision for the future of the holiday. That is why it is better to unite the details of the upcoming festivities with a common idea. Orange wedding is a variant of an atmospheric party, which will be remembered not only for its brightness, but also for its warm, homely atmosphere.

image of the bride in the framework of an orange wedding

«Orange Wedding" - so called couple holiday, the focus of which is on all shades of orange. This solar celebration, perhaps, has its own principles, but it does not shift the emphasis from the main character of the holiday, namely the bride. It is the lady who will have to set the tone for everything that is happening, so her image must contain notes of this bright color.

The first task that occurs when organizing a wedding in orange is the choice of a wedding dress. What models should I pay special attention to?

  1. Orange is considered to be a very bright and cheerful, so the dress should not hamper the movement of the bride, and ideally it should choose loose-fitting dress or with a short skirt.
  2. Very impressive look outfits with a yellow or light orange lining, which barely shines through the white satin.
  3. Another version of the thematic dress is an outfit with a pattern on the hem, made with orange crystals or various sparkles.
  4. You can add variety to your image with an orange ribbon that will decorate the waist in the form of a bow or become a corset lacing.

Of course, a completely orange dress is a very daring option, and only women with original vision of their own image can decide it. All the rest should make this color with the help of details: a variety of satin ribbons or drawings on the dress.

If a woman likes a more restrained, classic image, then the orange accent can be expressed in the shoes or decorating the hairstyle. For example, a girl can safely give preference to a slightly shortened dress to the ankles, from under which orange socks toes will protrude. Onions in the end will be extremely effective, and all at the expense of a tiny detail.

Also, the bride can lay her hair with curls in the form of a careless basket, inserting fresh flowers into it. On the head, you can place a beautiful diadem with light orange stones or crown the hair with a satin ribbon of the chosen color. Even the tiniest accent can change the female image completely, bringing it closer to the theme of celebration.

The image of the groom and guests of the celebration

It's not difficult to dress the lover in the orange style. A brave man who loves to experiment with his image, can sew his own trousers and a jacket of this color. The groom will look very bright, and this only emphasizes the playful temper of the couple. For a more classic celebrations suited following options for convergence of the male image with the theme of the celebration:

  • tie or butterfly chosen shade - the easiest way to make the image brighter and more original;
  • dilute the wedding bow can be with the help of orange suspenders or shoes of this color;
  • , some men give preference to hats with a thematic orange ribbon tied around the crown;
  • the bride can make for her chosen boutonniere, using yellow leaves and orange flowers.

A tiny orange detail will not spoil even the classic male image. However, to exercise excessive love of color is not worth orange suit in conjunction with the same color tie and shoes will look funny, not original, disturbing the harmony of the image pair. Some men altogether dispense with orange shades in his attire, preferring the classic tuxedo, and at the same time harmonious look next to the bride.

Organizing an wedding in orange colors, you will have to think over the dresses of the guests. With men, it's usually simple: just buy the same butterflies or boutonniere for them - and the holiday image is ready! The bride's bridesmaids will have to dress much more carefully, because all the dresses simply have to be combined with each other.

Outfits do not necessarily have to be the same color. Moreover, the perpetrators of the celebration can show originality, dressing each girl in a dress for a tone darker than that of her previous girlfriend. Thus, all the girls will be dressed in the same scale, but the image of each will be individual. In addition, with a whole palette of bright orange shades, you'll get great photos.

The length of the dresses is preferably the same. If it is a question of an autumn wedding, then it is worth giving preference to long, dramatic outfits in the Greek style.

By the way, as part of the autumn wedding for each bridesmaids, you can pick up a bouquet of beautiful colored leaves, and then the theme of the holiday will be perfectly consistent!

Decoration of the hall for the orange wedding

The design of the room where the banquet will be held is a real challenge. The orange color usually looks very bright, and here it is important not to bend the stick with your own design aspirations. So, what can you decorate the hall in the framework of the chosen concept?

