Harm from gluten and intolerance

A person who meets the inscription "without gluten" on the goods, immediately have thoughts - "what is it?" And "why it is necessary to write that this ingredient is not in this product?".Why is it important for manufacturers to specify this nuance on the packaging of their goods? Is there any harm from gluten? To answer these questions, we will understand the essence of the problem.

What is gluten-free
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  • What is gluten-free

    Gluten is a group of proteins found in cereal plants. Otherwise it is also called gluten. Mixing the dough with water and flour, and then washing it in cold water, you can get an elastic mass. This will be gluten, consisting of insoluble proteins. She stayed after washing the starch and soluble proteins out of the dough.

    Characteristics of flour depend on the content of gluten. The more it is, the higher the quality of the product, it affects the elasticity, elasticity of the resulting dough, and also the amount of its rise in temperature processing.

    Consider why it is harmful to humans.

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    intolerance Unfortunately, there are people who have genetic gluten intolerance. With a disease such as celiac disease, after eating products with gluten, the small intestine is affected. The body's functions are disrupted, unpleasant symptoms appear, and enteropathy develops. The insoluble protein contained in the products causes a toxic reaction. The intestine is no longer able to effectively absorb the substances necessary for a person coming from food.

    Today on the planet of people with congenital gluten intolerance about 1%.Predisposition to the disease is transmitted along with the genes from close relatives.

    Most often, the first symptoms of celiac disease appear in childhood. Due to the fact that its manifestations are similar to other diseases of the digestive system, it is not always possible to detect the disease in time. There are cases when the correct diagnosis is established only to 35 years. Among the symptoms of gluten in the body can be observed:

    • change in appetite;
    • weight loss due to inability to receive the required nutrients;
    • in the abdomen there are unpleasant sensations in the form of pain, bloating, heaviness;
    • because of a violation of intestinal absorption, there is diarrhea;
    • violation of emotional background, deterioration of mental abilities;
    • intolerance to physical activity;
    • over time, there are symptoms of multivitamin deficiency in the form of deterioration of the hair, nails, and skin.

    Usually people suffering from celiac disease have thin limbs and a swollen abdomen. For some, the first symptoms of manifestations of intolerance are the itching and rash on the body. Children may experience developmental delay.

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    Temporary intolerance to

    In patients with celiac disease, gluten intolerance for life. But there are cases of a temporary allergic reaction to gluten. This is especially true for young children. To determine whether diarrhea, bloating and other symptoms of celiac disease or allergic manifestations, it is necessary to pass tests.

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    Treatment of

    It is impossible to cure from congenital celiac disease. If the body does not tolerate gluten, then it is forever. To restore the function of the intestine and to establish its work, it is necessary to completely abandon the products that contain gluten. If the disease is not started, unpleasant manifestations of the disease will take place in a few days. In the future, you need to be careful, because gluten is contained not only in cereal products. In some medical preparations and lipstick, there are traces of gluten.

    In addition to gluten-free diet, it is desirable for patients with celiac disease to take microelements and vitamin preparations. There are cases when the exclusion of products with gluten does not help. Then medication is prescribed. The patient is assigned drugs that reduce the immune response to the stimulus.

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    Gluten free products

    You should not worry because of the exclusion from the diet of flour products. There is an excellent substitute - products from buckwheat, corn, rice flour. It bakes bread and other products without gluten. In addition, you can use:

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    • fruit;
    • eggs;
    • vegetables;
    • dairy products;
    • tapioca;
    • natural meat;
    • corn;
    • beans;
    • fish.
    A more detailed list of gluten-free products is available here http://woman-l.ru/spisok-produktov-bez-glyutena/

    Those suffering from ailment can use pastries that use gluten-free flour. To determine this, you need to look at the product packaging.

    Gluten is harmful only to those with intolerance to this protein. The rest can not be afraid of products with gluten. The main thing is to know the extent to which flour products are used and to give preference to quality and healthy food.

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