Festive make-up

All women, regardless of age, want to look beautiful, especially on a festive evening. I'll tell you a little secret that will help to achieve this.

Who withering, pale skin of the face, so useful hot-cold compresses of tea or herbal tea( chamomile, lime blossom, birch leaves, mint).Two tablespoons of any of these herbs brewed with steep boiling water, allowed to cool slightly, moistened gauze napkins, folded in 2-3 layers, and applied to the face. The compressor is changed 3-4 times: start with hot, finish cold. Before and after the compress it is recommended to lubricate the face with cream.

In the festive evening decorative cosmetics are appropriate. It gives the person freshness and expressiveness, hides small skin defects. However, one should take into account age: not everything that is good for a young woman is suitable for the elderly.
Girls 18-19 years of age are advised to lightly powder the face, especially if the facial skin is oily. For women, approaching by age to 30 years, powder, lipstick, eyebrow pencil should be brighter shades.

Blondes prefer to choose light colors, brunettes are dark. The pale the face, the paler the color of the lipstick should be. Women with gray hair go lipstick matte( pastel) tones.

Those who are 50 or more years old, it is better to use colors of light pastel tones( bright will age).If the mouth is small, you can cover the lipstick full length, if large, do not bring to the corners. Thin lips are painted wider, thick-not bringing them to their contours.

With an elongated nose, do not over-emphasize the lips. Who has a broad nose or a round face, it is more dense to paint the upper lip, and with an oblong face, the lower one. Those who wear glasses, it is necessary to isolate the outline of the lips.
To the festive dress of a smooth dark fabric, bright lipstick is best suited, from the light - the lipstick of soft colors.

With the same recommendations should be considered and when choosing a powder. It hides some of the disadvantages well. On the nose, especially the elongated, large form, or on the sharply prominent chin, do not apply a thick layer of powder. On all face put powder of light shades, and on a nose and a chin-dark.
If the face oval is wide, we recommend applying a powder of dark tones to the nose, forehead and chin, to cheeks-light tones.

How to give the eyes more expressiveness? The deeper they are, the less they need to be shaded. Previously, pencils of dark tones were used for this purpose, now mascara for eyelashes and eye shadow( according to the color of the eyes, hair) are fashionable.

And finally, the last addition to your toilet-perfume. Girls are recommended with a delicate flower aroma, middle-aged and older women, with a tart smell. Two or three drops of perfume are applied to the temples and lobes of the auricles, but not to clothes( stains may remain).

I warn: do not overload your face with a surplus of make-up, it's rude and old. After all, you are interested in giving it expressiveness, freshness and naturalness. Everything is good in moderation.

  • Mar 01, 2018
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