How to straighten hair without using ironing

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Women are rarely satisfied with their hair. Those who have straight hair, certainly want to curl them, using a curling iron, and those whom nature has awarded curls - straighten. But about ideal straight hair, not only women with curls dream. This hairstyle looks very simple, but effective, emphasizing the strength, shine and health of the hair.

Traditionally, ironing is used for this. But a poor-quality technique( for straightening the hair, only a device with ceramic coating of plates is suitable) and / or its illiterate use can severely damage the head of hear. Therefore, more and more women are interested in how to straighten hair without ironing. Many methods are designed specifically to conduct the procedure at home.

Salon procedures

For those who wish to keep the smoothness of the strands before the next washing of the head, but for a more or less long time, the only way out is to visit the beauty salon. Recently, keratin or nano-keratin hair straightening is gaining popularity. He also sometimes meets under the name "Brazilian hair straightening".The desired effect will last from 2 to 6 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the hair.

Before making a decision, you need to carefully study all the pros and cons of straightening hair for a long time in the cabin. Specialists do without a hairdryer and ironing.

The chemicals used for straightening penetrate deep into the hair, breaking their structure.
Sometimes even professionals are unable to answer the question of how such a procedure threatens ringlets in the immediate and distant future.

Of all the salon procedures, the use of keratin is the safest. The preparations used contain a natural protein, from which, for the most part, hair is composed. In addition to getting rid of curls, the product gives a healthy shine and silkiness to dry, brittle, split teeth.

Benefits of Keratin

  • No chemicals are used. And the drug itself, and the fixing oil - on the basis of liquid keratin with the addition of natural nutrients( extracts and extracts of plants) and multivitamin complexes. They penetrate into each hair from the inside and restore the structure. Consequently, there is not only aesthetic, but also therapeutic effect.
  • Humidity, rain, snow, daily washing of the head and wind do not affect the state of the hair.
  • Easy combing and minimum time required for styling.
  • Keratin and its products do not change the structure of the hair.
  • The application agent after drying freezes, enveloping each hair.
    This is an excellent protection against the negative effects of environmental factors - frost, sunlight, smog, dust. Also, strands will not be injured by hairpins, clips, rims and other accessories.
  • Stacking does not take much time.
  • The oil "seals" the split ends.
  • If the curls are painted, the color remains intact for a longer period than usual.
  • The hair is not pushed or electrified even under the cap.

Its shortcomings

  • High cost. This applies both to the procedure itself and to special products( shampoo, conditioner, mask), which then have to be used to maximize the effect. These funds should not contain either sulfate or sodium chloride.
  • Duration. The procedure takes about three hours.
  • Within 10-12 days after visiting the salon it is not allowed to use any elastics, pins and so on. If you are not accustomed to this or the hair is very long, it will be quite inconvenient. You can not even make a parting, if the curls do not lie so naturally.
  • Under the ban visiting baths, saunas and seawater. Otherwise, the desired effect will not last for a month.
  • Impregnated with a special preparation, the hair is visibly heavier. This causes an increase in the load on the hair follicles. Therefore, stronger hair loss than usual is noted.
  • Shevelura is more dirty than before. This is especially noticeable on short hair. The reason is that the volume is lost, the strands are denser, so the process of soaking up the sebum intensively.
  • After the procedure it is impossible to use paints based on ammonia. In general, you can dye your hair only after two weeks, wash - after three days, blow dry - two days later.
  • Individual components of the drug, despite its naturalness, can trigger an attack of allergy.


  • Pregnancy at any time and the entire period of breastfeeding. There is no scientific evidence that the baby is harmed in any way. But it's better to be safe.
  • Any damage to the scalp. The smallest wounds, abrasions, scratches, scratching under the influence of formaldehyde, which is part of the drug, turn almost into bleeding ulcers.
  • Strong hair loss.
  • The presence of any tumors or suspicions regarding their presence.

Keratation of the house

In principle, keratinizing in the presence of certain creative abilities, can be done at home. If you are not sure of yourself, resort to the help of a friend.

