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  • Who is facing the beam?
  • Technique
  • The retro
  • style à la française( manual and video)
  • Hair Design with rubber-bagel
  • bundle of bundles
  • Hairstyle «bow»
  • Elegant styling
  • beam with an
  • weaving elements nodule in the glamorous style
  • Hairstyle in the Greek style
  • Recommendations of stylists

Simple, versatile and exquisite hairstyle fascinated the hearts of many women of fashion. It can be performed in different variations on long, medium, short hair. A bunch of hair perfectly complements the everyday and evening image. This interstyle hairstyle worn by athletes, business ladies, romantic people, elegant women of fashion. Depending on the accessories used, the styling looks different. The main condition - light negligence, because a couple of beaten locks make a woman even more attractive.

Who's facing the bunch?

When choosing the beam option, it is worth considering the nuances of the exterior, as incorrectly selected stacking can spoil the entire image. Pay attention to such parameters as growth, complexion, facial features, the shape of the skull, neck, etc.

  • If you are a slender girl, you have a beautiful long neck, the right features, then almost any option will look delicious. Even if you have a couple extra pounds, and the neck is far from ideal, you can choose your hairstyle option. The main thing is not to focus attention on the neck. It is possible to do this by changing the beam landing, in this case - the lower the better.
  • The hairstyle of the bundle goes to girls of any height. High women are more to face a bunch with a soft, slightly tangled texture, made from below( on the back of the head or on the side).If you have a very long and thin neck, this model will help to hide the flaw. Absolute taboos for tall girls are high beams.
  • If you have an ugly shape of the skull, for example, a flat neck, then this defect can be corrected with the help of a properly selected hairdo. You can decorate the head with voluminous high tufts with nachos.
  • If you have a delicate physique, low height and small features, then you'd better abandon the massive models. This styling will look stupid and disharmonious on a small head. Ideal option - a small bundle of curls from behind. Looks good hairstyle of two beams on the sides. If you decide to make a high styling, then do not tighten the hair on the back of the neck, in fashion negligence. You can choose your version of the beam for thick and rare hair.

This hairstyle is equally good for formal events, business meetings, walks and even for a banal exit to the store. To make the styling look more festive, use accessories: hair clips with flowers, bows, studs with beads, rhinestones, chiffon scarves, rims and much more.

Technique for performing

The easiest way to make a bunch with your own hands is from long and medium hair. But also for owners of short curls there will be their own variants. There are different techniques for creating beams, if you master at least a couple of them, your hair will look different every time.

Stacking technology in stages:

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Collect them in the tail from above or below.
  3. Twist the strands to make a knot, fasten it with hairpins.
  4. If necessary, use special linings( foam rubber roller, chignon), which make the packing more voluminous.
  5. Arrange curls, decorate your hair with accessories. Done!

Standard model

The traditional bundle for medium hair is easy to do, just follow these steps:

  1. Carefully comb hair.
  2. Collect the curls in a tight tail from below or from above.
  3. Take it, twist the tourniquet out of it.
  4. Screw it around the axis to make a knot.
  5. Fasten with hair clips. Done!

If you wish to somehow diversify your hair, leave two loose strands below, twist the strands from them or twine two pigtails and lay them around the nodule. Effectively, this hair looks with a bow, flower, rim or Chinese sticks, which fill the image with oriental chic.

The tall bunch looks elegant and solemn, suitable for low girls, because it visually increases growth. A low nodule will bring into the image a romantic and feminine. However, that such a hairdress does not disintegrate, it is necessary to use a lacquer of strong fixation and a lot of studs.

If you bundle a bundle with a handkerchief wrapped in a tourniquet, or close it with a grid, you will get a refined option, as for dancers.

In retro style

This volumetric styling was popular in the distant 60's, then the beginning was the main trend. And now in retro fashion. The end result will depend on your ability to do the nachos.

Instructions for creating a beam with a nap:

  1. Wash your head, dry hair with a hair dryer so that they are slightly damp.
  2. Process strands with fixing means.
  3. Re-dry the curls with a hair dryer, with your head down, so the hair roots will rise, the styling will be lush and maximally voluminous.
  4. Take a curl, scratch, varnish. Repeat the procedure for all strands.
  5. Assemble the hair together, tie a bunch of thick hair, and use the studs to hide the tips.
  6. At the base of the beam can be decorated with ribbon. Done!

In order for the volume to be on the vertex, fix the hair on the temples with the help of invisible ones. You can use a decorative hairpiece or artificial braid.

French style( instructions and video)

A bunch in the French style, better known as the "shell", looks very elegant. This hairstyle will be an excellent addition to the official or business image. There are several variants of the French beam.

Option number 1

  1. Lower your head, carefully comb the curls, slightly confuse them.
  2. Lift your head, collect hair, twist it in a bundle.
  3. Rotate it around the formed axis.
  4. Fold the bundle into the roller by wrapping it inward.
  5. Fasten it with hairpins.
  6. A pair of strands near the face can be left loose.
  7. Drizzle with varnish.

To add volume, the hair on the vertex can be pre-stripped.

Option No. 2

  1. Wash your hair, dry it, comb it, apply it with fixative so that it becomes more docile.
  2. Make a deep triangular parting from the forehead line, lock the lock with a clip.
  3. Divide the remaining hair mass into 2 identical strands on the right and left.
  4. Vertical strands comb to the nape of the temporal area upwards and wrap towards each other around the axis.
  5. Secure them with the help of studs on the occipital area.
  6. The top strand is combed from the forehead to the occipital area, form the necessary height and shape, wrap with a roller, secure.
  7. The double shell is ready!

