How to prepare horseradish for the winter

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Horseradish is a truly unique root crop. It has many useful qualities, it is often used in medicine, cosmetology and culinary sphere. The cuisine of ancient Russia did not differ in variety, but with the help of horseradish it was possible to add spice to the dish.


  1. How to store the horseradish for the winter
    • How to keep the fresh horseradish for the winter
    • Freezing
    • Drying
  2. Horseradish canning medications
    • Horseradish without vinegar
    • Horseradish with mayonnaise
    • Horseradish with
    • vinegar Horseradish and apples

Horseradish is a simple plant that can be grownpractically on any part of the earth. Over the years, root crops have learned to harvest for long storage, and so that it does not lose its usefulness and unique taste. There are many ways and methods of harvesting horseradish for the winter. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Workpiece methods

You can prepare horseradish for the winter in such ways:

  • freeze;
  • dry;
  • can be preserved by a variety of recipes.
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In addition, horseradish rhizomes can be stored throughout the winter and fresh.

For harvesting in any way, the root of horseradish must be carefully selected. It should not be damaged and strong.

How to store fresh roots of horseradish

To keep fresh roots for the winter, you need a wooden box with clean sand, without any impurities. The plant must be removed together with the clumps of soil on the fruit. Then all the roots are stacked in the same rows in a box and covered with sand, so that no root crop touches each other.

The basement and loggia with temperatures below 20 degrees with moist air will be an excellent storage place. If the moisture level is very low, then sand should be sprayed with water every week.

If there is enough room in the refrigerator, then the horseradish in fresh form will be preserved in it for a very long time. First the horseradish is washed and dried for two days, then it is sealed, if possible, then it is better to spread the roots in separate packets.


You can freeze horseradish for the winter in various ways. The easiest way is to cut it into small pieces, and in the winter to defrost and use it in cooking your favorite foods. And you can immediately prepare a mixture for seasoning, just to defrost it and add it to the ready-made dish.

Frozen horseradish will not lose its palatability, but will only strengthen.

An excellent way to freeze is a mixture of grated apple with horseradish and a small amount of lemon juice, which are mixed, put in a container and sent to the storage.

Before you freeze horseradish, it should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. Then it is cut into small slices and passed through a meat grinder. As containers, polyethylene bags are excellent. If this product is required in winter, then it can be used without defrosting.


To dry the horseradish for the winter, the roots need to be washed and cleaned, and then rubbed on a large grater. Grate the roasted root on a baking tray and put in an open oven for drying. Pack the dry horseradish into cotton bags and store only in a dry place.

This product is perfect as a spice for hot dishes, you just grind it with a blender. Often dried horseradish is used during the preparation of pickles.

Traditional horseradish canning recipes

There are many horseradish prescription recipes for the winter by canning at home. Here are some of them.

Horseradish without vinegar

One popular recipe is horseradish without vinegar. It is necessary to clean 1.5 kg of roots and pass them through a meat grinder. To caustic vapors of root vegetables do not interfere with cooking, you can put a plastic bag on the meat grinder.

Shredded horseradish mixed with 1 tbsp.salt, 3 tbsp.sugar and pour boiling water. Stir the mixture thoroughly, and you can begin to put into the cans. You can add 1 tsp to each jar.lemon juice. Banks with horseradish cooked in this way can be stored in the refrigerator.

Horseradish with mayonnaise

To make horseradish with mayonnaise, you need to mix 0.2 kg of mayonnaise and 0.1 kg of shredded horseradish. The resulting mixture should be packed in cans and rolled.

Horseradish with vinegar

Pour a half-liter of water into a saucepan and add 2 tablespoons of salt and 4 sugars. Once the water boils, add cinnamon with cloves to taste. After 15-20 minutes remove from heat, add 20 ml of vinegar and press for one day. After that, it must be filtered and mixed with grated horseradish, spread over jars and rolled.

Carrots with horseradish and apples

In its own form, horseradish is considered to be an additive and seasoning for various dishes, but if mixed with other garden crops, it can result in a very tasty salad or snack. A fairly simple recipe is carrots with horseradish and apples.

All ingredients should be thoroughly washed under running water and cleaned, remove the core from the apples. Then everything is rubbed on the grater and mixed until a rich, juicy gruel is formed.

Now you need to start preparing the pickle.2 tablespoonssalt and 4 tbsp. Add sugar to a liter of water and bring to a boil. Ready gruel from vegetables pour into jars and pour brine. Banks with porridge must be pasteurized in boiled water and only after that roll up.

Horseradish is a rather specific root crop, which has many useful properties, but not everyone likes it. If a person wants to prepare horseradish for the winter, then you can use absolutely any method, because the root will retain all its taste and useful qualities, and will please the landlady on cold winter days.

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