Appropriate drugs are sold in specialized stores. These funds will last for 7-10 procedures, so the high cost should not frighten you. In addition to them, you need a round hair brush, ironing, a spray bottle and a good hair dryer.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Rinse the hair a few times with a keratin shampoo. The closer to the top of the list of ingredients this protein, the higher its concentration.
  2. Rinse hair thoroughly and wring out excess moisture. Wipe with a towel.
  3. Comb the strands starting from the roots.
  4. Collect wet hair in a high tail, separating thin strands on the back of the head and temples.
  5. Pour a little of the acquired solution into the container with the spray gun. For very short hair, 30 ml is enough, for medium - 50 ml. If the hair is very long, increase the amount by half.
  6. In turn, separate the thin strands and spray them from the bottom up from the roots to the tips. Do not apply too much. Each comb is immediately combed to remove excess drug. It also helps him absorb better.
  7. Moving from the bottom up, treat the entire head of hear, ending at the top of the head.
  8. Wait 15-20 minutes for the composition to freeze.
  9. Dry the hair with a hair dryer turned on in the cold-drying mode.
  10. Dry hair straighten with iron.
  11. Apply a little spray or serum to care for the hair with keratin.

Chemical straightening in the cabin

There are other chemicals. It is strictly forbidden to use them at home. Because of mismanagement, poisoning is quite possible. Means contain sodium hydroxide( can straighten the smallest tight curls) or ammonium thioglycollate( if the hair is naughty and / or slightly curly).
  1. Specialist in the salon, before starting the procedure, must necessarily hold a test on a small strand to check how the hair reacts to the tool and what effect it has.
  2. Then the scalp is covered with a thin layer of special cream to protect it.
  3. The selected chemical is neatly distributed over the hair.
  4. After a set time, the product is thoroughly rinsed and applied to the neutralizer.
  5. The last step is drying the hair with a hair dryer while simultaneously treating with a special serum or conditioner.

The main disadvantage of the procedure is its duration. If you do not immediately find a chemical, it will take an average of 5-6 hours. Also deters high cost. An amateur who conducts hair treatment with a chemical can do them immense harm. After the procedure, you have to forget about drying with a hair dryer, a sauna, a sauna and a sea.

Hair dryer and brush( instruction and video)

Straightening iron is not the only option. If you use a hairdryer and a brush, the result will be visible for the next 2-3 days, depending on how soon you are going to wash your hair again.

Special attention should be given to the choice of equipment. It is necessary to have a cold-drying regime and a special nozzle with a narrow slit. But even the most powerful hair dryer, designed for professional use, it is unlikely to straighten small elastic curls on hard hair. The maximum that you can achieve is a head resembling a dandelion.

Hairbrush for hair straightening, too, choose wisely, focusing on their length. The shorter they are, the smaller diameter of the brush you need.

To straighten the hair, you must first wash it or simply moisten it. To enhance the effect, you can apply a special tool for straightening in the form of a spray or foam. Next steps:

  1. Collect hair at the nape of the high tail with a clip or clip, excluding the occipital and temporal parts of the head.
  2. With a brush handle, separate the thin strands from the temples, raise them with a brush as close to the roots as possible and from the bottom up, direct a stream of warm air.
  3. When the strand dries at the roots, gradually move the brush to the tips, stopping every 7-10 cm.
  4. After finishing with loose hair, spread the tail and separate the next layer. Remove the remains again. So continue until you reach the top of the head. Hair on the parietal part of the head is straightened last.
  5. If you have unruly hair or rather tiny curls of small diameter, fix each straight strand from the inside at the roots with varnish. Then lightly sprinkle the entire hair on top.

Home masks and creams

The arsenal of means for hair straightening has also a national cosmetology. Of course, you will not achieve a permanent result, but an undoubted plus - in absolute naturalness, availability and relative cheapness of all ingredients.

