Anniversary of the 18th Anniversary of the Wedding

  • Where does the name come from?
  • Where and how to celebrate a turquoise wedding?
  • Invitations to the turquoise wedding
  • Gift ideas with turquoise
  • Answer from the newlyweds to the guests
  • Gifts from the spouses to each other

Not all couples know about which wedding is celebrated after 18 years of marriage. Meanwhile, it wears a beautiful and romantic name: turquoise.

Where does the name come from?

The symbol of this significant date is turquoise. In Arabic, the name of the blue gem means "victory".It is with the victory that the name of the wedding, which took place 18 years ago, is associated. It is the victory of love and loyalty over all quarrels, difficulties and life troubles.

Husband and wife have long been together, raised children, which means that the problems in the family became less. A peculiar line has been passed in the life together, and the delightful turquoise brings to the strong and established relations of the spouses the lightness and passion inherent in them in the years of adolescence.

Where and how to celebrate a turquoise wedding?

Spouses who have lived for many years in marriage prefer to celebrate round dates, such as the 20th anniversary, the 30th anniversary of a joint life. However, if they want to celebrate the "majority" of the family, no one prevents them from doing so. You can just sit in a family circle, inviting to the celebration only close and close friends, for example, witnesses of a wedding ceremony 18 years ago, or celebrate the event on a grand scale somewhere in the restaurant. Everything depends on the individual preferences of the spouses and, of course, on their financial capabilities.

The room in the cafe where the banquet will be held must be decorated in turquoise color, which radiates pacification, fills with positive and calm. All present at the celebration can be dressed in turquoise outfits or have any blue accents in the form of ornaments and accessories, this will give integrity to the style of the event.

When decorating a festive room, you should consider that the excess of turquoise will create a sense of oversaturation and can even tire. Quite enough bright accents, such as can be covers on chairs, candles, ribbons, balloons, curtains and, of course, wedding bouquets for spouses. In a prominent place, you can put a portrait of a pair in a turquoise-silver frame.

Turquoise interior looks luxurious and elegant, and if you use elements of transparent glass and metal, the effect will be simply stunning. On snow-white tablecloths you can arrange dishes and lay out blue napkins, arrange vases with bouquets of forget-me-nots and delphinium. If the celebration takes place in the winter, decorative pine cones, painted with the help of spray in turquoise and sprinkled with silvery "hoarfrost", will be very appropriate in festive bouquets.

Turquoise color is also perfectly combined with neutral shades, such as ivory, beige, gray, milk, cream, gold. And of course, the classic combination of turquoise with black and white will look strictly and elegantly. But all the shades of green, red and brown in the decor stylists do not recommend to use.

Invitations to the turquoise wedding

Invitations to the celebration dedicated to the 18th anniversary of life together, it is easy to buy or order, or you can make them with your own hands, showing creativity and imagination, thus surprising everyone. Unique invitation to do is not so difficult, all you need to know is the number of guests, as well as the date, place and time of the event.

Turquoise cards are a classic of the genre, but nothing terrible will happen if they are any shade of blue in combination with gold or silver elements.

To create original invitations you will need photos of the spouses( each separately), their general photos from the wedding day, the listguests, unfilled invitation cards.

To start the photo you need to scan to place them on the front side of the invitation. On the other side of the postcards, you can place the text in a poetic form and address to the invited guest, information about the date of the event, where and at what time it will take place.

If you are not sure that you will be able to cope with the production of invitations yourself, you can contact the printing house.

Gift ideas with turquoise

In ancient times, it was customary to wear amulets of turquoise, which keep the family from the evil eye and bring happiness, and now on the day of the wedding anniversary, the couple are presented with products from this semiprecious stone to ensure that the couple lived in prosperity and well-being.

Guests can present:

  1. Jewelry, for example, rings or pendants with turquoise.
  2. Watch, sprinkled with gems.
  3. Accessories of turquoise color.
  4. Photo album with a turquoise cover in which a photograph of "newly married" is inserted.
  5. Beautiful dishes.

And finally, budget options: chocolate products, postcards with turquoise patterns.

Of course, it is not necessary to give young only gifts with turquoise, in some cases you can do with a beautiful package of bright blue color, which will be present.

A response from the newlyweds to

guests As a rule, the solemn part of the event involves a small speech in which young people thank the guests for participating in the holiday and presented gifts.

If the celebration takes place in a warm family atmosphere, the spouses can prepare small reciprocal gifts. They can be put in pre-prepared bags of organza or turquoise boxes. As gifts, anything can be anything: sweets, decorative cosmetics for women, for example, turquoise shadows, notebooks in a blue cover for men. Everything depends on imagination.

Gifts of the spouses to each other

The turquoise wedding is an excellent occasion to show affection to the spouse. Gifts - needless to say, but they do not mean anything without showing tenderness and warm feelings. Start the morning with kisses and hugs, by this you will ensure yourself a wonderful mood for the whole day. Have breakfast together, remember pleasant moments, in fact how much all good was at you for long years.

If you do not know what to give your loved one for a turquoise wedding, then you can use the ideas below.

Gifts for his wife

  1. Original decoration with turquoise. If buying a pendant, ring or earrings for you at the moment is difficult, you can give the original jewelry. Imitation of precious stones today in a trend.
  2. Pleasant trifles, for example, a mirror, instructed by turquoise.
  3. Luxurious bouquet of sky-blue flowers.

Gifts for her husband

  1. If you are not superstitious, you can donate a cold steel, for example, a knife, the handle of which is covered with turquoise.
  2. Contrary to the opinion that the best gift for a husband will be a turquoise decoration, it's worth taking a thoughtful approach to his purchase. Not all men like to wear rings, so a gift can lie in a box for a very long time and be removed from there only in exceptional cases and at your insistence.

Both the husband and the wife can prepare their beloved half a pleasant surprise in the form of dinner in an exquisite restaurant, a trip to a favorite place or even a romantic trip.

Now you know what 18 years of marriage are called, how to celebrate it and what you need to give. Remember, whatever your gift, it must go from the heart. Related Videos:

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