Numbered diets

The system of therapeutic nutrition, often called the system of numbered diets, was developed by the Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences( AMN) of the USSR, approved by the Ministry of Health and recommended for use in all medical and preventive and sanatorium establishments.

The system consists of therapeutic diets, or therapeutic tables, covering all diseases in which dietary nutrition is necessary. All diets are numbered from N1 to N15( hence the name - numbered diets), some of them have varieties designated by the letters a, b, c.

The system of numbered medical diets is currently used for catering in almost all hospitals, sanatoria, and other treatment and prophylactic institutions located on the territory of the Russian Federation;on its basis, doctors give recommendations on the nutrition of patients with outpatient treatment. This system of therapeutic nutrition has passed the test of time and proved much better than the vast majority of newfangled curative( or pseudo-therapeutic) diets that have appeared recently as mushrooms after the rain.

Each of the treatment tables regulates nutrition in certain diseases. A person suffering from several diseases, therapeutic nutrition is appointed taking into account the requirements and restrictions of all diets that correspond to his illnesses. Thus, when a peptic ulcer is aggravated in a person suffering from diabetes mellitus, N1a table is assigned to him, but all foods that are contraindicated in diabetes according to diet N9 are excluded from the diet.

Is it possible to self-assign a diet number X?To begin with, in no case can not be self-diagnosed. It can be very, very much mistaken, because often very different diseases have very similar symptoms, and it is possible to diagnose their diseases accurately only after an in-depth examination. And if you have passed such a survey, then the doctor along with other prescriptions will recommend you a suitable diet, taking into account the peculiarities of your organism, your disease course.

So, numbered diets and diseases in which they are shown:

  • Diet N1, N1a, N1b - peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis with high acidity
  • Diet N2 - gastritis with low acidity, enteritis and colitis
  • N3 diet - constipations
  • Diet N4, N4a, N4b, N4b - bowel diseases with diarrhea
  • Diet N5, N5a - liver and biliary tract diseases
  • Diet N6 - gout, renal stone disease
  • Diet N7, N7a, N7b - acute and chronic nephritis( pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis)
  • Diet N8 - obesity
  • Diet N9 - diabetes
  • Diet N10 - cardiovascular diseases with circulatory failure
  • Diet N11 - tuberculosis, exhaustion after infectious diseases, operations, injuries.
  • Diet N12 - functional diseases of the nervous system
  • Diet N13 - acute infectious diseases
  • Diet N14 - Urolithiasis( phosphaturia)
  • Diet N15 - various diseases that do not require special diets

It should be added that all, without exception,alcohol.

Therapeutic diets
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