  • Mask based on oils. In an equal proportion mixed refined olive, burdock and castor oil. The mixture is heated in a water bath to body temperature and brushed with a thin layer into locks starting from the roots. Then head tightly wrapped in a thick towel( under the bottom you can even put on a plastic bag) and stand for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. To completely wash off the mask, you need to wash your hair with shampoo at least three times and rinse with cool water with lemon juice or citric acid.
  • Mask made of apple cider vinegar. To 50 ml of apple cider vinegar is added twice less than any oil used in cosmetology( olive, almond, peach kernels, wheat germ).Then pour in 50 ml of warm water, mix and distribute the mask over the hair. Rinse it off after 45-60 minutes with an ordinary shampoo.
  • Mask with gelatin. Pour a glass of hot water 50 g of gelatin and vigorously stir until all the crystals have dissolved completely. Then a teaspoon of the usual hair balm is added to the liquid. The head is washed, the product is distributed over wet hair, without wiping them. Then put on a shower cap and wrap the hair with a towel. Wash the mask with plain warm water after about an hour.
  • Milk-honey mask with fruits.25 ml of milk is mixed with a tablespoon of liquid honey. To give hair shine, add about the same amount of strawberry or banana puree. Mask is applied to slightly damp hair, without rubbing, leave for an hour and rinse with water.
  • Beer or tea conditioner. You need a glass of beer( preferably unfiltered) or strong black tea with sugar( 3-4 teaspoons).The head is shampooed and rinsed with this conditioner. Then the hair is dried with a hair dryer, pulling out individual thin strands with a round brush. It should immediately be noted that the tool visibly glues together the strands.
  • Camomile, burdock, nettle infusion. About 100 g of fresh or 30 g of dried herbs pour a liter of boiling water, tightly close the container and insist at least 12 hours. Then the infusion is filtered and used to rinse the hair after washing.
  • Lemon Lotion. A liter of water will require 25-30 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Each time after washing the head with this product rinse the head.
  • Colorless henna. Applying the powder according to the instructions, you can not only straighten the curls, but also solve the problem of dandruff and split ends. Henna thickens the hairs without changing their color, they become heavier, the curls become less pronounced.

Cosmetic products

Specialized stores offer a wide range of products for straightening hair without ironing. Sometimes these are whole lines. Most often cosmetic products are found in the following form:

  • Smoothing cream. The texture is rather light, similar to a hair mask or a body lotion. Choose a product that the manufacturer placed in the vial with a dispenser. So you are guaranteed not to overdo it. The cream is spread evenly and in a very thin layer. Before applying it, you need to wash your head and wait until your hair is almost dry naturally."Side effect" - protection from the negative effects of sunlight and high temperatures. The disadvantage is not suitable for hair stained in any way. The paint "pushes" the cream outward, preventing it from penetrating the hairs. Harm from the procedure, of course, will not, but also the effect too.
  • Smoothing serum. The consistency of the reminder resembles a not very greasy sour cream or vegetable oil, depending on whether it is a water or oil base. Apply it the same way as a cream. Serum is gently applied to damp curls, starting from the roots, and dried naturally or by a hair dryer.
  • Fixing oil. Packed in small containers with an atomizer or pipette. It is dripping on your hands, slightly rubbing. The strands are clamped between the palms and slowly carried from top to bottom along the entire length.
  • Leveling Sprays. Its essential disadvantage is the silicone base. Accumulating in hair, silicone destroys their structure. Silicone-based products should not be purchased by those who have thin hair and do not hold volume well. Spray for straightening hair can handle both dry and wet curls.

Before applying any of the listed products to the hair, carefully read the label. If as one of the components indicated ethyl alcohol, refuse to purchase. First, it dries very much, and secondly, it makes it difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Use several tools at the same time. This will enhance the effect and avoid habituation.

Many are interested in how to straighten hair forever at home. There is no answer to this question yet. Than to use for a temporary effect - salon procedures, cosmetic preparations or folk remedies, choose yourself. Any of the options has both advantages and disadvantages.

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