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In the pursuit of beauty and perfection, girls come up with more and more sophisticated methodsto maintain an ideal view. There are hundreds of companies producing decorative cosmetics and care for all parts of the body;dozens of mysterious jars in the bathroom and on the dressing table;more and more beauty salons, opening at every step. .. Hardly do representatives of the fair sex wonder how much time and money during their life is spent by them in order to look stunning. Some procedures can be performed on their own, for example, depilation at home, and in other cases without the help of a specialist, really can not do.

Every third girl spends the most time on depilation. The hair is in the process of constant growth and after the removal is returned again. Today we will talk about this unpleasant procedure and see if it can be made less painful and costly.

Hair removal or depilation. What is the difference?

Every girl knows the meaning of the word "hair removal" from a young age if not from the lips of her grandmother or mother, then thanks to the advertisement. But the concepts of "depilation" and "depilation" are constantly confused. In fact, they denote the same process of removing unwanted vegetation from the body, but with one small difference.

The depilation process involves removing only the hair shaft, sometimes with a bulb. Some time passes and the hair is restored. During epilation with the help of a laser beam, photocells or light discharges, the hair bulb( follicle) is destroyed, and the hair regrowth is much slower. The second option is more preferable for girls living in the crazy rhythm of the XXI century, but also more radical at the same time.

Epilation is not only more painful than usual home procedures, but also more dangerous.

Depilation methods

  1. One of the oldest and most primitive ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body is the pulling of hair with tweezers. It is difficult to imagine a girl of the XXI century, gently and hastily pulling hairs on her leg, but this method is still used. It's hard to talk about its advantages, it takes too much time to process a small area of ​​the skin. Although this procedure can be rightfully considered the most budgetary and will be suitable for the most extreme case.
  2. Rid of from unwanted hair with a razor - cheap and angry. Despite the popularity, the method has a lot of minuses. So, shaving machines or cassettes to them it is necessary to change quite often( and the cost is not so small).In a penny "flies" and buying foam or shaving lotion( yes, they also need girls, and those with sensitive skin are just needed) and moisturizing creams. In addition, shaving requires concentration and caution, good lighting and lack of haste, otherwise the procedure for creating beauty can leave a scar for memory. It is also unattractive that after a procedure the hairs grow 3-4 days later( sometimes even in a day or two) and become more severe.
  3. Less effective way to do depilation at home - with the help of cream. Here the minuses are much more than pluses, and therefore it is used quite rarely. The hair covering comes back after a couple of days, the cream often does not dissolve the hairs, and if not properly used, it is threatened with a severe allergic reaction.
  4. Painful but reliable - the method of hair removal with the help of wax or wax strips. A way for true masochists, which nonetheless enjoys 55% of girls who prefer depilation at home. It is quite effective and has a longer-term result in comparison with the previous versions.
  5. Becoming particularly popular in recent years, a method that is akin to wax epilation - shugaring. The essence is the same as with wax removal, only a special sugar paste is used.

Now let's talk in more detail about each method.

Hair removal with shaver

If earlier the shaving machine could be for the girl the only hope for silk legs, but now the number of fans of this method decreases in geometric progression. There are enough reasons for that.

Shaving advantages:

  • possibility to carry out the procedure at any time and in any place where there is a razor and access to water;
  • speed of holding;
  • there are no restrictions on age, type of skin or hair;
  • is used for all parts of the body.


  • hair( or rather, unpleasant and hard spines) appear very quickly;The
  • shaver can cause skin irritation;
  • , there is a possibility of ingrown ingrown hairs;
  • costs for upgrading the machine or cassettes, buying shaving and soothing remedies after the procedure;
  • is highly likely to cut and get a scar.

Despite a significant list of drawbacks of depilation with a razor, do not completely abandon this method. In emergency cases, it is simply irreplaceable. And to make the procedure more pleasant, you should follow several rules:

  1. Only 10% of girls who prefer a razor to other depilation products use it without water and special means. The explanation for such a small amount is simple: most dry-shave is not only unpleasant, but also fraught with consequences in the form of cuts and irritations. Indeed, water and foam help the razor move more smoothly and protect the skin from hard impact. By the way, in the absence of a special product, a regular shower gel and even a foam for the bath, but not soap - it dries the skin.
  2. Try not to economize by buying cheap blades or months using a disposable razor. Savings are useful, but for reasonable purposes. Remember that a dull razor cuts much easier than just bought, and cheap machines also do not do their job well enough.
  3. Do not forget to take care of the razor and change the cassettes in time. This is just as important as changing contact lenses after the expiry date or taking care of the toothbrush.
    Try not to use the shaver every day, especially on the delicate areas of the skin: this is the first step on the way to irritations on the skin.
  4. If possible, wait a couple of days. This time the skin will be enough to recover, and the hairs - to grow to a more convenient for the razor length.
  5. Be sure to use moisturizing creams or any shaving aids, even if your skin responds well to the procedure. Especially this rule concerns depilation of armpits and a zone of bikini.

Creams for depilation

Most girls never deal with depilatory cream, and some have not even heard of them. However, this method of combating undesirable vegetation has the right to life.


  • is the most painless method;
  • simple and affordable;
  • does not require much time and effort;
  • is suitable for depilation of feet or hands.


