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With a problemEach of us encounters unwanted hair, but not everyone can find the most effective method among the many methods of depilation. But after all, you want to emphasize your femininity in summer with a seductive dress or short shorts, pinning the views of surrounding men and captivating everyone with your attractiveness. Today, let's talk about depilation strips, which help instantly get rid of the vegetation on the body.

There is not always time to visit the salon, and removing excess hairs with the help of a depilator is very painful and unpleasant, especially if you have a hypersensitivity to the skin. In this case, just need strips, with them the procedure for removing excess hair can be done without any difficulties independently at home.

To date, the range of wax strips is quite extensive, so you can choose the product at the most reasonable price and with a long result of the action.

To give preference to any manufacturer, you need to learn more about the most popular brands on the market today.

The way of processing different parts of the body

In the store, everyone can purchase specialized strips that mercilessly remove unnecessary hairs from any part of the body. Thus, you can depilate the legs and hands, the skin above the upper lip, the zone of the armpits and even the bikini area.

The product is selected individually for each skin type:

  • dry;
  • sensitive;
  • combined;
  • oily;
  • is normal.

To provide the most convenient and effective removal process, wax strips for specific parts of the body have special characteristics and dimensions. The result also depends on the quality of the wax, which must firmly grasp the hairs for their further tearing together with the hair follicle.

As for the depilation of different parts of the body, then there are also some important features:

  • In the bikini zone, all the hairs leaving the line of the laundry are removed, and the inner thighs and pubic area are subjected to the procedure. It is not possible to depilate hard-to-reach places, because the strips cut into small parts are very difficult to fix in the direction of hair growth.
    In addition, it is very inconvenient to sharply tear off the glued strip and simultaneously fix the treated skin to painlessly wrest all undesirable vegetation.
  • Wax strips for the face will allow the girls to get rid of the dark hairs above the upper lip and correct the eyebrow line.
  • It is unlikely that it will be possible to remove the vegetation in the underarm zone independently. It is best if someone from home helps, because for a sharp tearing off the strip you need to hold the skin with one hand.
  • The most convenient way to perform the removal procedure on the hands and feet. In order to obtain a smooth, beautiful skin, tearing off the strip follows a sharp movement against the growth of the hair.
  • On the abdomen in the area of ​​the "path" it is possible to remove unwanted hairs without special difficulties, however in this case the process will be accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations.

Advantages and disadvantages of strips for depilation

If you can not determine which is better - a depilation cream or wax strips, then it is worth to get acquainted with all the pros and cons of wax removal techniques.

Advantages include the following:

  • Convenience of the procedure. It is easy to use this technique even outside the home, when it is necessary to get rid of unwanted hair on the body in a short time.
  • Now you do not have to walk long with barbed stubble and hide the slender legs under the clothes, because the wax tears out the hairs of a length of only 1.5-2 mm.
  • Cost-effective. Each strip can be used more than once.
  • Long-term depilation. After the procedure, the skin remains smooth and silky for 4 weeks.
  • The negative effect on the hair follicle allows for a time to observe a significant thinning of the hairs and a slowing of their growth.

There are some drawbacks:

  • The procedure can deliver painful sensations that will be extremely painful for girls with low pain threshold.
  • If the correct removal technique is not followed, a sticky wax remains on the skin.
  • Not always it is possible to pull out all hairs, therefore it is necessary to process in addition some sites of a skin by means of the razor or tweezers.
  • If you do not hold the skin at the time you tear off the strip, you will be provided with wounds, bruises and all kinds of abrasions.
  • Ingredients that are part of the wax can cause an allergic reaction.
  • There is a possibility of breakdown of light thin hairs, because of which their growth may become more active.
  • Wax strips for the face can cause the appearance of dark bristles, and hairs after removal will become more severe and noticeable on the skin.
Specialists recommend using depilatory products solely for their intended purpose. This means that wax strips for the feet should not be used to remove vegetation in the bikini zone, and vice versa.

In the process of manufacturing the product, the manufacturer takes into account some features of this or that part of the body, so the density of the wax and the thickness of the applied layer are optimized to achieve the most effective result.

Popular brands of stripes for depilation

Depilatory products at home are presented in a wide range. If you are lost among a huge choice and do not know which depilation strips best cope with their task, then we present to your attention several effective and affordable options.

