Dietary desserts

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Many people simply do not imagine their lives without sweet, consume it in quite a large amount and thereby severely harm their health and figure. The human body is so arranged that it can not do without glucose, but the abuse of sweets will not lead to anything good. Therefore, in order not to harm the figure, as well as your health, you need to know how you can cook delicious dietary sweets.


  1. Dietary fruit desserts
  2. Desserts made from dried fruits
  3. Dairy desserts

In fact, there are many different recipes and methods for making dietary sweets, and cooking them is very easy. If you replace harmful sweets with dietary desserts, then as a result you will be able to throw off extra pounds, raise immunity and strengthen your health.

Dietary fruit desserts

For example, from fruit you can prepare a lot of desserts: baked fruit in the oven, fruit salads, fruit ice cream and so on. Also, fruits and berries can be added to cottage cheese and make delicious dietary casseroles, which the figure does not harm. Fruits and fresh berries should be tried to eat as much as possible, because they contain a lot of vitamins.

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You can also prepare for yourself or your guests various fruit jellies, as a rule, they also contain few calories. Still from fruit it is possible to prepare a pastille on various recipes.

Desserts from dried fruits

You can also make delicious and low-calorie desserts from dried fruits. Still from the dried fruits you get very delicious bars that taste like candy. It is very easy to cook them, and any person can cope with it.

To make fruit bars, you need to grind a glass of nuts( walnuts or almonds), kishmish and dried apricots. Further from the received fruit weight it is necessary to make blobs. After that, the baking tray must be lightly oiled and then put on the bars. Bake such a dessert twenty minutes at a temperature of two hundred degrees.

Dairy desserts

Desserts can be prepared not only from fruits, but also from dairy products. For example, homemade yogurt or milk souffle, as well as various milkshakes and any other desserts are very tasty. So you just need to find good recipes for dietary desserts, and you can start cooking and eating such sweets.

Over time, a person will be able to completely abandon harmful desserts, because dietary sweets for sure he will like more, because from them for health he will get more benefits.

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