Cough is a very unpleasant symptom, which brings a lot of discomfort and unpleasant sensations. It can occur for a variety of reasons. It is very important during the treatment to prescribe to the patient not only the remedies for eliminating the cause of its formation, but also the drugs that allow to withdraw the accumulated sputum, if it is a question of a wet cough, to minimize irritation of the mucosa obtained with a dry cough. Effective in this sense is the medicinal syrup Stodal.


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    The effect of

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The effect of

Stodal is a complex homeopathic medicine. Its composition presupposes the presence of elements of plant origin. When using the drug during cough, there is an effective effect on all of its varieties. The stool helps to accelerate the transition of dry cough to wet. Another medicine has an expectorant and bronchodilator effect.

cough syrup

Since Stodale is a homeopathic remedy, it has a gentle and effective effect in the fight against coughing. Applying it in the required dosage, it can very quickly reduce the symptoms of cough symptoms. Thanks to the presence of plant components, the drug is considered absolutely safe, so it can be used by both adults and children. During the treatment, no side effects were found.

On the photo-instruction on the use of syrup Stood:

croup of stalks

Very rarely, hypersensitivity to individual elements of the drug may occur. On the skin covers an allergic reaction in the form of a rash. It is not necessary to carry out the treatment with Stardata syrup for those people who have an hereditary form of fructose intolerance. Due to the presence of ethanol, it is not recommended to use Stodal for infants and patients who have not reached the age of 2 years. Use of the drug is not recommended for people with epileptic seizures and impaired liver function. In the treatment of patients with diabetes should take into account the presence of sucrose.

With which cough to receive

The presented syrup is allowed to use to eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of any kind of cough: wet or dry. This medicine has managed to gain popularity among children and adults, since it is considered the most high-quality and reliable. After application, a noticeable improvement is achieved after a few days of use. Not all funds are intended for both types. So, for example, there is a Herbion from a damp cough( here you can see the reviews) and Herbion from a dry cough. cough syrup


As noted above, the composition of the drug contains the plant components. In 100 ml of the drug contains the following elements:

  • Pulsa - grass, belonging to the family of buttercup;
  • Rumesque Crispus , whose relatives are buckwheat. This element has an expectorant effect. It is advisable to apply with a dry cough, as desires to it decrease.
  • Brionia is a plant whose family is pumpkin. Thanks to it, it is possible to soften the sputum, reduce its viscosity and improve its yield. The result of the activity of bryonia is the cleansing of the respiratory tract.

Pulsatilla - grass for syrup

  • Ipecacuanas - relatives are madder.

Spoziya tosat in its composition has alkaloids, which in turn have an effect similar to papaverine. In addition, the symptoms of bronchospasm decrease markedly. These were all the main components of the drug, and its composition still has additional. These include caramel, benzoic acid, ethanol.

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Can I breathe over a potato at a temperature?

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Here you can see the symptoms of an allergic rhinitis.

Instruction of

To apply the Stoat is allowed to eliminate any type of cough in children and adults. Use the drug as an auxiliary medicine in the treatment of the main disease.

For adults,

The stool allows you to eliminate cough in adult patients. For them, the dosage of the drug should be 15 ml. Eat every 8 hours. If there is a need, it is necessary to increase the dosage up to 5 times a day.

On the photo-cough syrup Stod:

Adopting syrup for adults

For children

The medication is allowed to be used for therapeutic purposes to treat cough in small patients. Children use syrup in an amount of 5 ml. It is very important to take a break for 8 hours between meals. Depending on the type of cough, the medicine may be prescribed up to 5 times a day. If cough and all unpleasant symptoms could not be overcome, then the reception of Stodal ceases. The duration of therapy depends on the manifestations of the ailment and the condition of the patient. To treat cough in children, Alteyka syrup is also sometimes used. Here you can find the instruction. Here you can find the whole list of cough syrups for children. taking a syrup by a child

During pregnancy

You can use medicines for future mothers only on the recommendation of a doctor. Can I take a carcase for pregnant women? The reason is that in a large spoonful of syrup contains 0.206 g of ethanol. Under the link, you can learn how to get rid of cough during pregnancy. taking a syrup pregnant


In addition to high efficiency syrup Stodal has another advantage - it is an affordable price. You can buy a drug in a pharmacy for 241 rubles.


  • Olga, 32 years old : "My child was 5 years old when we found bronchitis. The cough was simply awful, and more often it disturbed my baby at night. He often slept in a semi-sitting position. When I asked the doctor to appoint us an effective cough remedy, he, without hesitation, prescribed Stodal. We accepted it within 2 weeks. During this time, the state of the child noticeably improved, he began to cough less, sleep at night. And only then we completely forgot about the disease. "
  • Christina, 20 years : "Syrup Stodal is a very effective cough remedy. What I particularly liked was its versatility, because it is suitable for any type of cough. I was sick six months ago, and I was just tortured by a wet cough. When I bought a drug in a drugstore and started taking it, that my sputum began to go out, it was easier for me to breathe, I began to sleep at night, and most importantly, my suffocating cough left me. "
  • Vitalina, 27 years old : "My daughter had an ordinary SARS, but coughing prevented her from living fully. It was difficult for her to talk, at night, too, slept through time. I was helped in solving the problem of Stodal syrup. We recommended it to the attending physician as the safest and most effective remedy. The treatment took place within 10 days, and after coughing and all its unpleasant manifestations disappeared without a trace. What else can not please is the low price, so everyone can afford such an effective and inexpensive treatment. "

Stood is today a very popular cough remedy, which many doctors actively use in their practice. Assigning it to your patient, they are confident in its effectiveness and positive effect on the body. Try to follow the doctor's dosage, then no side effects from such therapy should arise.