  • Popular stripes for Veet depilation allow you to get rid of increased hairiness in any part of the body. The manufacturer offers ready-made strips to customers who take into account the characteristics of each skin type. The Suprem Essence line allows you to remove hairs on the face, hands and feet, in the bikini and underarm area, and the nutritional ingredients and soothing oils delicately treat the treated skin of the body.
  • Caramel wax strips effectively cope with the task assigned to them, and customers can choose from any aromas presented, any smell you like.
  • Markell has released two popular lines of stripes: Lux Mini and Delicate. The product can be purchased at an affordable price, but in the kit you will not find special oily wipes.
  • Avon products offer delicate wax strips that effectively cope with unwanted hairs on the face and body.
    The package contains 10 strips, and for gentle care of the treated skin, two moisturizing napkins are included.
  • The world famous company "Oriflame" created a line of funds called "Silk Orchid".Natural beeswax firmly grasps the hairs and removes them together with the bulb, and the moisturizing ingredients and almond oil that make up the body take care of the delicate and sensitive skin.

Wax depilation at home

In the package, the customer will find enclosed instructions, which should be carefully read before starting the procedure. Also, the kit usually includes special oily wipes with a soothing and moisturizing effect.

To conduct waxing yourself at home, experts advise adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Before using depilation strips, you should pre-treat the skin with a small amount of talcum powder.
  2. Two halves of the strip are connected by a thin layer of wax. To separate one part from the other, the wax strip must be gently rubbed in the palms of your hands. It is very important not to rub it too intensively, so that the temperature of the wax does not become higher than your own. Excessive heated wax after tearing strip can remain on the skin, after which it will be quite difficult to remove improvised means.
  3. In the next step, the strip is applied to the previously treated talcum skin. To strip as tightly as possible, it should be applied in the direction of hair growth and carefully smoothed.
  4. Next strip strip off a very sharp movement of the hand, while fixing with the other hand the skin below the treated area.
    To remove hairs it is necessary against their growth, that it was possible to tear out a rod together with a hair bulb. If not all hairs are removed, the procedure in this part of the body is repeated one more time.
  5. During removal, do not pull the strip upwards - such movements injure delicate sensitive skin. To avoid possible bruises and abrasions, remove the remedy as closely as possible to the skin, along the entire line of the treated area.

To carry out the procedure on legs is easy enough, but to remove hair on the hands and in the armpits area is not so easy. All because it is impossible to hold the skin with one hand and tear off the stuck strip.


  • Depilation at home will be a good result, if the day before the procedure, treat the body with a scrub and cleanse the skin of the upper layer of keratinized cells.
  • Do not forget that after depilation you can not sunbathe and visit the solarium for two days. Also, it is not recommended to go to the sauna and sauna, if after wax depilation on the skin there are any redness and irritation.
  • To avoid the appearance of red dots, moisturize the skin with nutrients, baby cream or use Panthenol spray, which helps restore damaged areas of the epidermis.

Depilation with wax strips( video)

How to reduce painful sensations

This method of depilation may not be suitable for girls with a low pain threshold. However, to reduce severe pain is still real. To do this, it is necessary to pre-steam the skin with a hot shower or bath. Before sticking strips on the treated areas, the skin should be thoroughly wiped with a towel.

Specialists say that sensitivity depends on the period of the female monthly cycle. The most favorable time for depilation is the first week after menstruation.

If even these tips do not help you endure a merciless procedure, then use a special anesthetic or a lidocaine-based spray.

How to clean the skin of

wax After tearing off the strip, you can detect a small amount of wax, which is easily cleaned with the napkins included in the package. If you do not have enough napkins, then you can clean the treated skin in the following ways:

  • Dampen the cotton napkin in any base oil.
  • Using a very greasy cream.
  • You can pre-purchase a special lotion, which is designed to handle depilated areas.
  • After warming the skin with a hair dryer.

It is not recommended to wash off the remaining wax with soap and water. Alkaline helps dehydrate the upper layer of the epidermis, and after removing the hairs, you need abundant nutrition and moisturizing the treated skin of the body.


Like any other procedure, wax depilation has a number of certain contraindications:

  • The presence of dermatitis and any other skin diseases;
  • Ranks, cracks and other inflammatory processes;
  • High temperature;
  • Hair is too short in the area of ​​suspected depilation. Related Videos:
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