Anniversary of the wedding of parents. Gift Ideas

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It's always difficult to choose a gift, especially for your beloved mom and dad. What to give to parents on the anniversary of the wedding? It is clear that the present in this case should not only be unusual, memorable and useful, but also correspond to a significant date, regardless of whether it is round or not.

Criteria for choosing a gift

On a memorable day, it is necessary to let people know how dear they are to you, to give them back some of the warmth they have given you all these years.

When choosing a gift, you should focus on several criteria. First of all, on the anniversary it is necessary to give one common gift, intended for both mother and father.
It seems that it is very difficult to find common interests between two different people. However, we are talking about spouses who have lived together for quite some time. Who, if not their own children, knows them better than anyone else?

During the years of marriage, parents received many gifts, and you need to make sure that the present from children does not duplicate the previous ones.

Finally, the most important point. You need to prioritize and choose what a gift should be - practical and universal( appropriate at any celebration) or the corresponding anniversary and bearing a certain meaning.

Gifts on the anniversary

On the porcelain wedding

Spouses who have lived together for 20 years celebrate the porcelain anniversary. Its symbol is porcelain - a fragile material. These are the relationships of the spouses, despite the fact that they have lived together for so many years.

On this remarkable day, children give their parents products related to this kind of ceramics: expensive tea or dining sets, floor vases, figurines and other items for decorating the interior.

For the silver wedding

People who were fortunate enough to go hand in hand for 25 years, celebrate a silver wedding, symbolizing the purity of relations and their authenticity. It is quite natural that on this day parents can present gifts associated with this noble metal: silverware, caskets, photo frames, a mirror in an elegant frame, a silver icon, an antique tray.

As a practical gift, you can buy household appliances with a silver case, an excellent choice will be an ionizer for water.

On the pearly wedding

Husband and wife, who have lived together for 30 years, accept this day congratulations on the pearl anniversary. Pearls represent purity and fertility. On the day of the wedding, the children give the parents any items associated with this magnificent creation of nature: dishes, accessories, charming interior items with a pearl shade, household appliances with a surface resembling shimmering pearls, expensive sets of bed linen made of silk. Pleases the couple and a trip to the seaside.

On the linen wedding

35 years of marriage - linen wedding. Such a significant date is an excellent reason to completely change the home environment. On the day of the celebration, children are presented with gifts from parents of expensive high-quality textiles: curtains, tablecloths, bed-clothes.

The second name of the wedding is "coral", which significantly expands the range of gifts. You can give a real sea coral, which will serve as a magnificent decoration of any interior.

On the ruby ​​wedding

The celebration, which the couple celebrates on the 40th anniversary of their marriage, is called a ruby ​​wedding. Their mutual relations in this period are already truly priceless, like a precious stone shining with a scarlet flame.

Holiday symbolism suggests a great choice for a gift to parents. This can be mahogany furniture, household appliances in a scarlet enclosure, expensive ruby-colored glassware.

For a 45 year sapphire wedding, the

is a sapphire wedding, embodying the wisdom acquired by the spouses over the long years of marriage.

On this day it is customary to give objects associated with a magnificent sapphire.
Children can present water related items to parents, whose themes can be embodied in decorative fountains for the garden, aquarium, watering devices for infield and new bathroom plumbing.

On the golden wedding

Not every married couple can boast such an impressive marriage "experience" and live in love and harmony until the 50th anniversary, called golden. On this day, the couple deserve the best congratulations and gifts. The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a presentation is jewelry. However, for people at this age, such gifts are not so relevant. However, if children want to give mom and dad gold, then a new choice will be new wedding rings, which will resurrect the newlyweds' day of their wedding.

You can give souvenirs and interior items decorated with gilding. Older people rarely rejoice rings and bracelets, but gifts related to religion, for example, miniature gold icons, they really like.

