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Gainer is a popular type of sports nutrition for the power-wielding team for an increased set of muscle mass. Many beginning athletes often wonder how to properly take Gainer in order to achieve maximum effect without side effects, with which you can combine this product.



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    Many athletes confuse Gainer with protein, but in fact, these are different preparations. Gainer is a special mixture of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as a small amount of fats and various trace elements. It can also contain vitamins, creatine and amino acids( depending on the type and manufacturer), but the main function is still a set of muscle mass. The main difference from protein is that in its composition there is not only protein in its pure form, but also a carbohydrate-fat complex for obtaining additional energy.

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    Gainer is used to accelerate the build-up of muscle mass and improve training efficiency. However, not for all people it is equally useful: experts do not recommend using this mixture with a tendency to fullness, but to lean athletes it will help to quickly increase the mass and make it stable.

    Best Gainer is suitable for bodybuilders, boxers, basketball players, football players and other athletes experiencing long physical exertion. In this case, it helps maintain the high energy of the body and quickly restores the muscles.

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    Types of

    Fast Gainers are nutritional supplements that include digestible carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Such kind of additives is quickly absorbed and raises a level of sugar in blood, therefore it is shown to the people, aspiring to increase weight. Recognize easily digestible Gainers by the basic substance indicated on the package: cornstarch, maltodextrin, dextrose, rice or glucose syrup, as well as glucose polymers.

    Slow geyneri - additives, which include long-assimilated carbohydrates. This kind of nutrition is recommended for athletes who do not receive the required calories from the usual diet. The composition of slow geynerov include: barley, cereals, oats, buckwheat, legumes and bran.

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    How to drink

    The optimal cocktail is a mixture of 100-150 grams of Heiner and 300-500 ml of water. It is best to mix it in a shaker so that it is homogeneous, without lumps and clots. If in the morning after breakfast you need a charge of energy and calories, then you can take 1 serving of Heiner. To maximize the effectiveness and effectiveness of training, 1 serving of cocktail is also taken 1-2 hours before training.

    The most effective and useful cocktail reception immediately after training, as it allows to fill the so-called "protein window".In addition, Gainer can replace and take regular food during the day, if there is no opportunity to eat.
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    For mass gathering

    To determine which Gainer is best for mass gain, it is necessary to correctly set the task: in a short time to gain maximum mass or only need a dry weight of the body.

    Maltodextrin is most often used for mass collection, it is very quickly absorbed and gives the necessary energy charge. Take it better before training, as this energy is quickly consumed. If this type of supplement is taken before bedtime, then excess carbohydrates will be deposited as fatty deposits.

    In addition to maltodextrine, carbohydrate Gainer from oats, barley and oat fiber is popular with athletes. It has a low glycemic index and saturates the body gradually.

    For selection of muscle mass, it is necessary to choose Gainers, which include casein and whey protein. If the composition contains a large amount of soy protein, then they should be discarded, such supplements are useless.

    If a person first decided to try Gainer and does not know what is more suitable for him, it is better to consult a specialist who will consult and answer any interested question.

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    Almost all Gainerswere created for people with lean physique, so they are not suitable for athletes with excess weight. In this case, it is better to replace the Gainers with proteins. Approach to the choice of such additives must be responsible, since it depends on the proper functioning of systems and organs.

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    • Enzyme insufficiency.
    • Individual lactose intolerance.
    • Age to 16 years( each manufacturer indicates the age at which the Gainer can be taken).
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    Side effects of

    • Individual intolerance to the components of the mixture
    • Indigestion.
    • Food poisoning due to improper storage of the mixture.
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    1. True-Mass, which includes a large number of carbohydrates, about 35% of high-quality protein, micro- and macro elements. Gainer with a low glycemic index, is slowly absorbed and increases the energy balance of the athlete for a long time.
    2. Serious Mass Optimum Nutrition, intended to a greater extent for the main consumers, the so-called ectomorphs( people with lean type of build).One portion of the finished product contains carbohydrates 250 grams and protein 50 grams, as well as keratin, vitamins and trace elements.
    3. Mega Gainer - is considered the best Gainer, is popular with its sweet taste and high efficiency. The product contains high-quality milk protein and whey protein, as well as corn starch and soybean oil. Thanks to Mega Gainer, athletes can quickly gain muscle mass and increase their strengths.
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