Chocolate Diet

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Chocolate diet is a very rigid low-calorie mono-diet. The chocolate diet consists in the fact that during the day you can eat up to 80 grams of chocolate or chocolate bars, and drink only coffee without sugar with skim milk. You can drink no earlier than 3 hours after eating.

Features of the chocolate diet

Many sources say that you can apply this diet for 5-7 days, after which you need to take a break in 4-6 days. ..

It is easy to calculate that the calorie content of the chocolate diet is about 500-600 caloriesin a day. In addition - a very small amount of food intake, and in addition - coffee on an empty stomach.

In fact, such a diet is not much different from starvation. And to withstand this for a week. .. and then, less than a week to repeat again. .. To do this, one must have really good health, which, however, such a diet may well be undermined.

Singer Alsou and the chocolate diet

This is what the singer Alsu said about the chocolate diet in one of her interviews, which spread over many media and Internet sites: "At one time I was sitting on a chocolate diet, when I had to lose weight urgently. .. Excess kilogramsI, of course, threw it off, but brought myself almost to an unconscious state. "I was constantly dizzy, I wanted to sleep, there was a terrible depression. .. In short, I hardly would advise anyone such a diet."(and, despite such "flattering testimonials," you hear on every corner: "Diet Alsu, chocolate diet Alsu":) ). ..

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And, of course, this diet does not help to develop rational nutrition skills. At its end, it will be very difficult to resist the temptation to eat to the heel. Who benefits from the chocolate diet?

What is the conclusion of all this? Yes, it is quite possible that the chocolate diet will allow you to lose up to 6 kilograms per week, as it is written on many sites. But the risk of undermining your health is very great.

And even more so do not torture yourself this way time after time with intervals of 4-6 days. Without much risk to health, you can apply similar chocolate unloading days, one day a week, and then only to those who are not contraindicated in coffee.

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