  1. On the tables you can place vases with oranges. These fruits can also decorate plates or an arch, under which the newlyweds will utter touching oaths of loyalty to each other.
  2. Decorate the room with floral arrangements of asters, tulips, roses.
  3. You can also complete the hall design with real and painted maple leaves of orange color.
  4. Widely used and fabrics of peach, apricot, orange.

Decorating the hall, it is worth having a clear idea of ​​the combination of different shades. For example, white-orange wedding implies the decoration of the hall with snow-white and red flowers, fabrics and so on. Diluting the bright shade of the pastel scale, the culprits of the celebration will be able to make the decor not so screaming.

Additionally, you should consider the subject of the event. For example, the hall can be decorated in the style of an autumn fairy tale or even in the spirit of Halloween. In the second case, you get a kind of Gothic wedding, and the main colors are orange and black.

On the tables you can place tablecloths of peach color, and instead of vases with flowers put in the center of a beautiful bowl with oranges. If the solemn ceremony takes place in the open air, then around the altar, you can place a variety of baskets of flowers, hang around everywhere oranges on the thread.

Beautiful flowers, for example, asters and gerberas, fitting into thematic shades, can decorate tables, passage to the altar and even the curls of the bride. Newlyweds should actively use a variety of shades of key color, so that the decorated hall seemed to be as original as possible. For decoration, you can also use maple leaves, which with the advent of autumn are painted in bright yellow or light orange color.

Many couples additionally ask their guests to decorate in orange colors gifts and cards, supporting the overall atmosphere of the holiday. Invitations can be decorated with artificial flower petals or autumn leaves, hinting at the specifics of the future holiday. In a word, the more the bride and groom show their imagination, the better, because the holiday will only benefit from this.

Bridal bouquet and festive cake

Often a single image of the wedding celebration can be created only due to small details, and they have to devote a lot of time. For example, a holiday cake must necessarily include elements of orange color. It can be decorated with leaves, flowers, as well as butterflies and abstract figures.

Yellow-orange wedding allows pastry cooks to experiment with ingredients, creating real sweet masterpieces.

  • If the wedding is arranged in the style of Halloween, then the cake can be black and orange, and it is usually decorated with figurines of bats and pumpkins with characteristic cutouts in the form of a terrible muzzle.
  • If the theme of celebration is somehow connected with oranges, wedding cake can be made in the form of this fruit. Such experiments always look spectacular and impress the guests with lightning speed.
  • You can also create a multi-tiered treat, in which different shades of orange( from yellow to dark orange) will alternate.

The bouquet of the bride is also the most important part of the upcoming celebration. If a girl prefers a classic and modest hairdo without a striking hairpin, then only a bouquet can link her image to the general theme of the holiday. What kind of flowers should be included in your holiday bouquet?

  1. Mexican zinnia is a beautiful flower that can decorate a wedding bouquet.
  2. Dahlias and sunflowers usually have very large heads, so they should be used in bouquets in small quantities.
  3. Chrysanthemums, calendula and tulips of different shades of orange are actively used for floral purposes.
  4. You can create a spectacular bouquet using orange, yellow, red roses.

Many ladies choose several varieties of orange flowers at once, making their bouquet lush and highly individual. If we are talking about an autumn wedding celebration, then a spectacular bouquet can be made from ordinary leaves, adding a few branches of mountain ash to them.

The main thing is that the floral masterpiece does not seem too big and caricatured. For its decoration, you can safely use artificial butterflies, a variety of leaves and beautiful herbs. If a girl prefers lavish along and loose curls, then the bouquet is better to pick up a small, hardly noticeable, but still making a clear color accent.

In the embodiment of their floral fantasies, it is worth remembering: for the harmony of the image of a pair of boutonniere, the groom must be made from the same plants that were used for the bouquet.

Orange wedding is a choice of brave newlyweds who want to make their celebration bright, cheerful. Such a wedding usually leaves no one indifferent, conquering the guests with its creativity. Competently using flowers and decorative elements, you can create a real fairy-tale atmosphere on the main holiday in the life of a young couple!

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