Women's white jeans: with what and what to wear in 2016

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White jeans are a basic thing for both women's and men's wardrobes. Due to their versatility, they not only successfully subscribe to any image, but also allow you to make the outfit more festive. With what to wear white jeans, to always look stylish and attractive? Read on.

Useful tips

First of all, it's worth talking about how to choose the right clothes and what to wear it is not recommended. And then we will begin to review the fashionable bows, which can be made with chic white jeans.

You need to choose the pants according to the type of the figure. Many girls are afraid to wear light jeans, believing that the white color is full. And their fears are not without foundation. Indeed, white jeans visually add volume, but this is not a reason to completely abandon them. The most important thing is to choose the right model and learn how to competently combine it with other things.

Choose pants according to the type of figure:

  1. A woman with full thighs should prefer straight, smooth trousers with a high fit, slightly tapering downwards, and refuse boyfriends and jeans with patch pockets. No decor elements: spangles, embroidery, stripes, applique, beads. Wearing trousers is better with a tunic or a loose blouse that covers the hips.
  2. The crumbled white jeans are spectacular, but on the full figure they will look cumbersome.
  3. Tight white skins fit only to girls, whose size is not more than the 44th.
  4. Miniature women do not recommend jeans that create wrinkles on the ankles, this model visually will make growth even smaller.
  5. Wide white jeans stylists do not recommend to wear to anyone. When buying the main thing - a good landing on the hips. It is better to choose narrower down options.
  6. You can not buy the first model, you need to measure at least a dozen. Pants should sit like a second skin and not bring the slightest inconvenience, do not be too tight or loose at the waist, do not create wrinkles in the groin area.

And a few more tips:

  • White jeans - a purely summer thing, besides, not quite practical, so they need to be worn only on dry hot days, and for mud and slush fit other models.
With white jeans, you can not wear underwear of bright colors and prints. Leopard panties, for example, is not the best option.
It's better to get seamless underwear color beige, it will not be visible through a thin white denim.
  • If neatness is not your hobby, stock yourself with wet napkins to quickly remove the dirty stain from dazzling white trousers, if necessary.
  • Please note that these clothes will have to be washed more often than other things. Read the label from the manufacturer to properly care for your pants.

With what to wear white jeans

Snow-white trousers look amazing, stylish and beautiful, but it all depends on how correctly they are picked up by other items of wardrobe and accessories.

The best combination of white jeans:

  • with white top, but in this case it is necessary to dilute the monochrome image with bright accessories;
  • with soft pastel shades, making onions gentle and feminine;
  • with heeled shoes, visually extending the silhouette;
  • with massive ornaments;
  • with light safari jackets;
  • with plaid shirts and massive sunglasses;
  • with large village knitted sweaters;
  • with blazers and three-dimensional knitted scarves.
White jeans look great with tops, blouses and jackets of pastel shades, adding an image of romance.
To create a more expressive bow, things like bright, juicy shades - both monochrome and decorated with various ornaments - are suitable. For example, luxurious with such pants looks like a chiffon blouse with an animalistic print.

Casual style

White jeans look elegant and festive, but this does not mean that they are not meant for everyday wear.

  • In the summer they look great with short tops, bright t-shirts and T-shirts, sandals with heels or wedges, ballets, and conversions.
  • Add an image of charm and femininity with a light chiffon blouse, lace blouse and beige elegant boats. Stylish accessories will be very handy.
  • For hot summer, an interesting set consisting of white trousers, vests of "alcoholic", brutal shoes or jockey boots will suit.
  • And of course, great with white jeans look black things. White + black - this is the classic of the genre!
  • Elegant and stylish looking woman in white jeans and a vest. By the way, the sea style is very relevant in 2017.Bright accessories and a blue fitted jacket will make the image harmonious and complete.
  • On cooler days jeans can be worn with a short leather jacket or sweater. Bright floral bomber - a great combination with white skinnies, and golden shoes on heels will make the image sexy and feminine.

Careful approach should be taken to create an onion in which white jeans are combined with a voluminous top, for example, an oversize sweater. This can disrupt the harmony of the image. Better look elongated cardigans and knitted coats.

Another option for the everyday image is a light blue denim shirt. However, there is a small nuance. As a rule, shirts are filled in pants, so you need to monitor the proportions so that the waistline is not visually visually lower than it actually is, the torso is longer and the legs are shorter.

Office style

Business style does not provide for informal wardrobe items, so white ragged boyfriends to work should not be worn.

It is better to give preference to straight trousers without decor elements or skinnels. Add to your trousers a simple shirt or laconic blouse, pumps and a jacket - and in this form you can safely go to work.

A more strict, but spectacular image will come if you wear a black turtleneck and black shoes with white jeans. Dilute the classic combination can be a brown jacket and accessories in tone to him.

Evening style

The advantage of white jeans is that they can easily turn out of everyday clothes into an evening dress.

  • Going to a party after a working day, change the top of the universal restrained shade to a silvery light sweater, comfortable ballet flats - to chic ankle boots or ivory shoes. The image will be such that the eye does not tear.
  • Excellent with white narrow jeans will look satin blouse without sleeves. However, you need to look perfect in every way. Add here a pair of open-cut shoes with an open nose, earrings and a necklace of pearls - attention to your person will be provided.
  • Orange color is the trend of the spring-summer season. This inviting bright shade is perfectly combined with white color. The highlight of the image will be a pleated tunic, shoes with floral print and a handbag made of beads.
  • Or another evening bow: ragged boyfriends, beige or black sandals with heels and top, decorated with rhinestones, patlettes and colorful sequins, or a tunic with ethnic print. In cool weather, you can throw a lace bolero on top.

Style military

In 2017, the army is also popular. If you think that the luxurious white jeans do not fit into the military style, then you are mistaken. How to soften the image and make it more feminine? Stylists recommend doing this with the help of noble textures of suede and leather.

Shoes and accessories

There are no strict rules about which shoes or sandals are worn with white jeans.

  1. Elegant and elegantly look with white pants on a heel or wedge. They will emphasize the beauty of long legs and add growth.
  2. Ballet shoes, sneakers, loffers, oxford look with jeans no less effective, but the low girls still have to give preference to the heel, to seem taller and more attractive. Also they should give up the contrast shoes: it visually shortens the legs.
  3. In autumn and spring, white jeans should be better suited for stylish shoes or boots, matching in color to trousers, outerwear or accessories.

Stylists do not recommend choosing a bag to match the shoe, it's better if the focus is on one thing.

As for the accessories, they are selected to the color scheme in general. Look great with white jeans sets of pearls, silver chains, gold massive bracelets.

Now that you know how and with what you need to wear women's white jeans, you can easily make with them stylish and fashionable bows that are relevant for 2017.

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