Pear figure type

Female figure pear( type "A") is considered the most sensual and feminine, because there is nothing more attractive in the physique of a woman than the wide hips and slender waist. In ancient times, female representatives with a pear figure were the most desired wives. This type of constitution was associated in men with fertility and readiness for motherhood. The owners of the pear-shaped figure are Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

  • Features of pear figure type
  • Recommended pear figure
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Blouses, sweatshirts, tops
  • Pants
  • Jackets, coats, jackets
  • Swimsuits
  • Not recommended clothes for the figure pear
  • Shoes and accessories for the figure A
  • Textureand the color of the fabric for the pear figure
  • The basic rules of nutrition for the pear figure
  • Advices on the physical loads for the pear figure

Pear figure type features

The pear figure holders have the following featuresawn body:

  • narrow shoulders;
  • thin waist;
  • the volume of the chest is smaller than the volume of the hips;
  • thighs wider than the shoulder lines;
  • rounded buttocks;
  • narrow chest.

As a rule, the difference between the girth of the hips and waist is 15-30 cm.

The owners of the "pear" figure have fat deposits in the buttocks and hips.

There are three subtypes of the figure "pear": "skittle", "bell" and directly the "pear" itself.

The holders of the "skittle" figure differ:

  • with a narrow waist;
  • mean breast size;
  • with thin legs calves;
  • with a small protruding belly.

The figure of the famous Hollywood actress Halle Berry is a striking example of the constitution of the "pin".

The owner of the bell:

  • has a small chest;
  • narrow shoulders;
  • short waist;
  • stocky feet;
  • wide hips;
  • large buttocks.

This is the physique of the famous Hilary Clinton.

Female spokespersons with a pear figure have:

  • a small chest;
  • flat stomach;
  • long waist;
  • full legs.

The figure of the charming Sandra Bullock fully corresponds to the "pear" body type.

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Recommended clothes for the pear figure

The main weakness of the "A" type is considered to be a heavy lower part of the figure with a relatively brittle upper part. Stylists recommend the holders of the "pear" figure to choose models of clothes that emphasize feminine shoulders and a beautiful chest and do not focus attention on the thigh line. Consider what things will help to hide the shortcomings of the figure "A".

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Mods with a figure "pear" should choose dresses that emphasize the shoulders and chest. A thin waistline can be distinguished by a belt or a narrow scarf. A win-win for the holders of the figure "A" is:

  • dress in Empire style;
  • dress A-line;
  • dress with wide straps;
  • half-dress.

Will help visually lengthen the female silhouette dress with a deep cutout. You can create harmonious proportions of the body with various decorative details in the chest and shoulders. It can be ruches, patch pockets, drapery, soft folds, flounces. To fashionista with the figure "A" visually looked slimmer, it is recommended to buy dresses of combined colors.

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In the wardrobe of a fashionista with a pear figure, the following skirt models must be present:

  • skirt trapezoid;
  • pencil skirt;
  • skirt is classic cut or with a slightly understated waist.

Choose skirts of simple cut without bulky details and patch pockets, as they visually increase the hips.

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Blouses, sweatshirts, tops

The "pear" bodybuilders will wear models that visually add volume to the upper body. The best options are:

  • blouses and sweaters with various ornaments in the shoulder area;
  • blouses with short sleeves-wings and sleeves-lanterns;
  • tops, blouses and sweaters with neckline and collar "yoke" will emphasize beautiful female forms;
  • tops without straps;
  • blouses with basque;
  • knitted sweaters from melange yarn.

The ideal length of blouses and blouses is slightly below the middle of the thigh. This length will help not only to extend the silhouette of the fashionista with the figure "pear", but also make the transition between the upper and lower part of it smooth and harmonious.

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Women with the figure "A" should choose these models of trousers:

  • straight trousers;
  • straight trousers with slightly lower waist;
  • trousers with flared trousers;
  • jeans straight cut;
  • pants are bananas, slightly loose in the hips and narrowed downwards.

Models of trousers should not have decorative details, patch pockets and bright ornaments.

