Actress and presenter Olga Buzova - photos before and after plastics

Olga Buzova is an active participant in the scandalous project "Dom-2", and now she is also the presenter of the program, actress, singer, volunteer. .. Olga tries her best to be remembered by a wide audience. And, in spite of the fact that the opponents of her creative ampule are just as many as the fans, tough criticism of Buzovaya does not in the least knock her off the planned path, but, on the contrary, becomes the driving force.

Buzova scrupulously refers to the issues of his career, even more meticulously to his own appearance. And if several years ago she claimed that beauty is based solely on natural data and the ability to competently restrict this diamond, now, comparing photos of past years and present time, experts say that Olga has moved away from her former principles and, like many othersactors, has taken a great interest in change of the appearance by means of plastic surgery. Money for such expensive operations is, good connections too. The main thing is for the actress to have enough sense of proportion, and she did not become another victim of the pursuit of the beautiful, which became the legendary Michael Jackson and singer Sher.

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Olga is a native of the northern capital. The girl was born into a military family. She is lucky, such a united, united family is difficult to find in the modern world. The girl was literally wore in her arms, first parents and relatives, inspiring her that she was the queen, the best and beautiful, then the fans. Despite her simple appearance, Olga has always been popular among the male half. They were attracted by courage, insolence and infinite self-assurance of Buzovaya.

These qualities in abundance she showed on the project "Dom-2", where she quickly got along with one of the participants, Roman Tretyakov. But, of course, this novel, designed for a wide audience, did not last long. Already in a short time the girl started up new searches. At first it was a creative search: participation in the series "Univer", some theatrical productions became the beginning of a serious creative path. Then there was an acquaintance with the future spouse, Dmitry Tarasov, a fairly well-off young man, and an appeal to a musical career.

Having written down some quite successful tracks, Olga suddenly decided to swap completely. The first stage of change was the change in style. From the image of a provincial girl with brightly colored white hair, twirled into a strange hairstyle, Olga turned into an elegant dark-haired young woman, dressed with a needle, at the latest taste of fashion. This she appeared in her music video and in front of an audience of new fans who saw in Olga the potential of an interesting performer, actress. It was to this that the girl sought, from childhood, the dream of childhood to become famous was realized.

The pursuit of success and excellence in middle-income people is limited to choosing a new style of hairstyle, make-up and clothing, recording in the gym and reviewing their diet, day regimen. People with huge incomes, as a rule, refer to the services of plastic surgeons, who promise a fantastic result and turn the mouse into a princess.

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Olga, never different, really striking appearance always strived for this brightness, her inner ideal. Therefore, it is not surprising that once her iron will, iron principles in relation to natural beauty, broke down on the granite of plastic surgeons' convictions. Already last year, experts noticed the first changes in the appearance of the actress.

Became slightly shorter and straight nose. Changing the shape of the nose is quite a complicated, painful operation, which can not withstand many. What prompted a young successful woman to decide for such a test? A thirst for excellence? Attention to journalists and the public? Probably, both that and another. Whatever it was, the operation was successful, and now Olga is posing in an updated form before the cameras of photographers. Comparing the photo of 2008, the period of participation in the project "Dom-2" and new photos, the difference is visible on the face.

At the beginning of this year, 2017, journalists noted another nuance of change in appearance - the shape of the lips became more expressive. To achieve this effect, even with the help of competent professional make-up, alas, it is impossible. And, means, there was a botox.

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To what new solutions the actress will come the actress has to guess only, but it is hoped that she will have time to stop in time for modeling her appearance and will not take a place in the ranks of silicone dolls, such as Alla Pugacheva, Boris Moiseyev and many, many starsRussian and foreign show business.

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