  • often becomes the cause of allergic reactions;
  • is not used in the bikini zone( only special is needed);
  • most of the products have an unpleasant odor;
  • does not always gently remove hair;
  • hairs begin to reappear after a few days;
  • each cream has a number of cautions and contraindications.

Things to remember when using a depilation cream:

  1. Apply the cream only on the previously cleaned and dry wiped skin area: grease and dirt do not contribute to the effectiveness of the product. But after taking a bath or going to the sauna, it's best not to use it.
  2. Before use, test the cream on a small area, for example, the elbow bend. It is worth doing before the first procedure with each new tube, even if you have been using the same tool for several years.
  3. Do not apply the cream to inflamed or irritated skin, do not use if there is slight damage.
  4. Read the instructions carefully and do not keep the cream on your skin longer than required. If the time has not passed, and you feel something unpleasant like burning, immediately wash off the cream to avoid chemical burns.
  5. After the procedure, it takes a few days to forget about the beach, sauna, sauna and similar pleasures of life.

Let many and frighten off the minuses of creams for depilation, this tool should not be completely omitted from the options. Perhaps, for you this method will be the most acceptable.

Overview of depilation creams - video

Hair removal with wax

Wax depilation is a salon procedure that is easily accessible at home. On pre-cleaned areas of the skin a resinous mixture is applied or a wax strip is applied, and after a sharp movement it is removed along with the hair covering. Technically, the procedure with wax is epilation, since modern remedies remove hair along with the bulb. But since this method for many years remains the most popular for depilation at home, not to mention it would be strange.

Unlike the above options, wax depilation requires certain skills. It is important not only to successfully select the wax and the warming apparatus, but also correctly apply, remove the remedy and properly care for the skin after the procedure. It is slightly easier to work with wax strips.

The procedure uses a wax of different temperatures: hot, pleasantly warm and even cold.

At home, it is not recommended to experiment with hot wax: without knowing the intricacies of the procedure, you will help to expand the vessels, and in addition, you can get a burn. It is easier and more comfortable to work with warm wax. It will suit any woman, it is applied on all parts of the body, but also costs a little more. The latter option takes the most time, but it is convenient for sensitive places and is often used for depilation of the face or bikini zone.

The essential drawbacks of wax depilation are, perhaps, two:

  • The first is the soreness of the procedure about which the girlfriends tell each other from a young age. In fact, for many girls this procedure is not so terrible as they say, it all depends on your patience and pain threshold.
  • The second negative: to wax grabbed hairs, they need to grow to a certain length, which takes a while. The waiting process is unpleasant, especially in the warm season, when open parts of the body awaiting depilation have to be hidden.

Simple tips for depilating with wax:

  1. Try to plan the procedure in advance and a few days before it avoid prolonged sun exposure, do not visit the sauna or sauna.
  2. Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to wash and dry the skin in the area that you are going to process.
  3. Do not apply cosmetic products like shower gel: they will degrade the adhesion of wax to the hair. Exception - special anesthetic ointments.
  4. Wax is applied with a wooden or plastic spatula, always in the direction of hair growth. A napkin or a strip of cloth is superimposed on top and after wax has solidified it neatly breaks off, but against growth.
  5. Check if there are any random hairs left, and remove them with tweezers. Wipe the remainder of the wax with vegetable oil.
  6. After wax depilation for several days, do not sunbathe, consider this, planning the procedure before the holiday.

Hot wax depilation - video

Shugaring and depilation honey

Despite the active development of technology and the emergence of all sorts of hardware hair removal methods, cosmetologists are increasingly recalling depilation with folk remedies. As a rule, such methods quickly become popular, recipes of older generations are tested for years and certainly will not do harm.


Depilation with both sugar and honey first appeared in ancient Greece( it is no wonder that the Greeks were considered almost the most beautiful girls on the planet).This procedure is similar to hair removal with the help of wax and differs only in the composition of the product.

Shugaring is more popular: almost all beauty salons offer it, and every month there are new means for the procedure.

By the way, sugar paste is better to buy in a proven salon, because despite the simplicity of the ingredients, it's very difficult to prepare the right mixture yourself.


And here depilation with honey, on the contrary, is more often spent at home and with homemade pasta. It is prepared from natural honey, so long-term storage is not subject to, respectively, in store jars except honey, sugar and citric acid you will find a lot of chemistry.

By the way, is easy to prepare the paste:

  1. One and a half cups of fresh and not very liquid honey mixed with the same amount of fine sugar and add the juice of a ripe lemon. Doing the paste for intimate depilation, reduce the amount of lemon juice or do not use at all to avoid irritation.
  2. The ingredients are mixed and heated in a water bath until the sugar dissolves and the honey becomes liquid.
  3. The mixture slightly cools and becomes ready for use.

"Sweet" types of depilation are carried out in the same way as wax, have similar pros and cons. That's only here you still need to resist and not eat half the cooked pasta before the procedure.

Both options are affordable and with the proper preparation of the mixture, they easily remove hair from any part of the body.

You can also use anesthetic ointments or a little baby powder( a little-known cunning that will help the paste to break away from the skin).

Each of these ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation at home has its pros and cons. With confidence, the best means for depilation is impossible, every girl chooses the option that is most comfortable for her.

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