Openwork patterns crochet - beautiful schemes and features of craftsmanship

Lace is found everywhere: in the design of clothing, curtains, tablecloths and napkins, jewelry and accessories, and life is filled with these light diaper fabrics. Very original look knitted lace things. At first glance, openwork crochet may seem like real magic. But in fact, everything is very simple, you need a little patience, the basics of knitting and a minimum of material. And a large selection of beautiful patterns with patterns will help from the process of knitting to receive great pleasure.


Required material
  • Choosing a yarn
  • Selecting a hook
  • Legend
  • Schematic options
  • Required material

    For crocheting openwork patterns, in most cases, the following is required:

    • yarn;
    • hook;
    • marker for marking the beginning of the row;
    • needle is a tapestry or large gypsy;
    • scissors;
    • sewing centimeter tape or ruler;
    • textile big safety pins.
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    Choosing a yarn

    Before choosing a yarn, you need to completely determine the appearance of the future product. In one product yarn can be of several colors. For the aesthetic appearance of the finished product, you need to stop your choice of thread, which will be even in thickness and the same in composition( acrylic, wool, wool, etc.).

    It is not necessary to take a strongly twisted thread for crocheting, while the finished product may be skewed while hand-knitting.

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    Selecting the hook

    To each thickness, yarn type and selected pattern you need a specific hook size. When buying hooks, you need to pay attention to their head, it should be slightly sharpened to more easily grasp and hold the thread in knitting. But too sharp end - this is also bad, he will prick the knitter's fingers and tear the yarn in the process.

    Hooks come in a variety of thicknesses from 0.5 to 15 millimeters.

    Large and thick hooks are suitable for knitting large items from dense and bulk yarns. But also applicable to thin threads in leaky patterns.

    Small and thin hooks are designed for knitting laces from very thin threads( Irish lace, napkins).

    See also examples of crocheting of elements of freeforms
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    Symbols of

    There are generally accepted conventions in crochet.

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    Schematic variants

    Having figured out the nuances and armed with everything you need, you can start creating delicate masterpieces with the following schemes:

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