Option # 3

  1. Collect the hair in a tight tail at the back of the head.
  2. In the middle, tie it with an elastic band.
  3. Wrap it inward.
  4. Fasten with hair clips, smooth, polish.

Hairstyle with a rubberized bagel

To create a high beam on medium hair, you will need a fashionable accessory, like a rubber band made of foam rubber in the form of a bagel. With his help, you can create a neat and fluffy hairstyle, which enjoyed great popularity last season and does not give up positions in the new one. Which is not surprising, because this is a very practical option, and it is quite easy to create such a bundle.

A bun with a "bagel" for long-haired girls:

  1. Make a tight tail on the crown or back of the head.
  2. Put the donut on the tip of the tail.
  3. Begin to wrap the elastic band with your hair, for this you need to turn it around until you reach the bottom.
  4. Straighten the strands, fix the ready knot with hairpins.
  5. Treat with strong lacquer.

Stacking with a bagel for girls with medium hair:

  1. Collect hair in tight tail.
  2. Take the bagel, put it on the tail.
  3. Wrap the elastic band with your hair.
  4. The ends are hidden under the elastic band with the help of the pins.
  5. Treat your hair with a varnish.

If you have short hair, then put on a bagel on the tail, hide the tips under the base, put on the silicone rubber band, straighten the curls and it's ready!

It's easy to make such a hairstyle, even if you do not have a special rubber band on hand. Take an ordinary sock under the color of your hair, cut off its tip, turn it out, twist it with a platen - and the base for your hair is ready!

bundle of bundles

This is a more complex and intricate version of the traditional knot. To create a beautiful bun on medium hair, perform the following steps:

  1. Smooth the curls.
  2. Divide them into 5-6 horizontal strands.
  3. Each strand is gathered in the tail from below or from above.
  4. Twist the strand into a tight bundle.
  5. Form the "astrakhan pattern", fasten it with hairpins.
  6. Repeat the procedure for the remaining tails.
  7. Treat the beam with a varnish.

The "bow" hairdo

This fashionable styling is one of the bundle options. And, like everything new and fashionable, it looks great, and it's easy to do:

  1. Collect the curls of the tight tail from the top( middle or side).
  2. When you stretch your hair through the rubber band for the last time, pull them out to the middle, leaving the ends hanging in front.
  3. Divide the bundle in half with your tips.
  4. Hide them behind the rubber band, lock them with hairpins.

To make the bow look bulky, make a hairdo for wavy hair.

Elegant laying

This option is suitable for creating an intelligent image.

Technique for elegant beams:

  1. Make a rectangular parting from the crown to the forehead, divide it in half.
  2. Assemble the rest of your hair into a tight, high tail.
  3. Begin to twist the not very tight tourniquet.
  4. Turn it around the axis.
  5. The ends extend through the tail.
  6. Do not forget to tighten the knot tightly, put the tips in the tail.
  7. Lock the knot with the hair clips.
  8. Treat the beam with a varnish.
  9. Take the side curl, treat with foam.
  10. Put a lock over your ear, put it on the beam, lock it.
  11. The ends of the curl can be left hanging down or hidden in a bundle.
  12. Repeat for the second lateral strand. Done!

Bundle with elements of weaving

Create a beautiful beam on medium hair with a pigtail yourself is possible, the main thing is to practice in front of the mirror.


  1. Make a narrow side part near the forehead line.
  2. The received lock fix a hairpin.
  3. The rest of the hair is collected and fixed by a clip.
  4. Comb the strand near the forehead and begin to weave a pigtail.
  5. Add it to the middle of the nape and collect it in a common tail with the rest of the hair.
  6. Form a bunch, decorate it at your own discretion.

A knot in glamor style

You can build a careless bunch on medium hair in a few minutes:

  1. Collect hair in the tail from above.
  2. Leave the loose strands near your face to make the styling look careless.
  3. Take a thin strand from the tail and wind it on the curling iron. You can curl all the strands or part, so that they look more voluminous.
  4. Treat curls with lacquer.
  5. Fasten the strands with studs at your own discretion.
  6. Decorate your hair with fashionable metal accessories: large gilded hairpins, flowers, beads for pearls, etc. Glamorous bun is ready!

A Greek style hair

It is also possible to assemble short hair into a bun for a special occasion, only for this you will need a Greek band-rim:

  1. Coat the strands, treat them with varnish.
  2. Collect hair at the back of the head in the tail.
  3. Put on the Greek bezel.
  4. Hook the ends of the strands.
  5. Leave loose curls near the face. Done!

Recommendations of stylists

  • Comb your hair on the nape of the head before collecting it.
  • The beam can be placed anywhere, very popular models are on the side.
  • Treat the finished lacquer, especially if you have short hair.
  • If you make a knot with weaving elements, then at the end slightly stretch the pigtail, the smooth hairstyles are in the past.
  • Always leave a few strings free, this gives the hairstyle a fashionable effect of negligence.
  • Decorate the bundle with ribbons, bright accessories.
To create a discreet, elegant image, use hairpins of the same color as your hair.
  • To increase the volume of a small beam, you will get by using special linings in the tone of your hair.

There are many more variations of this universal hairstyle. But even mastering only the above techniques, you will look elegant and stylish always!

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