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Jackets, coats, jackets

It is best to choose jackets and jackets up to the middle of the thigh line. This length will help to hide excessive volume in the buttock area. Mods with the figure "pear" fit:

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  • fitted model coat;
  • coat-trench;
  • coat in Empire style;
  • a semi-fitted coat that expands downwards;
  • coat-trapezoid;
  • jacket and jacket with a cut tailoring;
  • jacket and jacket in the style of Chanel.
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To the holders of the figure "A" stylists advise to choose:

  • separate swimsuits, in which the bodice is free;
  • bodice with triangular shaped cups or bodice with wide straps that are tied around the neck;
  • swimwear with a push-up bra;
  • swimwear with high fuse.

The upper part of the swimsuit can be decorated with patterns, rhinestones, frills and bright prints. The lower part of the swimsuit should not have decorative elements.

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Not recommended clothes for the pear figure

Stylists advise the holders of the figure "A" not to use models of clothing that increase the volume of the thighs and buttocks:

  • dresses with pleated skirt;
  • tight dresses;
  • skirt on the elastic band;
  • skirts on the hips;
  • skirt-half-sun;
  • short tops;
  • trousers cut short breeches;
  • trousers "on the hips";
  • tight jeans;
  • free-cut jackets;
  • straight coat.

Mods with the "pear" physique should avoid baggy clothes made of hard fabrics.

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Shoes and accessories for the figure A

Classical shoes with high or low heels will help women with a pear figure look slimmer. Do not buy shoes with a blunt toe or shoes on the platform. Such shoes will look on their feet cumbersome and rough.

Accessories for the owners of the "pear" physique must have an oval shape and various bends. Effectively look refined and elegant jewelry. Do not need to choose accessories of a rectangular shape, since they will give the shoulders an excessive massiveness.

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Texture and color of fabric for a pear figure

The correct choice of color clothing will allow you to balance the upper and lower part of the figure. It is best to choose blouses, tops, jackets, shirts of light shades, and skirts, trousers and jeans - dark shades. Bright fabrics with patterns and original prints will help draw attention to the chest and shoulders, and a solid color palette will hide the broad thighs of fashionistas with the figure "pear".

It is possible to emphasize the sensuality and femininity of the holders of figure "A" with the help of cotton fabrics, matte jersey, polyester and viscose. It is not recommended to buy clothes made of wool, dense textured fabrics and leather. These kinds of fabrics add a female silhouette to the volume.

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Basic rules of power for the pear figure

All holders of figure "A" are inclined to completeness. To save feminine forms and not gain extra pounds, it is important to observe the following nutrition rules:

  1. Use the principles of separate nutrition.
  2. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates only for breakfast.
  3. Cooking for lunch low-calorie meals.
  4. Include in the dinner menu dishes that are rich in protein and carbohydrates.
  5. Do not resort to starvation and strict diets.

Women with the figure "A" are recommended the following products:

  • low-fat fish;
  • green leafy vegetables;
  • tomatoes;
  • skimmed milk products;
  • brown rice;
  • fruit;
  • oatmeal;
  • bread, cooked from wholemeal.

Possessors of the "pear" physique should be avoided:

  • of fatty meat;
  • of potatoes;
  • ground rice;
  • mayonnaise and ketchup;
  • smoked dishes;
  • of spices and spices.

Female representatives with this type of figure are not recommended to eat after 19.00.

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Tips for exercise for the pear figure

All physical exercises should be aimed at strengthening the muscles of the press and thighs, as well as maintaining the muscles of the shoulder girdle in a tone. To achieve positive results it is possible with the help of:

  • swimming;
  • jogging;
  • roller skating;
  • aerobics;
  • cycling;
  • fitbox;
  • dancing.

At home, you can perform push-ups and strength exercises aimed at the shoulder girdle and the muscles of the press. For problem areas, the owners of the pear figure are advised to carry out anti-cellulite massage and vacuum procedures.


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Articles on the Internet often give conflicting advice, so I want to see more photos. Only show clothes on models with a typical figure "pear", when the hips are 2-3-4 times bigger than the shoulders. And then they show slim thin. Also it would be desirable to see, how the offered clothes behind looks.

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