Gifts that are suitable for any anniversary of

It is not necessary to become attached to a certain theme, for the anniversary of the wedding, parents can be given anything, if only the gift was from the heart. So, grateful children can completely take over the organization of the celebration in the restaurant, with all the ensuing troubles.

Here are some ideas for pleasant surprises for parents:

  1. Wedding travel."Newlyweds" can go to the place they wanted to visit for a long time, to the city where they met, to the sanatorium, to the resort.
  2. Travel kits. If parents prefer to lead an active lifestyle, you can give them a tent for two, a set for picnics, dishes for tourists, sleeping bags, an inflatable boat, a brazier, a shish kebab. These objects will be useful to them in the near future, especially if it is planned to celebrate in nature.
  3. Romantic dinner is a great idea to please parents on the anniversary of the wedding, especially if they want to spend time together on this memorable day. All that is required of children is to choose a good restaurant, where a cozy quiet atmosphere reigns and the elderly will feel comfortable. In advance it is necessary to take care of the festive table setting - candles, champagne, flowers and other attributes of a romantic atmosphere.
  4. Luxurious festive cake, corresponding to the wedding theme. Especially this gift will be appropriate if the celebration is to be celebrated magnificently, with a large number of guests. On a luxury confectionery can be written the names of the parents, their wishes, the date of the wedding, as well as the figures of the bride and groom.
  5. A portrait of a husband and wife, made to order and placed in a beautiful frame. The picture should be written qualitatively, in fact it is supposed that the spouses will place it in the most prominent place in their home.
  6. Gift certificates in large stores. In this case, parents, guided by their own taste, will decide what to buy for themselves on the anniversary.
    By the way, it can be a certificate and to visit the spa, where the couple can go together for the whole day.

Practical gifts to parents

Some people believe that on the day of the wedding it is much more reasonable to give gifts that will last for many years and will be of use. First of all, this applies to interior and home appliances.

For the anniversary of the wedding, parents can be presented:

  1. Plasma TV of impressive size and high image quality, which will allow you to watch your favorite programs and movies with pleasure.
  2. New electronics. Older people are unlikely to buy themselves improved models of mobile phones, a video camera or a digital camera.
  3. New double bed with orthopedic mattress.
  4. Comfortable rocking chair.
  5. Furry carpet for bedroom.
  6. Beautiful dining area. Excellent will be a wooden table and chairs with carved backs.
  7. Shower cubicle, which parents have long dreamed of, but could not afford an expensive purchase.
  8. Music Center. For people who like to listen to music, this gift will be especially relevant. In addition to it, you can attach discs with your parents' favorite songs.
  9. Kitchen appliances( multivark, food processor), which will greatly facilitate the elderly people housekeeping.
  10. Breakfast table in bed. This original thing can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for needlework, reading, or as a stand for a laptop.
  11. Treadmill, exercise bike for healthy body.
  12. Bicycles - for people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle.
  13. Repair in the apartment. This is perhaps the most practical gift for parents that you can imagine.

However, these presents can be listed endlessly, most importantly - to give what parents really need at the moment.

Memorable gifts

There is a certain category of people above the material benefits of valuing memorable gifts, which even after many years will bring only pleasant memories. If the parents belong to it, they will appreciate:

  1. "Journey to the country of youth".This symbolic gift will stir up pleasant memories in them and touch to the depths of the soul. To do this, you need to carefully develop the route, outline memorable places that parents once visited together.
    Travel can be made in the form of a slide show or a mounted video that can be demonstrated during the celebration.
  2. Nominal medals, cups, on which the names of parents are engraved.
  3. A book with a pedigree or a family tree made by yourself.
  4. A stenogazet, a wedding collage, a banner banner or a poster with the image of the couple.
  5. Song of own composition, recorded in the recording studio.

Already decided on the choice of a gift for the anniversary of the wedding? Now you need to think about how and under what circumstances you will hand it to your parents, and create a warm, relaxed and soulful atmosphere so that the memorable day is filled with exclusively positive emotions.

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